Maximize Your Earnings with SEO Jobs on

Maximize Your Earnings with SEO Jobs on

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding SEO Jobs on
  3. Job 1: Completing the SD Code Task
  4. Job 2: Searching and Visiting Website Pages
  5. Conclusion

📝 Introduction

Welcome back to my channel! In this video, we will be discussing the updated version of completing SEO jobs on offers various types of jobs, including SEO data entry, telegram, Discord, TikTok, video marketing, microfit, influencer, micro-influencer, and more. However, in this video, we will focus specifically on SEO jobs, which are some of the most common tasks available on the platform. By understanding how to effectively complete these jobs, you can earn a steady income of five to seven dollars daily on the website.

🕵️‍♂️ Understanding SEO Jobs on

Before diving into the specific tasks, it's important to understand the basics of SEO jobs on Most of these jobs require clear browser history and cookies or opening a private tab to ensure a fresh browsing experience. Additionally, tasks often require visiting specific links, reading articles, clicking on advertisements, and spending a designated amount of time on various pages. These tasks are relatively straightforward but may require attention to detail and adherence to specific instructions.

👨‍💼 Job 1: Completing the SD Code Task

Let's start with a random task to understand how the process works. The first task we will explore is the SD Code Desk task. To begin, clear your browser history and cookies, or open a private browser tab. This ensures a clean and fresh browsing environment. Next, visit the provided link and open seven pages, spending approximately 12 seconds on each page. The number of pages and waiting time will be indicated at the bottom of the article. After opening the pages, follow the instructions on the employer's website, which may include reading articles and clicking on advertisements. Finally, submit the required proof, such as a code and the URL of the visited pages, to complete the task.

Pros of the SD Code Desk Task:

  • Simple and straightforward instructions
  • Quick and easy to complete in under six minutes
  • Provides an opportunity to earn a consistent income on

Cons of the SD Code Desk Task:

  • Requires frequent clearing of browser history and cookies
  • Limited variety in the tasks performed
  • Relatively low payment compared to other tasks

👨‍💼 Job 2: Searching and Visiting Website Pages

Now let's move on to another task, which involves searching for specific keywords on Google and visiting designated website pages. Start by clearing your browser history and cookies, or use a different browser to ensure a clean browsing experience. Then, search for the specified keyword in the Google search results and click on the relevant link. Once on the website, slowly scroll through eight blog posts, spending at least 25 seconds on each page. After that, follow the final instructions, which may include clicking on an advertisement and visiting additional pages on the employer's website. Finally, provide the required proof, such as screenshots of your browsing history and the URLs of visited pages, to complete the task.

Pros of the Searching and Visiting Website Pages Task:

  • Allows for more variety in tasks compared to the SD Code Desk task
  • Provides an opportunity to explore different websites and blog posts
  • Payment may be higher than the SD Code Desk task

Cons of the Searching and Visiting Website Pages Task:

  • Requires diligent searching and browsing
  • May take slightly longer to complete compared to the SD Code Desk task
  • Some tasks may require specific actions, such as clicking on advertisements, which can be time-consuming

🧐 Conclusion

Completing SEO jobs on can be a viable way to earn a consistent income online. By understanding the instructions and following them carefully, you can successfully complete various tasks and maximize your earnings. Whether it's the SD Code Desk task or searching and visiting website pages, each task offers its own challenges and rewards. Remember to clear your browser history and cookies, or use a private browsing tab, before starting each task to ensure accurate results. With practice and commitment, you can effectively navigate's SEO jobs and achieve your desired income goals.

(Note: The examples provided in this article are purely fictional and for demonstrative purposes only.)


Q: How much can I earn from completing SEO jobs on A: The earnings from SEO jobs on may vary depending on the task and the number of tasks completed. On average, users can earn around five to seven dollars daily, but it ultimately depends on the individual's effort and efficiency.

Q: Are there any specific skills required to complete SEO jobs on A: Most SEO jobs on do not require any specific skills or qualifications. However, attention to detail, adherence to instructions, and a basic understanding of browsing and searching techniques can be beneficial for successfully completing the tasks.

Q: Can I complete SEO jobs on from any location? A: Yes, is an online platform that allows users from various locations to complete SEO jobs. As long as you have internet access and can follow the instructions, you can participate in the tasks from anywhere in the world.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for participating in SEO jobs on A: does not explicitly mention age restrictions. However, individuals under the legal working age in their respective countries may not be eligible to participate. It is advised to refer to the platform's terms and conditions for more information regarding eligibility criteria.

Q: Can I complete multiple SEO jobs simultaneously on A: Yes, it is possible to work on multiple SEO jobs simultaneously on, as long as you can manage your time efficiently and complete the tasks within the required timeframe. However, it is essential to carefully read and follow the instructions for each task to avoid confusion or mistakes.


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