Achieving Remarkable Organic Traffic Growth – Breaking 100K Monthly!

Achieving Remarkable Organic Traffic Growth – Breaking 100K Monthly!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 🌟
  2. The Client's Organic Traffic Growth Journey
  3. Understanding the Plateau Phase
  4. Key Changes to the Website
  5. The Impact of a Google Update
  6. Revamping Older Articles
  7. Leveraging Competitor Relevance
  8. Focusing on Backlinks
  9. Implementing Link Bait Strategies
  10. Exploring Digital PR and Hero Outreach
  11. Google Update-Proof SEO Strategies
  12. Conclusion

Introduction 🌟

In this article, we will explore how a client's website achieved a significant increase in organic traffic through strategic SEO efforts. We will dive into the challenges faced during a plateau phase and discuss the key changes made to the website. Additionally, we will examine the impact of a Google update and how it favored the client's SEO strategies. Furthermore, we will highlight the importance of revamping older articles and leveraging competitor relevance. We will also delve into the significance of backlinks and explore the implementation of link bait strategies. Finally, we will touch upon the client's experience with digital PR and hero outreach, while emphasizing the importance of Google update-proof SEO strategies. So, let's embark on this journey of organic traffic growth and discover effective SEO tactics along the way.

The Client's Organic Traffic Growth Journey

The journey of organic traffic growth for our client has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the last 28 days, their website has witnessed a breakthrough by surpassing the milestone of a hundred thousand monthly organic traffic from SEO efforts alone. This achievement can be attributed to a combination of effective strategies and timely adaptations. To understand the trajectory of this growth, let us examine the client's progress on SEMrush. Starting in March of 2020, their website initially gained traction, gradually establishing a solid foundation. However, a significant drop occurred, leading to a period of recovery. It is vital to note that the situation appeared worse on SEMrush than it actually was, and the client had experienced a plateau for around eight months. Fortunately, a notable spike in traffic transpired recently, catapulting the website back to its former glory of generating a hundred thousand monthly organic visits. Now, let's explore the factors contributing to this incredible growth.

Understanding the Plateau Phase

During the plateau phase, the client faced several challenges that hindered their organic traffic growth. One key realization was the exhaustion of relevant topics to write about in their niche, which primarily focused on health. With approximately 200 to 300 indexed blog posts, the client struggled to find new avenues to explore. Instead of merely brainstorming other topics related to their core business, they opted for a different approach. The decision was made to update older articles that were no longer performing optimally. These articles, known as how-to guides, provided valuable insights to readers while subtly promoting the client's products and services. However, there was an intriguing observation. By examining the keywords and content of competitors, the client identified an opportunity to enhance the relevance of their own articles. By including external links to their competitors' websites as alternatives, the client's content gained a unique advantage. This tactic, although unusual, proved to be effective in providing more comprehensive and relevant information to readers. While debating the ethics of supporting competitors, the client's strategy propelled their content to the forefront, attracting significant organic traffic.

Key Changes to the Website

To combat the stagnation in organic traffic, the client implemented two key changes to their website. Firstly, they made alterations to improve the overall user experience and search engine visibility. These changes involved refining on-page SEO elements, enhancing site structure, and optimizing website speed. Additionally, they focused on crafting high-quality blog posts with well-structured content, written by industry experts. Secondly, the client strategically updated older articles that were not performing up to their expectations. By injecting fresh insights, incorporating relevant external links, and showcasing their competitors' offerings alongside their own, they maximized the value of these articles. Despite initial skepticism regarding this approach, the increased relevance and comprehensiveness of the content contributed to a notable resurgence in organic traffic.

The Impact of a Google Update

Around August 22nd, a Google update occurred, causing fluctuations in search engine rankings. For our client, however, this update was a blessing in disguise. Their website began experiencing positive results shortly after its inception. Analyzing the timeline, the correlation between the update and the growth in organic traffic becomes evident. Remarkably, the client's website was favorably affected by the update, positioning them for heightened visibility and increased organic traffic. This serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the changes made to the website, aligning it with the evolving requirements of search engine algorithms.

Revamping Older Articles

As the client recognized the limited scope of new topics within their niche, they employed a strategy to revamp older articles that were not performing optimally. These articles, originally written as how-to guides, offered an opportunity for improvement. By incorporating additional content and aligning themselves with competitors' offerings, the client aimed to provide readers with a comprehensive resource. This approach not only enhanced the relevance of their articles but also solidified their position as an authority in the industry. Furthermore, by showcasing their own product as the premier choice within the comprehensive guide, the client effectively promoted their offerings to their target audience.

