Ultimate Guide to Reselling SEO!

Ultimate Guide to Reselling SEO!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Pros and Cons of SEO Reselling
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  3. What is an SEO Reseller Program?
  4. How Does an SEO Reseller Program Work?
  5. Types of SEO Reseller Programs
    1. White Label SEO
    2. Reselling/Rebranding SEO Services
    3. SEO Audits
    4. Keyword Research
    5. On-Site Content
    6. On-Site Optimization
    7. Link Building and Off-Site Content
    8. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    9. Comprehensive Packages
  6. How to Choose the Right SEO Reseller Program
  7. Benefits of Becoming an SEO Reseller
  8. Conclusion

👉 Pros and Cons of SEO Reselling

SEO reselling is a popular strategy where marketing agencies offer SEO services to their clients and partner with SEO agencies to fulfill those services. While reselling SEO services can be beneficial, it also comes with its own set of pros and cons.


✅ Expand Service Offerings: By reselling SEO services, agencies can offer a wide range of digital marketing services to their clients, enhancing their portfolio.

✅ Generate Additional Revenue: Reselling SEO services allows agencies to generate additional revenue by marking up the cost of those services.

✅ Expertise and Support: Partnering with an SEO agency provides access to their expertise and support, ensuring that clients receive high-quality SEO services.

✅ Scalability: SEO reselling allows agencies to scale their services and cater to the needs of different clients without worrying about the operational aspects.

✅ White Labeling: Through white labeling, agencies can rebrand the SEO services as their own, appearing as the provider to their clients.


❌ Technical Complexity: SEO is a technically complex strategy, requiring expertise and knowledge. Agencies without the right experts may struggle to deliver effective results.

❌ Time-Intensive: SEO campaigns require time and effort to plan, execute, and monitor. Resellers might find it challenging to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

❌ Cost Control: As agencies attract new clients, it becomes challenging to control costs, especially if the number of clients and the demands for services increase.

❌ Troubleshooting: Resellers may face difficulties in troubleshooting issues that arise during SEO campaigns without the support of the SEO agency.

While SEO reselling offers lucrative opportunities for marketing agencies, it's essential to weigh the pros against the cons before embarking on this venture.

👉 What is an SEO Reseller Program?

An SEO reseller program involves a partnership between an SEO reseller and an SEO agency, where the reseller attracts new clients interested in SEO services, and the agency provides those services. In this arrangement, the reseller acts as a sales extension of the SEO agency, selling their services to clients.

The primary function of an SEO reseller program is to help alleviate the challenges faced by marketing agencies in providing SEO services. These programs allow agencies to outsource the technical aspects of SEO to dedicated SEO agencies, reducing the complexities and difficulties associated with executing effective SEO campaigns.

As an SEO reseller, you contract with the SEO agency to provide services such as keyword research, on-site optimization, link building, and more. You can either resell these services to your clients under your own brand name or leverage the complimentary services offered by the SEO agency to enhance your existing marketing offerings.

By partnering with an SEO agency through an SEO reseller program, marketing agencies can not only expand their service offerings but also deliver high-quality SEO services to satisfy the needs of their clients. It provides a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties can thrive and grow their businesses.

Next, let's explore how an SEO reseller program works and the various types of programs available.

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