Driving Organic Growth for a B2B SaaS Company: A Full Case Study

Driving Organic Growth for a B2B SaaS Company: A Full Case Study

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of Work Vivo
  3. Challenges Faced by Work Vivo
  4. The Discover Phase
    • Competitive Audit
    • Website Quality Audit
    • Traffic Projection Analysis
    • ROI Projection Report
    • Detailed Project Plan
  5. The Improve Phase
    • Enhancing Pillar Pages
    • Optimizing Existing Content
    • Content Pruning and Refreshing
    • Keyword Research for Lead Generation Pages
  6. The Build Phase
    • Keyword Gap Analysis
    • Content Pillar and Cluster Strategy
    • Content Ideation and Briefing
    • Managing Content Production
  7. The Promote Phase
    • Link Profile Analysis
    • Prospecting for Backlinks
    • Acquiring High-Quality Backlinks
  8. The Evaluation Phase
    • Transparent and Consistent Reporting
    • Weekly Project Updates
    • Monthly Data Analysis
    • Quarterly Business Review

Case Study: Driving Organic Growth for Work Vivo

Hey everyone, Justin Thomas here! I'm the founder and lead consultant at Journey Engine. Today, I'm excited to share with you a step-by-step case study on how we successfully drove organic growth for a growth-stage B2B SaaS company called Work Vivo. This case study will provide you with valuable insights into our exact framework and strategies that resulted in an exponential increase in organic traffic, sales qualified leads, and significant savings in PPC costs for Work Vivo. So, let's dive right in!

1. Introduction

In this comprehensive case study, we'll walk you through the entire process we followed to address the challenges faced by Work Vivo and drive organic growth. We'll cover each phase of the framework we implemented for this campaign, including the Discover Phase, Improve Phase, Build Phase, Promote Phase, and Evaluation Phase. By following this step-by-step breakdown, we were able to achieve remarkable results for Work Vivo.

2. Background of Work Vivo

Work Vivo is a collaborative web platform that combines social media networking with internal employee communication tools. When they approached us, Work Vivo had already achieved product-market fit and experienced some growth. However, they faced two main challenges. First, they were struggling to drive awareness and organic traffic despite creating a substantial amount of content. Second, their existing content was failing to generate qualified leads. The marketing team sought our assistance to overcome these challenges and demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions through tangible results.

3. Challenges Faced by Work Vivo

Before diving into our framework, it's crucial to understand the challenges that Work Vivo encountered. Firstly, their content pillars were not aligned with their target audience, resulting in ineffective content that failed to attract ideal customers and drive conversions. Secondly, their competitors were consistently generating a higher volume of content and quality backlinks, leading to greater organic traffic and PPC value. These challenges formed the basis of our campaign strategy.

4. The Discover Phase

The Discover Phase involved conducting competitive and website quality audits, projecting traffic and ROI, and developing a detailed long-term project plan. Through a competitive intelligence audit, we identified where Work Vivo's top competitors stood in terms of content and organic traffic metrics. This analysis provided valuable insights into competitor tactics and white space opportunities for quick wins.

During the website quality audit, we gathered data from various sources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and conversion data to make informed decisions on optimizing each page. This audit revealed the need to prune, merge, remove, refresh, or rewrite 86 content pages. Additionally, we identified 14 lead generation pages that required keyword research, conversion critique, and on-page updates to enhance their effectiveness.

The traffic projection analysis, a tool we developed internally, accurately predicted the campaign's ROI potential based on competitor data, organic traffic, and conversion data. For Work Vivo, we projected a 4-6 times lift in traffic over the long term, with shorter-term targets of a 60% increase in organic traffic and a 100% increase in sales qualified leads within six months.

5. The Improve Phase

In the Improve Phase, we focused on optimizing and enhancing the existing assets of Work Vivo. We began by improving the pillar pages, which included product and feature sales pages. Through extensive keyword research and conversion critique, we rewrote page titles, meta descriptions, and body copy while ensuring a seamless user experience.

