Epic Showdown: SRB vs SB - LCK Summer Promotion Final Match

Epic Showdown: SRB vs SB - LCK Summer Promotion Final Match

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Summer Promotion Tournament
  3. Recap of Game 1: Sandbox vs. Horrible Gaming
  4. Analysis of the Draft
  5. Mid Lane Matchup: Dan Chung vs. Fate
  6. Top Lane Matchup: Thal vs. Summit
  7. Jungle Performance: Cacao vs. OnFleek
  8. Bot Lane Battle: Root and GorillA vs. Sanyoon and Nova
  9. Teamfight Evaluation
  10. The Importance of Objectives: Dragons and Baron
  11. Highlights of the Game
  12. Conclusion


Welcome back to the 2020 Summer Promotion Tournament. We are currently witnessing a best-of-five series between Sandbox and Horrible Gaming. In the first game, Sandbox secured a convincing victory, setting the tone for the rest of the series. The draft was intriguing, and certain players stood out for both teams. In this article, we will dive deeper into the game, analyzing key matchups, evaluating team performance, and highlighting noteworthy moments. So, let's jump right into the action!

Overview of the Summer Promotion Tournament

The Summer Promotion Tournament is a high-stakes competition where teams battle it out for a chance to secure a spot in the prestigious LCK. This tournament is crucial for lower-tier teams looking to make a name for themselves and join the ranks of the elite. The promotion tournament follows a best-of-five format, with teams needing to win three games to secure victory. Each match brings intense excitement and fierce competition as teams fight tooth and nail to secure their place in the top league.

Recap of Game 1: Sandbox vs. Horrible Gaming

In the first game of the series, Sandbox dominated Horrible Gaming, showcasing their superior teamwork and mechanical prowess. Horrible Gaming struggled to put up a fight as Sandbox executed their game plan flawlessly. Despite a valiant effort from Horrible Gaming, the game quickly spiraled out of control, with Sandbox securing a comfortable victory. This early lead allowed them to snowball their advantage, leading to a 10,000 gold advantage at the 17-minute mark. While Horrible Gaming recognized their defeat early on, they attempted to reset and recalibrate their strategy for the upcoming games.

Analysis of the Draft

The draft for game one was particularly interesting, with both teams opting for unconventional picks. Sandbox surprised everyone with their composition, while Horrible Gaming struggled to find winning matchups. The most glaring issue for Horrible Gaming was their mid laner, Dan Chung, who proved to be a liability in the early game. On the other hand, Sandbox's top laner, Summit, showcased his dominance over Thal, putting immense pressure on the latter throughout the game. The draft set the stage for potential problems in the mid lane, highlighting the importance of addressing this issue for Horrible Gaming in subsequent games.

Mid Lane Matchup: Dan Chung vs. Fate

The mid lane matchup between Dan Chung and Fate proved to be one-sided in favor of Fate. Dan Chung's performance in this series has been lackluster, struggling to find any advantage against his opponent. Fate, on the other hand, has been excelling, consistently outperforming Dan Chung in both laning and teamfights. Dan Chung's lack of impact in the mid lane has been a significant setback for Horrible Gaming, as Fate's dominance has allowed Sandbox to control the mid-game and dictate the pace of the match.

Top Lane Matchup: Thal vs. Summit

The top lane matchup between Thal and Summit has been one of the key factors contributing to Sandbox's success. Summit, known for his aggressive playstyle, has consistently outperformed Thal, putting immense pressure on him throughout the game. Thal has struggled to keep up with Summit's relentless aggression, falling behind in farm and experience. This matchup highlights Thal's vulnerability and Summit's ability to dominate the top lane, causing significant problems for Horrible Gaming.

Jungle Performance: Cacao vs. OnFleek

The jungle performance from Cacao and OnFleek has been a mixed bag. Cacao, playing on Graves, has been the primary farmer for Horrible Gaming. While he has maintained a lead in farm, his impact in teamfights has been lackluster. On the other hand, OnFleek's performance on Elise has been more unremarkable, struggling to find successful ganks and falling behind in farm. While both junglers have had their moments, neither has been able to have a significant impact on the game.

Bot Lane Battle: Root and GorillA vs. Sanyoon and Nova

The bot lane battle between Root and GorillA against Sanyoon and Nova has been an instrumental factor in Sandbox's success. Root and GorillA have consistently outperformed their opponents, controlling the bot lane and exerting pressure on the map. Sanyoon and Nova have struggled to match their opponents' performances, falling behind in CS and failing to secure any meaningful advantages. This bot lane dominance has allowed Sandbox to secure objectives and maintain map control.

Teamfight Evaluation

In teamfights, Sandbox has consistently come out ahead, showcasing their superior coordination and mechanical prowess. Their ability to engage and disengage effectively has granted them an edge against Horrible Gaming. By securing early advantages and maintaining control over objectives, Sandbox has forced Horrible Gaming into unfavorable teamfight scenarios. With strong engages from GorillA's Trundle and Root's Kalista, Sandbox has been able to secure crucial kills and turn teamfights in their favor.

The Importance of Objectives: Dragons and Baron

Throughout the game, Sandbox has demonstrated their keen understanding of the importance of objectives. Their ability to secure dragons and the Baron buff has allowed them to maintain control over the game. By accruing dragon buffs, they have increased their team's power and denied Horrible Gaming the opportunity to contest for soul point. Additionally, the Baron buff has provided them with the necessary tools to siege enemy structures and push their advantage further. Objectives have played a pivotal role in Sandbox's success, allowing them to maintain pressure and secure victories.

Highlights of the Game

  • Sandbox's dominant laning phase, with Summit and Fate showcasing their individual skill
  • GorillA's exceptional Trundle play, providing excellent engages and disengages in teamfights
  • Root's outstanding performance on Kalista, consistently outperforming his opponents in the bot lane
  • The team's ability to coordinate and execute teamfights successfully, maintaining control over objectives
  • The efficient use of the Baron buff to further their advantage and secure structures


In this second game, Sandbox once again displayed their superior skill and teamwork, securing a commanding victory over Horrible Gaming. The individual performances from Summit, Fate, and GorillA were instrumental in their success, and the team's ability to coordinate in teamfights and secure objectives allowed them to maintain control over the game. Horrible Gaming struggled to find their footing, with lackluster performances in the mid and top lanes hindering their ability to contest Sandbox's dominance. As we move into the third game, Horrible Gaming will need to regroup and come up with a new strategy to challenge Sandbox's superiority.

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