Discover SEO Reseller Programs: Garth Jordan's $650/mo Success with SEOak

Discover SEO Reseller Programs: Garth Jordan's $650/mo Success with SEOak

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Journey to SEO Success
  3. Meeting Jordan of Jordan Creative
  4. Understanding Jordan's Background
  5. Jordan's Business Goals
  6. Jordan's Experience with SEO
  7. The Benefits of Working with SEO Oak
  8. Alternatives Considered
  9. The Onboarding Process
  10. Surprising Discoveries About SEO
  11. The Most Useful Benefit of SEO Oak
  12. Why Jordan Recommends SEO Oak
  13. Advice for Others Considering SEO Oak
  14. Jordan's Specialty in Web Design and Digital Marketing
  15. How to Contact Jordan

The Journey to SEO Success

In this article, we will delve into the journey of Jordan, the founder of Jordan Creative, and his experience with SEO Oak. Jordan shares his story of how he became successful in the SEO industry and how partnering with SEO Oak has helped him achieve consistent monthly revenue. We will explore his background, his business goals, and the role SEO plays in his company's growth. Jordan also provides valuable insights into the benefits of working with SEO Oak, as well as advice for others considering SEO services. So, let's dive in and learn more about Jordan's journey to SEO success.

Meeting Jordan of Jordan Creative

Jordan Creative, also known as 2556 Media, is a reputable graphic design company specializing in web design, web development, hosting support, and now, SEO services. Jeff had the opportunity to sit down with Jordan and discuss his journey in the industry and his partnership with SEO Oak. They have been working together for nearly a year, and Jordan is eager to share his experiences and insights.

Understanding Jordan's Background

Jordan began his career as a graphic designer, studying design in San Francisco. After gaining experience in print design, he ventured into the digital world in the late 90s. Jordan started his own design firm, but like many others, faced challenges during the market crash. Undeterred, he went on to establish Jordan Creative in 2013, leveraging his existing client base to kickstart his new venture.

Jordan's Business Goals

As a business owner, Jordan's primary goal is to grow his client base by attracting quality clients that bring in recurring revenue. He aims to expand into specific verticals, such as the wine business and real estate. Jordan is currently looking to hire a local assistant to support him in achieving these goals, emphasizing the importance of scalability and efficiency.

Jordan's Experience with SEO

Before partnering with SEO Oak, Jordan did not offer SEO services in-house. While his company ensured their websites were SEO-ready during the development process, they lacked the expertise to execute the SEO strategies effectively. Jordan briefly employed an in-house SEO employee but realized the need for a more experienced and reliable solution.

The Benefits of Working with SEO Oak

After researching and considering various options, Jordan decided to work with SEO Oak. He was attracted to the "set it and forget it" nature of the service, providing peace of mind that his clients' SEO needs are well taken care of. SEO Oak's high level of professionalism and responsiveness impressed Jordan. He appreciates the convenience of hands-off management, minimal involvement in day-to-day SEO tasks, and the ability to focus on delivering quality design services.

Alternatives Considered

While contemplating his SEO needs, Jordan considered hiring a contractor or another employee. However, the high costs associated with hiring quality talent locally and the uncertainty of outsourcing SEO services to unfamiliar individuals made these options less favorable. In the end, Jordan found that partnering with SEO Oak offered the best balance of expertise, reliability, and affordability.

The Onboarding Process

Upon deciding to work with SEO Oak, Jordan found the onboarding process straightforward and efficient. The user-friendly website allowed him to sign up easily and set up recurring payments. Although there were initial concerns about the site's speed, SEO Oak addressed the issue promptly. The questionnaire provided essential information for a smooth transition, enabling SEO Oak to cater to Jordan's specific needs.

Surprising Discoveries About SEO

Jordan's experience with SEO Oak has shattered some preconceived notions about SEO. He learned that SEO involves much more than the technical aspects such as keywords, meta descriptions, and page optimization. Content creation and off-page SEO, including backlinking, play a significant role in delivering successful SEO results. Jordan's journey with SEO Oak has been a learning experience, expanding his understanding of the depth and complexity of effective SEO strategies.

The Most Useful Benefit of SEO Oak

When asked about the most valuable benefit of working with SEO Oak, Jordan highlighted the significant increase in website conversions. Ultimately, a website's purpose is to convert visitors into customers, and SEO plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. SEO Oak's services directly impact client websites, enhancing their visibility, driving targeted traffic, and improving conversion rates. Jordan believes that increasing conversions is the ultimate measure of success in the SEO industry.

Why Jordan Recommends SEO Oak

Jordan wholeheartedly recommends SEO Oak to others in the digital marketing industry looking to outsource their SEO needs. He praises SEO Oak's professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise. Jordan appreciates that SEO Oak is a reliable partner who consistently delivers results. He values the collaborative approach, open communication channels, and the focus on establishing a long-term symbiotic relationship.

Advice for Others Considering SEO Oak

For those considering SEO Oak's services, Jordan advises not to take chances. He urges entrepreneurs and business owners who need professional and responsive SEO assistance to choose SEO Oak. Jordan emphasizes the importance of reliability, expertise, and proven results when outsourcing SEO services. He assures potential clients that SEO Oak is a trustworthy and valuable partner on their journey towards online success.

Jordan's Specialty in Web Design and Digital Marketing

Jordan Creative specializes in web design, web development, and hosting support. With a knack for scoping out projects and ensuring efficient and high-quality delivery, Jordan prides himself on addressing client needs effectively. Jordan emphasizes long-term relationships with his clients, providing ongoing support and guidance. His expertise in web design and digital marketing allows him to deliver personalized solutions that drive business growth.

How to Contact Jordan

To learn more about Jordan's services or get in touch with him regarding potential collaborations, visit his website: Jordan Creative


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