A Day in the Life of a Multitalented Artist: BTS MV and Recording Behind the Scenes

A Day in the Life of a Multitalented Artist: BTS MV and Recording Behind the Scenes

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Ramyeon Craving
  3. Exploring Different Flavors
  4. The Fascination with Milk Drinks
  5. Watching Muscle Activation on YouTube
  6. The Recording Session
  7. The Japan Album Cover Shoot
  8. A Delicious Discovery
  9. Filming the Music Video
  10. Wrapping Up the Shoot


🌟 Introduction

In this article, we'll take a peek into a singer-songwriter's day as they embark on a recording and filming journey. From craving ramyeon to exploring different flavors, watching muscle activation on YouTube, and wrapping up a music video shoot, it's a roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences. So, let's dive in and discover the highlights of their day!

🌟 The Ramyeon Craving

It all begins with a simple craving for a warm bowl of ramyeon. The singer-songwriter wakes up and heads to the exercise room to work out their shoulders. But amidst the exercise, thoughts of the mouthwatering noodle dish start to distract them. Hours pass as they contemplate whether to indulge in the comforting flavors of ramyeon or resist the temptation. Eventually, they give in to the craving, savoring every delicious bite. However, the post-ramyeon remorse soon sets in.

🌟 Exploring Different Flavors

While ramyeon satisfies their hunger, the singer-songwriter's taste buds have developed a newfound fascination with strawberry flavor. The sweetness and tanginess have captured their heart, leaving them eager to explore other flavors too. They contemplate trying the coffee flavor next, intrigued by the possibility of combining the richness of coffee with the creaminess of milk. In their mind, flavors like coffee milk, strawberry milk, and banana milk evoke a sense of nostalgia and enjoyment.

🌟 The Fascination with Milk Drinks

Apart from ramyeon and fruit flavors, the singer-songwriter finds joy in watching YouTubers who delve into measuring muscle activity during exercises. Despite not being a fitness enthusiast, they find it intriguing to see which exercises provide the most efficiency. This newfound interest brings a sense of fun to their workouts, allowing them to connect with their muscles at a deeper level. With this knowledge, they dance their way into the recording room, eager to put their newfound workout techniques into action.

🌟 Watching Muscle Activation on YouTube

While preparing for the recording session, the singer-songwriter takes a moment to review some muscle activation videos on YouTube. They learn about the different exercises that can target specific muscle groups and improve their overall performance. It's a unique approach to fitness, providing them with a fresh perspective and inspiring them to stay active. As they soak up this newfound knowledge, they feel motivated and ready to give their best during the recording.

🌟 The Recording Session

With adrenaline coursing through their veins, the singer-songwriter enters the recording room. Tongue twisters and pronunciation exercises set the tone for a precise and impactful performance. Tackling words like "I need to" and "secret," they strive to perfect their articulation and enunciation. The recording session progresses smoothly, with moments of relaxation in between. The singer-songwriter feels energized, knowing they are creating something special.

🌟 The Japan Album Cover Shoot

Leaving the recording room behind, the singer-songwriter ventures into the world of album cover shoots. Today, their destination is Japan. As they immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings, a particular item catches their attention – sesame leaf. After tasting it for the first time, they instantly fall in love with its flavor and decide to incorporate it into their album cover concept. Amidst laughter and mouthfuls of delicious food, they capture the perfect shot.

🌟 A Delicious Discovery

Throughout their journey, the singer-songwriter encounters delightful surprises and experiences. One of them is the discovery of Veggie Tuna. However, their enthusiasm for this culinary creation wanes as they realize their dislike for vegetables, even when disguised in the form of tuna. It's a personal preference that they can't seem to overcome. On the other hand, the sesame leaf remains a constant source of joy and satisfaction, a small delight amidst their busy schedule.

🌟 Filming the Music Video

Next on the agenda is filming a music video. The singer-songwriter meets with a director and embraces the challenge. As they step onto the set, they are met with curious looks – the sunglasses they wear throughout the shooting raise questions. With a mix of excitement and nervousness, they embark on this new creative endeavor, determined to make it a memorable experience. The director welcomes them warmly, and together, they bring their vision to life.

🌟 Wrapping Up the Shoot

The music video shoot comes to an end, leaving the singer-songwriter with a sense of fulfillment and exhaustion. They reflect on the day's events, from the last-minute location changes due to rain to the missed opportunity to use fireworks and smoke bombs. Despite the unexpected hurdles, they are content with the outcome. With a grateful heart, they bid farewell to the crew, ready to retreat into the comfort of their own space. As sleep claims their weary body, they dream of the exciting journey that lies ahead.


  • Indulging in the irresistible flavor of ramyeon
  • Exploring the world of different flavors, especially strawberry and coffee
  • Watching muscle activation videos for inspiration in their workout routine
  • The excitement and challenges of a recording session
  • Capturing the essence of Japan in an album cover shoot
  • The discovery of Veggie Tuna and their love for the sesame leaf
  • The thrill and creativity of filming a music video
  • Overcoming obstacles and embracing the unexpected in the shoot
  • Reflecting on a day filled with fulfillment and exhaustion
  • Anticipating the journey that lies ahead


Q: What is the singer-songwriter's favorite flavor of ramyeon? A: The singer-songwriter is particularly into the strawberry flavor these days.

Q: What other milk flavors does the singer-songwriter enjoy? A: The singer-songwriter finds joy in flavors like coffee milk, strawberry milk, and banana milk.

Q: Why does the singer-songwriter watch muscle activation videos? A: Despite not being a fitness enthusiast, the singer-songwriter finds it fun to learn about exercises that provide the most efficiency.

Q: What was the highlight of the album cover shoot in Japan? A: The singer-songwriter fell in love with the sesame leaf during their trip and incorporated it into the album cover concept.

Q: How does the music video shoot end? A: Despite facing challenges with the location change and weather, the singer-songwriter wraps up the shoot with a sense of fulfillment.


  • YouTube: Various muscle activation channels
  • Online articles: Ramyeon recipes and flavors

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