Boost Your Local Business: Effective Strategies for Ranking Multiple Locations on Google

Boost Your Local Business: Effective Strategies for Ranking Multiple Locations on Google

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the Client
  3. The New Approach: Done with You SEO
  4. Understanding the Client's Goals
  5. Evaluating the Website
  6. Website Structure and Optimization
    1. The Importance of Heading Tags
    2. Optimizing the Homepage
    3. Creating Relevant Service Pages
    4. Building depth with Locations
  7. Utilizing the Footer for Internal Linking
  8. Developing a Blog Strategy
    1. Building Relevance with Keyword Targeting
    2. Structuring the Blog Section for Success
  9. Summary and Conclusion


In today's digital landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for businesses looking to increase their online presence and reach a wider audience. One effective SEO strategy is to target multiple locations on search engines like Google. By optimizing your website to rank for specific locations, you can attract local customers and expand your business geographically. In this article, we will discuss how local businesses can effectively rank for multiple locations using SEO techniques. We will explore the importance of website structure, content optimization, internal linking, and blog strategies to boost your visibility in search engine results.

Background of the Client

Let's begin by introducing our client, Bond Investigations, a private investigator based in Arizona. Bond Investigations has decided to expand their business to other states and cities, aiming to target new markets and increase their customer reach. As part of their growth strategy, they have approached our agency, seeking assistance in optimizing their website to rank for multiple locations. They understand the importance of SEO and are willing to work collaboratively in a "done with you" approach, where they will handle some of the tasks themselves to reduce costs while benefiting from our expertise.

The New Approach: Done with You SEO

Before we delve into the specifics of optimizing Bond Investigations' website, let's take a moment to discuss the "done with you" SEO approach. Traditionally, businesses would opt for "done for you" SEO services, where an agency handles all aspects of optimization on behalf of the client. However, the "done with you" model offers a unique partnership, where the client actively participates in the optimization process, ensuring a more cost-effective and collaborative approach. This model allows the client to deploy the plan while utilizing the agency's services, fostering a strong partnership and a deeper understanding of SEO best practices.

Understanding the Client's Goals

Bond Investigations has expressed their desire to expand their services to other states and cities, starting with targeting new cities within Arizona. By analyzing their website's structure, we can identify areas for improvement and develop a plan to increase their visibility in relevant search engine results. Our goal is to convey to both users and search engines that Bond Investigations has depth of expertise and resources across multiple locations. This can significantly impact their rankings and attract potential clients searching for private investigators in specific areas.

Evaluating the Website

To begin our optimization process, we need to assess Bond Investigations' existing website. Their website is well-designed and performs well in terms of loading speed. However, there are certain areas that require attention in order to effectively communicate their depth of concept and target multiple locations. The key areas we will focus on are the website structure, footer section, and the blog section. By optimizing these elements, we can enhance the website's relevance and improve its performance in search engine rankings.

Website Structure and Optimization

The structure of a website plays a crucial role in emphasizing its relevance to both users and search engines. We recommend optimizing the website's heading tags to effectively convey the brand's key services and locations. Specifically, we will optimize the homepage, create relevant service pages, and build depth of concept by incorporating locations.

The Importance of Heading Tags

Heading tags are essential for on-page optimization. They help search engines understand the hierarchy and importance of various sections of a webpage. By strategically using heading tags, we can optimize the homepage and subsequent pages to ensure that Bond Investigations' primary service, alimony investigations, receives the necessary emphasis without competing with other services within the heading tags.

Optimizing the Homepage

The homepage serves as a vital platform to convey the brand's identity, services, and locations. In this case, Bond Investigations' homepage should prioritize showcasing who they are, what they do, and where they are located. When optimizing the homepage, it is important to remember that heading tags are primarily for optimization purposes, not just for styling. Avoid using heading tags for sizing or to include unrelated keywords. Instead, focus on highlighting the brand name and, if necessary, the primary service—Bond Investigations.

Creating Relevant Service Pages

As a private investigator offering various services, Bond Investigations needs to create individual pages for each of their services. Doing so will enable them to target specific keywords and improve rankings for those services. For example, the alimony investigations page should include relevant keywords, such as "alimony investigations in [state name]" and "alimony investigations in [city name]." This approach allows for a more focused optimization strategy and ensures each service receives the attention it deserves.

Building Depth with Locations

Bond Investigations aims to expand their services to multiple locations. To achieve this, we recommend creating location-specific pages to target potential clients in different states and cities. By incorporating the relevant city and state names in the URL and incorporating them into the content, Bond Investigations can enhance their depth of concept and improve their relevance for specific locations. For example, creating pages such as "alimony investigations in Los Angeles, California" or "alimony investigations in Phoenix, Arizona" will help target clients searching for location-specific private investigation services.

Utilizing the Footer for Internal Linking

The footer section of a website often goes overlooked, but it presents an opportunity to improve internal linking and provide easy navigation for users and search engines. In Bond Investigations' case, the footer should include a list of their services, along with other important pages, such as the About Us, HTML sitemap, contact, privacy policy, and compliance pages. By adding internal links in the footer, Bond Investigations can generate additional link equity to their primary service pages, reinforcing their relevance and authority.

Developing a Blog Strategy

A well-executed blog strategy can significantly benefit a website's SEO efforts. Bond Investigations should create informative and engaging content that addresses relevant topics and addresses common questions potential clients may have. By targeting high-volume keywords in their blog posts, they can attract a wider audience and establish themselves as an authority in the industry.

Building Relevance with Keyword Targeting

When creating blog content for ranking purposes, it is crucial to focus on high-volume keywords that align with Bond Investigations' services. While the website's main focus is on primary service pages, the blog offers the opportunity to target broader keywords that users are more likely to search for—such as "private investigator tips" or "private investigator careers." By optimizing blog posts with relevant keywords, Bond Investigations can attract a larger audience and drive organic traffic to their website.

Structuring the Blog Section for Success

To maximize the impact of their blog section, Bond Investigations should restructure it to support their primary service pages. Instead of having a standalone blog page, they should create subdirectories within the website structure that align with their target services. For instance, blog posts related to alimony investigations should be placed within the alimony investigations page, reinforcing the relevance of the content and supporting the primary service's search engine rankings. This approach creates a cohesive and organized structure while aiding internal linking efforts.

Summary and Conclusion

In conclusion, ranking for multiple locations is an effective strategy for businesses looking to expand their reach and attract local customers. By optimizing website structure, utilizing the footer for internal linking, and developing a targeted blog strategy, businesses can increase their visibility in search engine results and establish themselves as authorities in their respective locations. Bond Investigations' decision to take a "done with you" approach to SEO allows for a cost-effective partnership that empowers the client to play an active role in their website optimization and online presence. By implementing the recommendations outlined in this article, Bond Investigations can achieve their goals of expanding their services to multiple locations and attracting new clients.


  • Optimizing website structure and heading tags is crucial for conveying relevance to both users and search engines.
  • Utilizing the footer section for internal linking can improve the flow of link equity to important pages.
  • Developing a blog strategy that targets high-volume keywords and supports primary service pages can drive organic traffic and establish authority.
  • Building depth of concept through location-specific pages enhances relevance for potential clients searching in specific areas.
  • The "done with you" SEO model fosters a strong partnership between the client and the agency, resulting in a collaborative and cost-effective approach.

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