Unlock the Power of Pinterest SEO: Beginner's Guide (2024)

Unlock the Power of Pinterest SEO: Beginner's Guide (2024)

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Pinterest SEO
  2. How Does Pinterest Search Engine Work?
  3. Optimizing Pins and Profiles
  4. The Importance of Saves
  5. Setting Up Pins for Discovery
  6. SEO Tips for Video Pins
  7. Optimizing Boards for Search
  8. Enhancing Your Pinterest Profile
  9. The Significance of SEO on Pinterest
  10. Automated On-Site SEO Tools

Understanding Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is often overlooked by marketers when it comes to optimizing their content for search. In this video, we will delve into the different ways your content can be found on Pinterest and how the search algorithm works. We will also uncover the key factors that Pinterest considers when ranking your content. This comprehensive guide will provide actionable steps to optimize your pins and profile for discovery on Pinterest.

How Does Pinterest Search Engine Work?

To fully understand Pinterest SEO, it is crucial to comprehend how the search engine on Pinterest functions. The primary goal of the search engine is to match the most relevant content with users' search queries. This poses a challenge as creating content that closely aligns with audience needs is no easy feat. Additionally, Pinterest places great emphasis on domain quality, meaning that the quality of the website associated with your pins is a determining factor in their ranking. Your Pinterest profile, including pins, boards, and overall topic relevance, also influences the discoverability of your content.

Optimizing Pins and Profiles

When it comes to getting discovered on Pinterest, there are three main ways: the home feed, the watch tab (mobile version of the home feed), and search. While all three are significant, our focus in this guide will be on search optimization. One metric that Pinterest places great emphasis on is saves. They have even had a creator rewards program in the past, where creators were rewarded based on the number of saves their pins received. This highlights the importance Pinterest places on value and engagement. To optimize your pins, start by ensuring their relevance to users' search queries. Conduct thorough keyword research to identify what people are searching for on Pinterest and align your content accordingly.

The Importance of Saves

Saves are the most important metric on Pinterest. This indicates that users find value in the content they save. Pinterest pays great attention to this engagement metric, so it is vital to focus on creating content that resonates with your audience. When setting up pins, not only should the pin itself be valuable, but the destination URL should also provide relevance and value to the search query. By prioritizing saves and delivering valuable content, you increase your chances of success on Pinterest.

Setting Up Pins for Discovery

To optimize your pins for discovery, start by conducting keyword research. Use the Pinterest search bar to generate relevant long-tail keywords that align with users' search queries. Ensuring that there is value in the pin itself, beyond just the destination, is crucial. Incorporate your keywords in the source file name, pin titles, and descriptions. However, be cautious not to engage in keyword stuffing, as Pinterest penalizes this practice. Additionally, if your pin contains overlaid text, ensure that it is relevant and keyword-specific. Lastly, make sure that the destination URL is relevant to the search query, using the identified keywords throughout the entire process.

SEO Tips for Video Pins

Video pins on Pinterest follow similar optimization techniques, with the addition of a few extra steps. Firstly, you can add tags to video pins to further optimize their visibility. Choose tags that are relevant to the keywords you are targeting. Secondly, incorporate keywords into the voiceover or audio accompanying the video. By mentioning the keywords in the audio, you enhance the SEO of your video pins.

Optimizing Boards for Search

Optimizing boards is another essential aspect of Pinterest SEO. When creating boards, ensure that the board title includes relevant keywords. Craft a compelling description using the identified keywords, but avoid keyword stuffing. The content within the board is also crucial. Aim to have at least 15 relevant pins in each board to provide value to the users and improve discoverability.

Enhancing Your Pinterest Profile

Your Pinterest profile plays a significant role in attracting organic traffic. Start by claiming your website and providing a comprehensive yet concise description that incorporates relevant keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing in both your profile description and the profile name. Additionally, create five to ten full boards on various relevant topics. Remember, the more boards you have, the better your chances of attracting a wider audience.

The Significance of SEO on Pinterest

SEO is not only crucial on Pinterest but also on your website. Implementing effective SEO strategies on Pinterest can drive organic traffic and help your content reach a broader audience. By following the recommended techniques, optimizing your pins, profiles, and boards, you can improve your chances of success on the platform.

Automated On-Site SEO Tools

Optimizing your on-site SEO is critical to boosting your search engine rankings. In our next video, we will introduce a tool that automates on-site SEO and helps you evade content detectors. Stay tuned for more information on how to enhance your website's SEO.



  • Understanding the inner workings of Pinterest SEO
  • Optimizing pins and profiles for maximum discoverability
  • The importance of saves and engagement on Pinterest
  • Effective keyword research and implementation
  • SEO techniques for video pins and boards
  • Enhancing your Pinterest profile to attract organic traffic
  • The significance of SEO in driving Pinterest success
  • Automated tools for on-site SEO optimization


Q: Can Pinterest SEO help increase website traffic? A: Yes, by optimizing your pins and profiles for search, you can attract organic traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Q: What is the role of saves in Pinterest SEO? A: Saves are a crucial metric on Pinterest and indicate that users find value in your content. Pinterest prioritizes engagement, making saves an important factor in SEO.

Q: How can I avoid keyword stuffing on Pinterest? A: Keyword stuffing should be avoided on Pinterest. Instead, focus on crafting valuable and descriptive pin titles, descriptions, and board content that naturally incorporate relevant keywords.

Q: Are there any automated tools for on-site SEO optimization? A: Yes, there are several automated tools available that can help streamline your on-site SEO efforts and improve your website's search engine rankings.

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