The Ultimate Law Firm Marketing Strategy You Can't Afford to Ignore (2020)

The Ultimate Law Firm Marketing Strategy You Can't Afford to Ignore (2020)

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Giving Information for Free
  3. The Best Strategy to Market Your Law Firm
  4. A Real-life Example: The Train Crash
  5. The Role of Video and Social Media
  6. The Importance of Persistence
  7. Becoming an Authority in Your Field
  8. The Impact of Links from Local Organizations
  9. Tips for Executing the Strategy
  10. Monitoring the News and Creating Content
  11. Contacting Reporters and Follow-ups
  12. The Power of Repeat and Persistence

📕 The Best Strategy to Market Your Law Firm

In today's digital age, marketing your law firm effectively can make all the difference in establishing yourself as an authority in your field and attracting new clients. While there are numerous strategies out there, there is one approach that stands above the rest - recording and sharing videos on social media platforms. This strategy has the potential to not only enhance your reputation but also drive traffic to your website and generate valuable backlinks from local news organizations.

💡 The Power of Giving Information for Free

Before we dive into the details of this powerful marketing strategy, let's explore the concept of giving information for free. Many professionals are hesitant to share their knowledge, fearing that they are giving away their intellectual property with no return. However, the truth is that only a tiny fraction of people actually take action on the information they receive. By freely giving valuable insights, you establish trust, build credibility, and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

💼 The Best Strategy to Market Your Law Firm

The ultimate strategy for effectively marketing your law firm revolves around becoming an authority in your area of practice and region. This approach aims to leverage the power of video content to showcase your expertise and attract the attention of reporters and journalists. By providing valuable insights on current news topics related to your field, you can establish yourself as the go-to source for relevant information.

🚂 A Real-life Example: The Train Crash

To illustrate the effectiveness of this strategy, let's examine a real-life example. Last year, a train crash occurred, and one of my clients took immediate action to record a video discussing the incident. He highlighted the preventability of the crash, pointing out a government mandate that could have averted it. This video, focusing on expert analysis and accountability, was then shared with journalists and reporters via social media.

📹 The Role of Video and Social Media

Video content is an incredibly powerful tool in today's digital landscape. With smartphones equipped with high-quality cameras, recording professional-looking videos has become accessible to everyone. To maximize your reach, be sure to hold your phone horizontally and keep your videos concise, ideally under two minutes and twenty seconds. Furthermore, leverage the extensive reach of social media platforms such as Twitter, where you can tag reporters and journalists to capture their attention.

⏳ The Importance of Persistence

It's essential to acknowledge that this strategy requires persistence. While success may not come immediately, the key is consistency and perseverance. Expect to record multiple videos and engage with reporters on an ongoing basis. Remember that reporters receive countless pitches daily, so follow-ups are crucial. By making their job easier through valuable insights and a proactive approach, you increase the likelihood of gaining their attention and, ultimately, media coverage.

🌟 Becoming an Authority in Your Field

By consistently providing valuable content, recording videos, and engaging with journalists, you position yourself as an authority in your field. Reporters will recognize your expertise and quality contributions, leading to more frequent media features. This increased exposure not only strengthens your reputation but also generates valuable backlinks from news organizations. These backlinks, in turn, play a vital role in improving your website's search engine visibility and attracting potential clients.

🔗 The Impact of Links from Local Organizations

Local news organizations hold significant influence and credibility within their communities. When they link to your website in their articles or feature your videos, it not only drives direct traffic but also signals to search engines that your website is relevant and trustworthy. These links act as a vote of confidence, boosting your website's search engine rankings and potentially attracting even more clients to your firm.

✨ Tips for Executing the Strategy

To execute this strategy effectively, it's crucial to stay informed about current news stories relevant to your practice area. Monitor local news outlets and identify opportunities where you can provide valuable insights. Research the reporters covering these stories, and make note of their social media handles, email addresses, or other contact information. When recording your videos, aim for a professional yet straightforward approach, focusing on delivering insightful commentary that enhances the story.

📰 Contacting Reporters and Follow-ups

Once you have recorded your video, reach out to the reporters via social media or email. Tag them in your tweets or directly message them on platforms like Twitter. Share the video and offer your expertise on the subject matter. Be persistent in your efforts, following up with reporters who may not have responded initially. Understand that follow-ups often yield better results than the initial contact, as they serve as reminders and demonstrate your commitment to delivering valuable insights.

🔄 The Power of Repeat and Persistence

Undoubtedly, persistence is key in this strategy. While there may be instances where your videos do not receive immediate attention, it is vital to stay consistent and repeat the process. Success may require recording and sharing numerous videos before gaining media coverage. Remember that every reporter is different, and every market has its own dynamics. By committing yourself to this strategy and remaining persistent, you will increase your chances of success and reap the rewards of becoming a recognized authority in your field.


  • Giving information for free establishes trust and credibility.
  • Recording and sharing videos can effectively market your law firm.
  • Becoming an authority in your field attracts reporters and journalists.
  • Persistence and consistency are essential for success.
  • Valuable backlinks from news organizations strengthen your online presence.
  • Monitoring the news and providing relevant content are key steps.
  • Contacting reporters and following up improves your chances of media coverage.
  • Repeat and persistent efforts are necessary to see results.


Q: How long should my videos be? A: Aim for videos under two minutes and twenty seconds, as that is the maximum length for Twitter uploads.

Q: How can I contact reporters and journalists? A: Utilize social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to tag or message reporters directly. If necessary, search for their email addresses online.

Q: What if my videos do not receive immediate attention? A: Persistence is vital. Follow up with reporters, as they may have missed your initial contact. Consistency and repeated efforts can lead to eventual success.


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