Unveiling an In-depth SEO Analysis of a Fresh Niche Travel Blog

Unveiling an In-depth SEO Analysis of a Fresh Niche Travel Blog

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Domain Analysis
  3. Homepage Evaluation
  4. Index Pages Review
  5. On-Page Content Assessment
  6. Entity and Brand Analysis
  7. Link Profile Evaluation
  8. Conclusion
  9. Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to a brand new series where we'll be live auditing niche sites that have been either built in public, built by influencers in the SEO industry, or have been submitted by one of you. In today's episode, we'll be auditing Mike Donovan's niche travel site, StayneEngland.com. We'll take a close look at the various aspects of the website's SEO performance, including the domain, homepage, index pages, on-page content, entity and brand presence, and link profile.

Domain Analysis

The domain name of StayneEngland.com is perfectly fitting for the brand, as it aligns with the target audience's search intent. It has a good history, as evidenced by its registration since January 2022 and lack of negative history or spammy links. The domain is set to expire in 2027, which demonstrates a long-term commitment and can be a positive signal to search engines. Overall, the domain receives an A grade, indicating its excellent suitability for the brand.


  • Fitting and descriptive domain name
  • Good age and history


  • None

Homepage Evaluation

The homepage of StayneEngland.com is well-built for a new website. It features an attractive design and provides easy navigation for users. However, there are a few areas that could be improved. The ConvertKit button linking to an external tool may distract users from the core content. It's recommended to explore alternative options that allow the integration of a form plugin without the ConvertKit branding. The Explore page, showcasing custom designs for each state, is a standout feature and enhances the site's overall design. The homepage receives a B grade due to minor formatting and layout issues.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy navigation
  • Custom designs for each state


  • ConvertKit button links to an external tool
  • Image block lacks a clear header or title
  • Spinny widget takes up too much space

Index Pages Review

StayneEngland.com has a well-indexed set of pages, ensuring search engines can easily crawl and understand its content. However, some pages without any content could be noindexed to avoid potential indexation of blank pages. Pagination issues were also identified, with indexed pagination pages creating duplicate content. These issues could be resolved by adjusting the site's configuration accordingly. Although these are minor issues, they prevent the index pages from receiving a higher grade. The index pages receive a B grade.


  • Well-indexed pages


  • Pages without content should be noindexed
  • Indexed pagination pages create duplicate content

On-Page Content Assessment

The on-page content of StayneEngland.com is informative and well-detailed, providing valuable information to readers. However, there are opportunities for improvement. The formatting could be enhanced by adding highlights, such as bolding, underlining, or italicizing key points or facts to improve readability and engagement. It is also recommended to increase the frequency of internal links throughout the content and optimize them for relevant keywords. Additionally, higher resolution images would enhance the overall user experience. The on-page content receives a B+ grade.


  • Informative and detailed content
  • Unique imagery


  • Lack of formatted highlights
  • Insufficient internal linking
  • Lower resolution images

Entity and Brand Analysis

StayneEngland.com lacks a strong entity and brand presence. While the domain name aligns with the brand, there is a need to build upon the entity through social media profiles and other online platforms. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social networks can help establish and reinforce the brand's presence. Additionally, optimizing the brand's search results, particularly with unique content associated with the brand, is important for establishing authority and recognition. Currently, the entity and brand receive a D grade.


  • Domain name aligns with the brand


  • Lack of social media profiles
  • Limited recognition of the brand in search results

Link Profile Evaluation

While StayneEngland.com has obtained some decent links, there are areas for improvement in the link building strategy. Acquiring links from the author's other websites and reputable sources, such as Bloomberg, is beneficial. However, there should be a focus on obtaining more relevant and targeted links within the travel industry. It is also advisable to diversify link sources and avoid potential spammy links. Though the current links contribute positively, the lack of foundational link building and focus on entity stacking limits the overall link profile. The link profile receives a C+ grade.


  • Acquisition of decent links from reputable sources
  • Author's contributions generating backlinks


  • Lack of targeted links within the travel industry
  • Need for diversification of link sources


StayneEngland.com exhibits potential for success as a niche travel site. While there are areas for improvement, such as formatting, internal linking, and brand establishment, the website's overall performance is commendable for such a new site. By addressing these areas and implementing an effective link building and entity stacking strategy, the site can achieve higher rankings and attract more targeted traffic. With continued optimization, StayneEngland.com has the potential for significant growth in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I improve formatting and readability of my content? A: Incorporate highlights such as bolding, underlining, and italicizing key points or facts. This will make your content more engaging and easier to read.

Q: Why is it important to focus on internal linking? A: Internal linking helps search engines understand the structure and relevance of your content. It also improves user experience and can increase the time users spend on your site.

Q: Should I link to my own site from my other websites? A: Linking from your own websites can be acceptable if the content and relevance are aligned. However, be cautious not to create irrelevant or spammy links that may harm your site's reputation.

Q: How can I establish a strong brand presence? A: Create social media profiles on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and ensure they are linked to your website. Optimize search results associated with your brand to enhance recognition and authority.

Q: What is the importance of acquiring high-quality backlinks? A: High-quality backlinks from reputable sources help improve your site's authority, visibility, and search engine rankings. They signify trust and relevance to search engines.


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