Supercharge Your SEO with PBNs and Topical Authority!

Supercharge Your SEO with PBNs and Topical Authority!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of PBNs
  3. The Strategy: Building Topical Authority 3.1. Creating Relevant Content Pages 3.2. Pumping PBN Links into Money Pages
  4. Anchor Text Diversity
  5. Increasing Link Velocity
  6. Balancing Link Types
  7. A Leap of Faith: Trust and Risk
  8. Using Other Link Building Tactics
  9. Applying the Strategy to High-Competition Niches
  10. Conclusion

The Power of PBNs

In the world of SEO, there's a strategy that many SEO professionals are hesitant to use: Private Blog Networks (PBNs). However, in this article, I am here to share with you a case study that proves PBNs can be a game-changer for your website's rankings. We implemented this strategy for one of our clients, who saw remarkable results by utilizing PBNs and building topical authority. So, let's dive into the details and explore how this strategy can work wonders for your agency.


Before we get into the specifics, let me emphasize the importance of PBNs and the results they can deliver. While many SEO experts shy away from utilizing PBNs due to various concerns, our case study proves otherwise. By implementing a careful and strategic approach, PBNs can bring about significant improvements in rankings.

The Strategy: Building Topical Authority

The key to a successful PBN strategy lies in building topical authority. This involves creating relevant content pages that focus on different variations of your target keywords. By posting informative and valuable content related to your target keywords, you can enhance the topical relevance and authority of your website.

3.1 Creating Relevant Content Pages

To achieve topical authority, our client created various content pages focusing on topics related to their niche. For example, if their target keyword was "web design New York," they created articles discussing the importance of web design, tips for hiring web designers, and website optimization tactics. These content pages acted as clusters of related keywords and helped increase the overall topical relevance and authority of the website.

3.2 Pumping PBN Links into Money Pages

Simultaneously, we implemented a PBN strategy to strengthen the authority of the money pages. For our client, we focused on 10 to 20 key money pages and directed PBN links towards them. By strategically increasing the velocity of PBN links over time, we were able to reinforce the authority and rankings of these important pages.

Anchor Text Diversity

An essential aspect of our strategy was ensuring anchor text diversity. In order to create a natural link profile, we used a unique set of anchors each month. This meant using different variations of anchor text, such as direct anchors, partial anchors, naked anchors, and branded anchors with keywords. By diversifying the anchor text, we were able to prevent any red flags and maintain a strong link profile.

Increasing Link Velocity

To amplify the impact of PBN links, we gradually increased the link velocity. Starting with 50 PBN links in the first month, we scaled up to 75 links in the second month, 100 in the third, and so on. However, we recommend keeping the link velocity at a maximum of 200 per month to maintain the right balance of power and avoid any potential penalties.

Balancing Link Types

While PBN links played a significant role in our strategy, we didn't rely solely on them. We also recommended incorporating other link types, such as guest posts and niche edits, to diversify the link profile. For our client, we maintained a ratio of 10 PBN links to 1 guest post or niche edit, ensuring a well-rounded and natural link profile.

A Leap of Faith: Trust and Risk

Implementing a PBN strategy requires trust, both from the SEO agency and the client. Our client was willing to take the risk and trusted us to deliver results. With their leap of faith, we ensured their website received the best possible outcomes. It's crucial to establish a strong relationship with your clients and have open communication regarding the risks and rewards of utilizing PBNs.

Using Other Link Building Tactics

While our focus in this article has been on the power of PBNs, it's important to note that other link building tactics can be incorporated into your overall strategy. Depending on your niche and competition level, adding tactics such as outreach for guest posts or building authoritative niche-specific backlinks can further enhance your website's rankings.

Applying the Strategy to High-Competition Niches

The strategy we've discussed is particularly effective for high-competition niches. Whether you're in the CBD, finance, or affiliate review space, having an abundance of money pages and topical relevant pages allows for the implementation of a robust PBN strategy. With this approach, you can surpass your competitors and achieve top rankings for lucrative keywords.


In conclusion, our case study clearly demonstrates the power of PBNs and the effectiveness of building topical authority. By incorporating PBNs into your SEO strategy, diversifying your anchor text, increasing link velocity, and balancing link types, you can achieve remarkable results. However, it's essential to maintain trust and open communication with clients while employing other link building tactics to enhance overall success.


  • Utilize the power of Private Blog Networks (PBNs) to boost rankings
  • Build topical authority through relevant content pages
  • Increase link velocity and diversify anchor text for a natural link profile
  • Balance PBN links with other link types for optimal results
  • Establish trust with clients for a successful SEO strategy


Q: Are PBNs safe to use in SEO? A: Private Blog Networks can be effective for improving rankings, but they come with a certain level of risk. It's crucial to implement a strategic approach, diversify link types, and maintain open communication with clients to mitigate any potential issues.

Q: Can PBNs work in high-competition niches? A: Yes, by combining a strong PBN strategy with topical relevance, it is possible to achieve top rankings in high-competition niches. Having an abundance of money pages and topical content pages allows for better optimization and significant results.

Q: How can I balance link velocity when using PBNs? A: Gradually increasing the number of PBN links over time is recommended to maintain a natural link profile. However, it's important not to exceed a maximum of 200 PBN links per month to avoid potential penalties.

Q: What other link building tactics can complement a PBN strategy? A: Incorporating guest posts, niche edits, and outreach for authoritative niche-specific backlinks can further enhance the effectiveness of a PBN strategy. Diversifying link types helps create a well-rounded and strong link profile for improved rankings.

Q: Are PBNs suitable for all types of websites? A: While PBNs can be effective for many websites, it's important to assess the risks and rewards based on the client's goals and industry. Transparency and trust with clients are crucial in determining the suitability of a PBN strategy.

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