Discover the Era of Authentic SEO, Exclusive for HubShout SEO Resellers

Discover the Era of Authentic SEO, Exclusive for HubShout SEO Resellers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background and Research
  3. The Importance of SEO Plans
  4. The Role of Competitive Analysis
  5. Internal Testing and Client Feedback
  6. Updates from Google
  7. Observations on On-site Optimization
  8. The Value of Content Marketing and Link Building
  9. The Real SEO Approach
  10. Introducing the New SEO Plans
  11. Key Features and Pricing
    • Local Plans
    • National Plans
  12. Cut Scores and Keyword Mapping
  13. On-site Implementation and Premium Writing Team
  14. Infographics, Press Releases, and Videos
  15. Syndication and Social Engagement
  16. The Future of SEO


Welcome to our webinar on the new SEO plans! Today, we are excited to introduce our revamped SEO strategies and discuss the changes we've made in response to the evolving landscape of search engine optimization. Over the past year, we have conducted extensive research, analyzed market trends, and listened to valuable feedback from our clients. Our new plans are designed to provide more effective and efficient solutions for improving website rankings, increasing organic traffic, and enhancing overall online visibility.

Background and Research

Before we delve into the details of our new SEO plans, let's take a moment to understand the background and research that went into their development. We embarked on a comprehensive competitive review, comparing our services to those of other players in the market. This analysis helped us gauge our strengths and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, we conducted extensive internal testing and gathered feedback from our clients, giving us valuable insights into what works and what doesn't. We also closely monitored the updates released by Google, particularly the Penguin and Panda updates, to ensure compliance with the latest algorithm changes. Furthermore, we took into account client feedback, incorporating their requests and suggestions into our new plans.

The Importance of SEO Plans

An effective SEO strategy requires a well-designed plan that aligns with your business goals and targets. Our new SEO plans provide a comprehensive roadmap for achieving success in the ever-changing digital landscape. These plans ensure that you have a clear direction and actionable steps to optimize your website, improve rankings, and drive organic traffic. By following our proven methodologies and leveraging the latest SEO techniques, you can stay ahead of your competition and enhance your online presence.

The Role of Competitive Analysis

To develop effective SEO plans, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors. By benchmarking against industry leaders and identifying their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, you can gain valuable insights into how to position your website for success. Our competitive review process enables us to understand market trends and best practices, allowing us to create tailored SEO plans that give you a competitive edge.

Internal Testing and Client Feedback

At our end, we have conducted extensive internal testing to determine the strategies that deliver the best results. By analyzing the performance of various techniques and methodologies, we have identified effective approaches for optimizing websites and driving organic traffic. Additionally, we have actively sought feedback from our clients, allowing us to understand their pain points and incorporate their suggestions into our new plans. By involving our clients in the process, we ensure that our SEO plans truly meet their needs and expectations.

Updates from Google

Staying up to date with the latest updates from Google is essential for any successful SEO strategy. The search giant regularly rolls out algorithm updates, such as the Penguin and Panda updates, which can significantly impact website rankings. By closely monitoring these updates and keeping our finger on the pulse of Google's algorithm changes, we can adapt our strategies accordingly and ensure that our clients' websites comply with the latest guidelines.

Observations on On-site Optimization

As part of our research and analysis, we have observed certain trends and challenges when it comes to on-site optimization. One common issue we noticed is the lack of fresh content on clients' websites. Regularly updating your website with relevant and engaging content is crucial for maintaining search engine rankings. Additionally, we found that some clients struggle to implement our on-site recommendations, limiting the effectiveness of our strategies. In our new SEO plans, we emphasize the importance of on-site optimization and provide comprehensive guidelines to help clients overcome these challenges.

The Value of Content Marketing and Link Building

A major focus of our new SEO plans is content marketing and link building. We have recognized the need for more compelling and engaging content that drives organic traffic and earns valuable backlinks. To address this, we have established a premium writing team that consists of skilled writers who can create high-quality, informative content for your website. By incorporating industry knowledge and leveraging the latest SEO techniques, our writing team ensures that your content resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your business goals.

The Real SEO Approach

Our new SEO plans are built on the foundation of real SEO. What does real SEO mean? It means focusing on strategies and techniques that provide true value to end users. We prioritize creating compelling, informative content that engages readers and delivers a positive user experience. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and spammy link building. Real SEO is about building a reputable online presence that attracts organic traffic and earns the trust of both users and search engines.

Introducing the New SEO Plans

Now, let's dive into the details of our new SEO plans. We have developed two categories of plans: local plans and national plans. The local plans are designed for businesses targeting a specific geographic area, while the national plans cater to businesses operating on a broader scale. Each plan is carefully crafted to address the specific needs and goals of your business, with a focus on driving organic traffic and improving search engine rankings.

