Boost Your Financial Services SEO with a Website Audit

Boost Your Financial Services SEO with a Website Audit

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Meet Brian Leonard Parker
  2. The Importance of Backlinks and Traffic
  3. Expanding Your Reach Beyond Perrysburg
  4. Case Study: Savage and Associates
  5. Closing the Backlink Gap
  6. Understanding Organic Rankings
  7. City Pages: The Key to Topical Relevance
  8. Examples of Topical Relevant Content
  9. About Leonard Parker and Financier SEO
  10. Take the Next Step: Schedule a Strategy Session

Introduction: Meet Brian Leonard Parker

Good morning! My name is Brian Leonard Parker, and I'm here today to provide you with a comprehensive review of your website. In this video, we will cover two crucial areas that can greatly impact your online presence: backlinks and strategies to increase traffic from qualified clients.

The Importance of Backlinks and Traffic

Before we dive into the specific enhancements you can make to your website, let's address the significance of backlinks and traffic. Backlinks serve as votes from other websites, indicating the credibility and quality of your website. The more backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in search engines.

During my research, I conducted several Google searches related to financial advisors in Perrysburg, Ohio. I discovered that your firm consistently ranks at the top of both the map listings and organic results for the search term "financial advisor Perrysburg Ohio." This suggests that you have successfully optimized your website for that specific keyword. However, to expand your reach and attract more prospects, it's essential to target other cities and towns in the vicinity.

Expanding Your Reach Beyond Perrysburg

To illustrate the potential benefits of targeting additional locations, let's take a look at the rankings of your competitors. Two financial advisory firms in your area, Savage and Associates, are excelling in both map listings and organic results. They are ranked second in organic listings, just after the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

A closer examination of Savage and Associates' website traffic reveals that they receive approximately 1,100 visitors each month simply by securing the number one spot in search results. This consistent flow of traffic translates to an estimated $1,300 in additional revenue. These figures are conservative estimations, as real-world results are often even more significant. Consequently, focusing on improving your backlink profile will undoubtedly position you to compete with Savage and Associates more effectively.

Closing the Backlink Gap

To bridge the backlink gap between your website and that of your competitors, investing time in building high-quality backlinks is crucial. By acquiring more backlinks, you can enhance your website's credibility and authority, leading to improved rankings in search engine results.

While your website currently boasts 47 referring domains, Savage and Associates have accumulated 107 referring domains. By gradually increasing the number of backlinks to your website through effective outreach and networking, you can establish a more competitive position.

Understanding Organic Rankings

Despite your strong presence in the map listings, there are other financial advisory firms ranking higher than yours in organic listings for relevant search terms. For instance, Scott Tinski Financial and Make Entire Retirement Services are currently occupying the second and third spots, respectively, for the search term "financial advisor Perrysburg Ohio."

Upon comparing the number of backlinks, you actually have more than these two competitors. This discrepancy prompts us to investigate additional factors that may contribute to their higher organic rankings.

During my analysis of your website, I noticed a lack of content specifically tailored to target the cities of Fremont, Toledo, and Perrysburg. While you excel in the Perrysburg market due to your physical location, it is essential to create content that appeals to audiences in these other locations. This strategy will ensure that your website ranks higher in organic search results and attracts prospects from a broader geographical area.

City Pages: The Key to Topical Relevance

To improve your organic rankings and broaden your reach in Fremont, Toledo, and other nearby towns, I strongly recommend implementing what is known as "city pages" on your website. City pages are dedicated landing pages that target specific keywords related to each city or town. These pages demonstrate topical relevance and showcase your expertise in serving clients from those areas.

For example, you could create a city page titled "Fremont Financial Advisor" and populate it with informative content relevant to the financial needs and opportunities specific to Fremont residents. Supporting pages that address related topics, such as "Top Ten Ways to Save for Mother's Day in Fremont, Ohio" or "The Best Banks for Setting Up Savings Accounts in Fremont, Ohio," will further establish your firm as a valuable resource for potential clients in the area.

Examples of Topical Relevant Content

To provide you with a better understanding of how topical relevance can be integrated into your website, let's explore a few examples of content ideas for your city pages:

  1. 🌆 Fremont Financial Advisor: This main page should serve as a comprehensive guide to financial services tailored to the Fremont area. It should highlight the unique financial challenges and opportunities relevant to Fremont residents.

    • 📚 Supporting Pages: Explore topics such as retirement planning for Fremont residents, investment strategies to maximize returns in Fremont, or tips for financing home purchases in Fremont. These supporting pages will provide valuable information and address specific concerns of potential clients.
  2. 🗺 Toledo Financial Advisor: Similar to the Fremont Financial Advisor page, this page should focus on the financial landscape of Toledo, outlining the services you offer and how they benefit Toledo residents.

    • 📚 Supporting Pages: Consider creating supporting content for topics like college planning in Toledo, estate planning for Toledo families, or tips for tax optimization specific to Toledo residents.

By implementing such city pages and supporting content, your website will not only rank higher for local searches but also establish your firm as the go-to resource for financial advice in multiple areas.

About Leonard Parker and Financier SEO

Before we conclude, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Leonard Parker, a digital marketing consultant specializing in serving financial advisors and professionals in the financial services industry. At Financier SEO, based in Houston, Texas, my team and I specialize in helping financial advisors generate more calls and inquiries through high-ranking positions in Google search results.

Take the Next Step: Schedule a Strategy Session

Now that you have gained valuable insights into the areas where your website can be improved, I invite you to take the next step. Let's schedule a free 15-minute strategy session to address any questions you may have and develop a plan that leverages the information covered in this video. During the call, we can discuss not only how to outrank your competitors in Perrysburg but also strategies for succeeding in Toledo, Fremont, and other target areas.

This session comes with no charge or obligation to work with me and my team afterward. We can delve deeper into other marketing initiatives such as social media, paid advertising, content marketing, and any other areas of online marketing that interest you. Simply click the button below to schedule your free strategy session.

Thank you for watching this video, and whether you decide to discuss the strategies with me or not, I'm delighted to have shared this valuable information with you. If you encounter any difficulties scheduling the session, please feel free to reach out to me via email ( or phone (713-757-403). Enjoy rewatching and sharing the video, knowing that implementing these strategies can significantly benefit your financial advisory firm. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great Thursday!


  • Expanding your reach beyond Perrysburg
  • The significance of backlinks for rankings
  • Savage and Associates: A case study in success
  • Bridging the backlink gap with your competitors
  • Understanding organic rankings and beating the competition
  • The power of city pages for topical relevance
  • Examples of topical relevant content for city pages
  • About Leonard Parker and Financier SEO
  • Taking the next step: Schedule a strategy session for personalized guidance

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