Google Search Ranking Updates, Writing Tips & Exciting Ads News

Google Search Ranking Updates, Writing Tips & Exciting Ads News

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Updates
  3. Signs of Writing Unhelpful Content
  4. Google Ads News
  5. Google Maps Changes
  6. Google Supports Syntax Graph Merge
  7. Google Search Console Host Load Exceeded Error
  8. Google Search Generative Experience
  9. Google Testing Perspectives Search Filter
  10. Google Testing User-Uploaded Images for Product Results
  11. Google AR Beauty Ads
  12. Google Ads Dynamic Overview Carousel
  13. Google Ads API Version 15
  14. Google Local Services Ads Messaging Feature
  15. Google Ads Search Themes
  16. Google AdSense Frequency Controls for Vignette Ads
  17. Microsoft Pub Center Relaunch
  18. Google Maps Photo First Approach
  19. Google Business Profile Suspension Emails
  20. Google and Microsoft Earnings Updates

📌 Introduction

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's Search Buzz video recap. In today's episode, we have a lot of interesting search news to cover, including unconfirmed Google search ranking updates, signs of writing unhelpful content, Google ads news, Google Maps changes, and much more. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the latest updates from the world of search!

📌 Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Updates

There have been reports and chatter in the SEO community about a potential Google search ranking algorithm update happening right now. Although it is unconfirmed, various tools and metrics are showing early signs of volatility in search rankings. It is worth noting that a similar update was also observed around October 25th. While Google has not officially confirmed these fluctuations, it is essential for webmasters to keep an eye on their rankings and monitor any changes in organic traffic.

📌 Signs of Writing Unhelpful Content

Danny Sullivan, the search liaison at Google, recently shared some insights on how to determine if you are writing unhelpful content. According to Sullivan, unhelpful content is primarily created for search engine rankings rather than for human audiences. He provided an example of writing a listicle like "20 fun things to do today" solely for the purpose of ranking well, which he considers unhelpful. Sullivan emphasized the importance of writing content that genuinely helps users instead of focusing on scores or search engine optimization techniques.

📌 Google Ads News

In the world of Google ads, there have been several significant updates. Google has confirmed testing ads within organic search listings, showcasing them directly between the organic results. This is the first time Google has acknowledged this as an actual test, which indicates a potential shift in ad placement strategies. Additionally, Google has launched new AR Beauty ads, allowing brands to promote their beauty products with a Try-on experience directly within search ads.

📌 Google Maps Changes

Google has introduced a "photo-first" approach in Google Maps listings, where photos are now prioritized over the business name, description, reviews, and other information. This change aims to enhance user experience and provide more engaging visual content upfront. The photo-first search result is currently rolling out in certain regions, including France, Germany, Japan, UK, and the US. Businesses should ensure their photos are high-quality and compelling to attract more clicks and engagement.

📌 Google Supports Syntax Graph Merge

Google recently announced its support for syntax graph merge, which allows the usage of different forms of structured data, such as JSON-LD and microdata, on the same webpage. This update provides flexibility for webmasters and developers to implement structured data in their preferred syntax, making it easier for Google to understand and interpret the content. However, Google cautions that this feature should be used cautiously and is considered more advanced.

📌 Google Search Console Host Load Exceeded Error

Some webmasters experienced an issue with a "host load exceeded" error in Google Search Console when using the URL inspection tool to submit a page. However, this issue seems to have resolved itself over the past few days. Google's John Mueller confirmed that the "cumulative layout shift" is not the reason for sudden ranking drops, dismissing speculations that this metric is directly correlated with rankings.

📌 Google Search Generative Experience

Google's search generative experience is gaining a new feature called "supportive links." This feature allows users to dive deeper into the search results by providing additional information and sources in a carousel format. By clicking on the little bars and selecting the "manage about this source" option, users can access an experimental slider carousel that offers more context and insights related to the search query.

📌 Google Testing Perspectives Search Filter

Google appears to be testing a search filter called "perspectives," which allows users to explore different viewpoints and perspectives on search results directly in the desktop interface. Although initially available only on mobile, this feature is now being tested on desktop search as well. By providing access to diverse perspectives, Google aims to facilitate a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of various topics.

📌 Google Testing User-Uploaded Images for Product Results

Google is experimenting with showing user-uploaded images for product results. This means that users can now upload images of products they have purchased or used, which may appear alongside the official product images in search results. This feature can add authenticity and real-world context to product listings, further enhancing the overall shopping experience for users.