Key Features and Pricing

Local Plans

  1. Starter L (Price: $249/month)

    • On-site optimization suggestions (5 pages)
    • Editing of one page of website content
    • NAP syndication to local directories
    • Google Plus and Yahoo Local claiming
    • One video creation per month
  2. Basic L (Price: $399/month)

    • On-site blog setup
    • Three articles per month
    • Video creation and syndication
    • Infographics and press release options
    • Social sharing and blog engagement
  3. Intermediate L (Price: $599/month)

    • Two on-site blogs
    • Eight articles per month
    • Press releases and video syndication
    • Infographics, blog engagement, and citations
  4. Standard L (Price: $799/month)

    • Two on-site blogs
    • Nine articles per month
    • Press releases, videos, and infographics
    • Enhanced syndication and social engagement

National Plans

  1. Basic (Price: $399/month)

    • On-site optimization suggestions (10 pages)
    • Editing of two pages of website content
    • Google Plus authorship and implementation
    • Web development service for on-site changes
    • Ten dollars credit for phone tracking
  2. Intermediate (Price: $599/month)

    • On-site blog setup
    • Eight articles per month
    • Press releases, videos, and infographics
    • Syndication, social engagement, and blog citations
  3. Standard (Price: $799/month)

    • Two on-site blogs
    • Nine articles per month
    • Press releases, videos, and infographics
    • Enhanced syndication, blog engagement, and citations
  4. Advanced (Price: $999/month)

    • Two on-site blogs
    • Ten articles per month
    • Press releases, videos, and infographics
    • Extensive syndication, increased social engagement, and citations
  5. Professional (Price: $1,199/month)

    • Three on-site blogs
    • Twelve articles per month
    • Press releases, videos, and infographics
    • Comprehensive syndication, enhanced social engagement, and citations

Cut Scores and Keyword Mapping

To help you select appropriate keywords for your SEO campaigns, we have introduced cut scores and keyword mapping. Cut scores are calculated by multiplying the search volume and cost-per-click (CPC) of a keyword, allowing you to gauge its competitiveness. Keyword mapping, on the other hand, enables you to match specific pages on your website with target keywords, ensuring relevance and optimization. These tools provide valuable guidance in selecting keywords that align with your goals and available resources.

On-site Implementation and Premium Writing Team

Our new plans include comprehensive on-site implementation, from optimizing meta tags and URLs to implementing schema markup and Google Plus authorship. Our web development team will handle the technical aspects, ensuring that your website is search engine-friendly and meets the latest SEO standards. Additionally, our premium writing team, consisting of skilled writers, will create engaging, informative content for your website. Their expertise will help you maintain a consistent flow of high-quality content that appeals to both users and search engines.

Infographics, Press Releases, and Videos

Visual content plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of your audience and delivering information effectively. Our plans include the creation of eye-catching infographics that present complex information in a visually appealing format. We also offer press release services, allowing you to distribute newsworthy content that earns brand mentions and generates buzz. Furthermore, our video creation and syndication services empower you to leverage the power of video marketing to engage your target audience and enhance your online visibility.

Syndication and Social Engagement

Our plans encompass a robust syndication strategy, ensuring that your content reaches a wider audience and earns valuable backlinks. We leverage various channels, including RSS syndication, social bookmarking, and blog engagement, to amplify your content's visibility and drive organic traffic. By utilizing these syndication channels, we maximize the reach and impact of your content, helping you stay ahead of your competitors and establish your brand as an industry leader.

The Future of SEO

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so does the field of SEO. Our new plans have been designed with the future in mind, incorporating the latest trends and best practices. By focusing on real SEO, content marketing, and comprehensive optimization strategies, we aim to deliver long-term, sustainable results for our clients. The constant monitoring of search engine updates and the continuous improvement of our methodologies ensure that our SEO plans stay relevant and effective in an ever-changing digital world.


  • Comprehensive SEO plans tailored to your business goals and target audience
  • Extensive research and competitive analysis to inform our strategies
  • Emphasis on valuable content creation and link building
  • On-site optimization, premium writing team, and interactive content options
  • Syndication, social engagement, and citation building strategies for increased visibility
  • Robust analytics and reporting to track the success of your SEO campaigns
  • Continuous adaptation to Google's algorithm updates and industry trends for long-term success


Q: How do the new plans compare to the previous plans in terms of pricing?

A: Our new plans have been designed to provide enhanced features and more comprehensive services, which may lead to adjustments in pricing. However, we have taken into consideration factors such as competitiveness, value for money, and proven results to ensure that our plans offer excellent value to our clients.

Q: Can I continue with the old plans if they are currently working for me?

A: Yes, if you are satisfied with your current plan and it aligns with your goals, you can continue with it. We understand that each business has unique needs, and our goal is to provide flexibility and options to cater to different requirements.

Q: Will there be any disruptions or downtime during the transition to the new plans?

A: We aim to ensure a seamless transition for our clients. While there may be minor adjustments and updates to account for the new plans, we will work closely with you to minimize any potential disruptions. Our team will provide guidance and support throughout the process to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Q: How do I sign up for the new plans? Can I switch from the old plans to the new ones?

A: Starting from June 14, the new plans will be available for signup. You can reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs and determine the best plan for your business. If you are currently on an old plan and wish to switch to a new one, we can guide you through the process and ensure a seamless transition.

Q: What kind of reporting and analytics can I expect with the new plans?

A: Our new plans include comprehensive reporting and analytics to track the performance of your SEO campaigns. You will receive regular updates on keyword rankings, organic traffic, backlinks, and other relevant metrics. These insights will help you assess the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimize your online presence.

Q: How long does it take to see results with the new SEO plans?

A: SEO is a long-term strategy, and results may vary depending on various factors such as competition, industry, and the current state of your website. While some improvements may be visible in the short term, significant results typically manifest over several months of consistent optimization efforts. Our team will work closely with you to set realistic expectations and provide ongoing support to achieve your desired outcomes.

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