Leveraging Competitor Relevance

In their quest for enhanced relevance and visibility, the client identified a unique strategy that set them apart from their competitors. While competitors focused primarily on their own brands and products, the client adopted a different approach. By aggregating multiple competitors into a single, all-encompassing how-to guide, the client surpassed their competitors' content in terms of comprehensiveness and relevance. This unconventional tactic proved advantageous, as it filled a gap in the content landscape and attracted a significant amount of organic traffic. While providing external links to competitors may have been unconventional, the client's commitment to providing value and comprehensive information put them at the forefront of their niche.

Focusing on Backlinks

Recognizing the significance of backlinks in improving search engine rankings, the client devoted attention to acquiring high-quality backlinks. By strategically creating link-worthy content, the client ensured that their articles attracted organic backlinks naturally. However, they also implemented additional measures to increase the likelihood of gaining backlinks. By highlighting interesting statistics, conclusions, and main points within their articles, the client made it easier for other websites to reference and provide backlinks. This approach, known as link bait, not only incentivized other websites to link back to the client's content but also enabled the acquisition of backlinks without significant effort. The client also explored avenues for obtaining backlinks through digital PR and hero outreach. Through these efforts, they secured links from high-authority websites, further augmenting their backlink profile and driving additional organic traffic.

Implementing Link Bait Strategies

To optimize the acquisition of backlinks and leverage existing website traffic, the client embraced the concept of link bait. By identifying pages that were already attracting significant traffic but lacking high conversion rates, the client implemented link bait strategies. These strategies involved adding compelling elements such as highlighted summaries, statistics, and key takeaways to the existing content. By doing so, the client aimed to entice visitors to share and link to the content, thereby increasing its visibility and acquiring backlinks. Link bait strategies offered a valuable opportunity to enrich existing pages, transforming them into more than just informative resources but also backlink magnets.

Exploring Digital PR and Hero Outreach

In their quest for high-quality backlinks, the client tapped into the potential of digital PR and hero outreach. The goal was to secure backlinks from reputable websites with significant domain authority. By crafting compelling pitches and engaging with industry influencers and journalists, the client successfully acquired backlinks from prominent sources. Notably, they received a backlink from Sports Illustrated, which subsequently led to several reposts on other platforms. The combination of digital PR and hero outreach showcased the client's expertise and cemented their position as a trusted source within the industry.

Google Update-Proof SEO Strategies

One of the remarkable aspects of the client's organic traffic growth is the assurance of withstanding future Google updates. The strategies implemented by the client were not only effective but also future-proof. By focusing on providing high-quality, comprehensive content with unique perspectives, they ensured their website was preferred by search engine algorithms. Moreover, their commitment to maintaining a user-friendly website, optimizing on-page elements, and acquiring high-quality backlinks contributed to their success. This affirms that the client's SEO efforts are not just reactionary but also proactive, aligning with the evolving landscape of search engine algorithms.


The journey of our client's website showcases the power of strategic SEO methodologies in driving organic traffic growth. By overcoming the challenges of a plateau phase and implementing key changes to their website, they achieved remarkable results. Leveraging competitor relevance, focusing on backlinks, and implementing link bait strategies proved to be instrumental in driving organic traffic. Furthermore, their exploration of digital PR and hero outreach positioned them as thought leaders within their industry. What sets their SEO strategies apart is their commitment to adapting, evolving, and future-proofing their efforts. As our client's website crosses the hundred thousand mark in monthly organic traffic, their success serves as a testament to the effectiveness of well-executed SEO strategies.


  • Organic traffic surpasses a hundred thousand monthly visits
  • Overcoming a plateau phase in traffic growth
  • Strategic changes to the website drive growth
  • Positive impact of a Google algorithm update
  • Revamping older articles to enhance relevance and attract organic traffic
  • Leveraging competitors for increased visibility
  • Focus on backlinks and the implementation of link bait strategies
  • Exploring digital PR and hero outreach to acquire high-quality backlinks
  • Future-proof SEO strategies that withstand algorithm updates
  • Achieving tangible results in organic traffic growth

FAQ Q: How long did it take for the client to achieve a hundred thousand monthly organic traffic?

A: The client achieved a hundred thousand monthly organic traffic in around 28 days.

Q: What were the key changes made to the website during the plateau phase?

A: The client made improvements to the user experience, on-page SEO elements, site structure, and website speed. They also focused on revamping older articles that were not performing well.

Q: Did the client's strategy of mentioning competitors and giving backlinks to their websites show positive results?

A: Yes, by showcasing competitors as alternatives within their how-to guides, the client's content gained relevance and attracted organic traffic.

Q: How did the client acquire backlinks?

A: The client focused on creating link-worthy content, implementing link bait strategies, and actively pursuing digital PR and hero outreach to secure high-quality backlinks.

Q: Are the client's SEO strategies future-proof?

A: Yes, the client's SEO strategies are designed to adapt to future Google updates and align with evolving search engine requirements.


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