📌 Google AR Beauty Ads

Google has introduced AR Beauty ads, a new ad format that allows brands to showcase their lip, eye, and foundation products with a Try-on experience. This immersive and interactive ad format allows potential customers to virtually try out different beauty products before making a purchase. By leveraging augmented reality technology, brands can provide a more engaging and personalized advertising experience.

📌 Google Ads Dynamic Overview Carousel

Google Ads is beta testing a new dynamic overview carousel feature, which allows advertisers to showcase a range of customizable statistics and data in a scrolling carousel format. This feature provides advertisers with more flexibility and control over the specific metrics they want to highlight in their ad campaigns. Although currently limited to a select group of advertisers, this feature has the potential to enhance campaign performance and data visualization.

📌 Google Ads API Version 15

Google Ads has launched API version 15, which brings several new features and enhancements for advertisers and developers. With this major update, the Google Ads API offers increased functionality and capabilities to streamline campaign management and reporting. Advertisers using the Google Ads API should explore the new features and take advantage of the latest improvements to optimize their advertising campaigns effectively.

📌 Google Local Services Ads Messaging Feature

Google Local Services ads now include a messaging feature that enables users to directly communicate with advertisers via the ads themselves. After initiating a conversation with an advertiser, Google immediately shows additional competing advertisers that users can also message. While this feature aims to facilitate easy communication for users, some advertisers express concerns about potential competition for leads. However, Google justified this feature by stating that it aligns with the user behavior of reaching out to multiple providers for quotes or information.

📌 Google Ads Search Themes

Google Ads has introduced a new feature called "search themes." This performance max feature allows advertisers to provide Google's AI with additional information about their business to expand relevant reach across ad campaigns. While currently an optional signal, starting in early 2024, Google will automatically upgrade existing customer segments based on search activity to search themes. Advertisers should familiarize themselves with this feature and consider implementing it to maximize their ad campaign effectiveness.

📌 Google AdSense Frequency Controls for Vignette Ads

Google AdSense now offers frequency controls for vignette ads, allowing publishers to customize how often these ads appear after a user loads a page. Publishers can set specific intervals, such as every 10 minutes or every 5 minutes, to determine the frequency of vignette ad display. This feature provides publishers with more control over the user experience and ensures a balanced ad-to-content ratio on their websites.

📌 Microsoft Pub Center Relaunch

Microsoft has officially relaunched Pub Center, their platform for publishers to monetize their websites through display ads. The revamped Pub Center aims to provide publishers with enhanced features and improved monetization options. Although it has been available since 2006 under different names, Microsoft is rebranding and positioning Pub Center as a fresh offering for publishers seeking an alternative to Google AdSense.

📌 Google Maps Photo First Approach

As part of their ongoing efforts to improve user experience, Google Maps has introduced a photo-first approach in the mobile interface. Photos now take precedence over other business information, such as the name, description, reviews, and call-to-action buttons. This change is being rolled out in select regions and aims to provide users with a more visually engaging search result. Businesses should ensure they have captivating and high-quality photos to maximize their visibility and appeal in Google Maps.

📌 Google Business Profile Suspension Emails

Google has started sending out new business profile suspension emails with more details and information. These emails provide business owners with specific reasons for the suspension and guide them on how to resolve any issues or violations. This update aims to improve transparency and clarity for businesses using Google My Business and enables them to take appropriate action in case of account suspension.

📌 Google and Microsoft Earnings Updates

Both Google and Microsoft announced their recent earnings, indicating positive growth in ad revenue after a period of decline. Google reported a 99.5% increase in ad revenue, with an overall growth rate of 11%. Similarly, Microsoft's advertising department witnessed a 10% growth, marking a turnaround from previous downward trends. These earnings updates reflect the gradual recovery and resurgence of the digital advertising industry.

That concludes this week's Search Buzz video recap. We hope you found these updates insightful and informative. Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments in the world of search. Thank you for watching, and see you next time!

🌟 Highlights

  • Unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm updates causing volatility in rankings.
  • Signs of writing unhelpful content according to Google's search liaison, Danny Sullivan.
  • Testing of ads within organic search listings confirmed by Google.
  • New photo-first approach in Google Maps listings.
  • Support for syntax graph merge in structured data implementation.
  • Google's search generative experience introducing supportive links for more contextual results.
  • Testing of user-uploaded images for product results in search.
  • Launch of AR Beauty ads, enabling virtual Try-on experiences.
  • Dynamic overview carousel feature being beta tested in Google Ads.
  • Microsoft relaunching Pub Center as a revamped monetization platform for publishers.

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