How to write a high quality SEO article using ProSEOAI

In this article, you will be introduced to how to use ProSEOAI, a tool that helps you write a high quality SEO article in a semi-automated way. The definition of high quality here is not the score given by various SEO type AI tools themselves, but those articles that actually get a lot of Google traffic.

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to do that!

What kind of articles are available to get SEO traffic?

When browsing the web, we will find some CMS type websites with particularly high traffic, as shown below


From the graph, we can see that NewsDirect is a very successful website with a traffic of almost 300w, which is how it gets its traffic.

SEO accounts for nearly 44% of the traffic.


We use ahrefs tool to analyze NewsDirect and look at its Top subfolders, the results are as follows, we can find that one article brings a lot of SEO traffic to the website.


Clicking on the article, we found that it is an article comparing 10 Phone Number Lookup software, browsing the whole article, the structure is the same, they all describe the target software first, then write the Highlights, Pros, Con of the software.


This article writes about 10 software, and the structure of the above picture is repeated 10 times, each software is introduced with the same structure.


Generally speaking, to write an article like this, it takes 3-5 hours. You need to collect information and then write a structure like Hightlights, Pros, and Cons based on that information. Of course, you can get a writer to write it, and an article like this usually costs about $15~30.

How to use ProSEOAI to generate high quality SEO articles?

Of course, we can also use ProSEOAI to help you, ProSEOAI uses GPT4 to help you write high quality articles, with ProSEOAI, we can spend 20 minutes to write articles with similar structure as above.

Here, we also write about comparing software, I choose to write about comparing various types of note taking software, such as notion, Obsidian and such.

Open the backend of ProSEOAI and select the Review template.


If you don't know the effect of a certain template, you can click the icon to view it.


This way you can see the Example effect of the template


Let's go to Review template and see [Auto Get Youtube], let's try it first, at the keywords, fill in [notion review] and get 1 video then you can, as follows:


Click [Generate Results], ProSEOAI will automatically help us search for relevant Youtube videos and process the video content into the format specified in the template.


Unlike other SEO using AI, we will use Youtube content as the base input source and combine it with GPT4 to generate content, thus avoiding generating empty content.

Here, I have to mention that many SEO tools using AI are ineffective, I have purchased several well-known AI SEO tools, and tried them for 2 months, these AI SEO tools will give you some scores, but you will find that these tools give high scores of content is also of little use, because Google still will not include these so-called high scores of content, the core The core problem is that the content generated is correct but empty and useless nonsense.

Back to ProSEOAI, for me, to generate a more complete SEO article comparing 10 note taking software, I would first search some videos in Youtube myself, and through Youtube's search association results, I could quickly find 10 note taking software.


Then, for each software, I search for relevant review videos, and from the results, find one you think is appropriate, usually the first few videos.


Take a few minutes and repeat the process, you will find 10 video URLs, then go back to ProSEOAI, click [Custom Youtube URL], add the 10 video URLs to it, and start generating them with one click.


After briefly browsing the generated content, copy it to your favorite editing software, for example I copy it to my vscode, and then make changes to the areas you are not satisfied with.

For example, in the picture below, I chose the wrong video, the video content contains a comparison of 2 software, resulting in the generation of the content in the format shown.


The content generated by ProSEOAI is in Markdown format, and common website building tools, such as wordpress, have good support for Markdown

This situation above, I am generally too lazy to modify, but, again, use ProSEOAI to help me regenerate, for example, I need to regenerate Trello content, but Trello-related videos may have some comparison with other software, rather than just trello review, at this time, I will go back to [Auto Get Youtube], let ProSEOAI help me to find 3~5 Trello videos, and then I will choose a result from them.

ProSEOAI will use a horizontal line to split the content of the different videos, and the picture below shows that 3 videos are generated, each in a similar format, and then the content is all about Trello.


Repeat the above process and in less than 15 minutes you will have generated a high quality SEO article. Then, you spend another 5 minutes to organize the article format and end up with the following image:


The full article generated can be seen at: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Note-Taking App

ProSEOAI team will continue to dig up high quality SEO articles and then fix them into templates so that users can generate high quality SEO articles faster.

Thank you for reading.