To address the underperforming content pages, we carried out a comprehensive content audit and realigned the content pillars to suit the target audience better. This involved rewriting 11 blog articles to be more aligned with Work Vivo's target audience and merging six pages to create deeper topics. By refreshing metadata and optimizing page titles based on keyword research, we aimed to drive more qualified traffic to these pages.

6. The Build Phase

During the Build Phase, we focused on creating new content to strengthen Work Vivo's online presence. We conducted a keyword gap analysis to identify popular topics used by competitors to drive traction. With this information, we developed an exact content pillar and cluster strategy, ideated new topics, and created detailed content briefs for each topic. These briefs not only solidified content ideas but also facilitated their smooth execution.

7. The Promote Phase

The Promote Phase played a vital role in improving Work Vivo's organic traffic and rankings. We analyzed the client's link profile and prospect for authoritative publications and partners that aligned with Work Vivo's target audience. By providing valuable content to these publications, we secured 15 high-quality backlinks from sites with a Domain Rating (DR) ranging from 45 to 90. These backlinks added authority to Work Vivo's website and significantly contributed to driving organic traffic.

8. The Evaluation Phase

Throughout the campaign, we ensured transparent and consistent reporting against the set ROI milestones. Our data pipeline structure facilitated ongoing reporting through weekly updates, monthly deep dive data analysis, and quarterly business reviews. By providing our clients with clear visualizations of progress and results, we enabled them to monitor the campaign's effectiveness and make informed decisions.


In just six months, our data-driven and strategic approach delivered outstanding results for Work Vivo. We achieved a remarkable 138% increase in total organic traffic, surpassing initial projections. The campaign also led to a significant cost-saving of $15,000 per month in PPC expenses. Most importantly, our efforts generated 11 times more sales qualified leads, ensuring a substantial return on investment.

With our proven framework and expertise, Journey Engine can help your business achieve similar results. We invite you to reach out to us for a free organic ROI forecast and discover how we can drive organic growth for your company.

Contact us today and unlock your business's full organic growth potential!


  • Stepping Up Organic Growth: A Journey Engine Case Study
  • The Challenges Faced by Work Vivo in Driving Organic Traffic
  • The Discover Phase: Competitive Audit, Website Quality Audit, Traffic Projection Analysis, ROI Projection Report, and Detailed Project Plan
  • The Improve Phase: Enhancing Pillar Pages and Optimizing Existing Content
  • The Build Phase: Keyword Gap Analysis, Content Pillar and Cluster Strategy, Content Ideation, and Production Management
  • The Promote Phase: Link Profile Analysis, Prospecting for Backlinks, and Securing High-Quality Backlinks
  • The Evaluation Phase: Transparent Reporting, Weekly Project Updates, Monthly Data Analysis, and Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Achieving Remarkable Results: Exponential Increase in Organic Traffic, Significant PPC Cost Savings, and 11 Times More Sales Qualified Leads
  • The Journey Engine Advantage: Data-Driven Approach, Ongoing Reporting, Happy Clients, and Tangible Results


Q: How long did the campaign run for Work Vivo? A: The campaign ran for a duration of six months, during which we implemented our framework and strategies to drive organic growth for Work Vivo.

Q: What were the main challenges faced by Work Vivo? A: Work Vivo experienced challenges in driving awareness through organic traffic and generating qualified leads from their content. Our campaign aimed to address these challenges and deliver significant improvements.

Q: How did Journey Engine achieve such remarkable results for Work Vivo? A: Journey Engine implemented a comprehensive framework that included competitive audits, website quality audits, content optimization, keyword research, backlink acquisition, and transparent reporting. These strategies, combined with data-driven insights, enabled us to achieve exceptional results.

Q: How were the results measured and reported? A: We maintained transparency throughout the campaign by providing weekly project updates, monthly data analysis reports, and quarterly business reviews. Our clients were equipped with clear visualizations of the progress made, allowing them to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Q: How can my business benefit from Journey Engine's services? A: By partnering with Journey Engine, your business can leverage our expertise in driving organic growth. We offer a free organic ROI forecast to help you understand the potential impact of our strategies. Contact us today to unlock your business's full organic growth potential.


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