2 Free SEO Tools to Improve Google SEO and Earn Money

2 Free SEO Tools to Improve Google SEO and Earn Money

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tool 1: Improving Website Analysis
    • Overview of the tool
    • Features and benefits
    • Selling reports on freelancing platforms
  3. Tool 2: Google Positioning
    • How it works
    • Finding competitors' rankings
    • Conducting market research on competition
  4. Advanced Techniques for SEO Optimization
    • Law of Pareto and SIO/SEO
    • Maximizing traffic and finding clients
    • Strategies for email acquisition and targeted traffic
  5. Conclusion


In this article, I will introduce two completely free tools that will not only help improve your essay writing skills but also allow you to earn money. Before diving into these tools, I want to share a second video that reveals a powerful online strategy to skyrocket your results. This strategy will boost your sales, affiliate commissions, targeted traffic, client acquisition, and YouTube views. Moreover, it includes techniques to discover private and exclusive content unknown to Google. Best of all, these strategies require zero monetary investment in terms of advertising or outsourcing tools.

Tool 1: Improving Website Analysis

The first tool I want to introduce is an excellent resource for generating comprehensive reports for any website, whether it's your own or a client's site. By utilizing this tool, you can access a wide range of categories, including an overview, SEO, meta descriptions, meta keywords, headings, and Google preview, among others. Additionally, the tool provides insights into website loading speed and offers a complete analysis that you can download. You can even monetize these reports by selling them on freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr, as many individuals are willing to pay for such valuable information. For example, some sellers offer reports starting from 63 euros and have received over a thousand reviews, translating to significant revenue.


  • Allows you to generate detailed reports for any website, helping improve website analysis
  • Offers a wide range of categories to assess various aspects of SEO
  • Provides the opportunity to monetize reports on freelancing platforms


  • Selling reports may involve some competition, requiring additional marketing efforts

Tool 2: Google Positioning

The second free tool that I highly recommend is CSRP Robote Points, available at slashesser.ptitrydzek. This tool enables you to determine the positioning of a specific website for various keywords on Google. For instance, if you aim to rank for a particular keyword, you can enter your competitors' websites and identify their rankings for that keyword. This tool provides valuable insights on competitor analysis and helps you understand which keywords your potential clients may be targeting. By conducting this detailed market research, you can enhance your own strategy and optimize your website content accordingly. To use the tool, simply select your desired region, device (desktop, mobile, or tablet), enter the competitor's domain name, and specify the target keywords. The tool will then display their rankings on Google for those keywords.


  • Allows you to determine competitors' rankings on Google for specific keywords
  • Provides insights for conducting market research on competition
  • Helps optimize your SEO strategy and website content


  • Requires manual entry of competitor websites and target keywords

Advanced Techniques for SEO Optimization

To take your SEO optimization to the next level and achieve remarkable results, I recommend implementing the Law of Pareto and SIO/SEO techniques. The Law of Pareto suggests that you can achieve 80% of your competitors' results with only 20% of the efforts. By applying this principle, you can identify the articles or content pieces that generate the most traffic for your competitors and leverage those insights to enhance your own website's performance.

Moreover, maximizing targeted traffic and finding potential clients are vital for online success. In the second video I mentioned earlier, you'll discover strategies to attract high-quality traffic and acquire thousands of emails per day. These techniques require zero financial investment but can significantly impact your online business. Additionally, the video reveals tactics for increasing YouTube views without showing your face and uncovering private and exclusive content that is completely unknown to Google.


  • The Law of Pareto helps you achieve significant results with minimal effort
  • Strategies for attracting targeted traffic, finding potential clients, and capturing email leads
  • Exclusive content discovery techniques


  • Implementation of advanced techniques may require ongoing optimization and adaptation


In conclusion, these two powerful and free tools can significantly improve your website analysis and SEO optimization. The first tool allows you to generate comprehensive reports, which can be monetized by selling them on freelancing platforms. The second tool helps you understand competition and market trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for your website optimization. By incorporating advanced techniques such as the Law of Pareto and implementing strategies for targeted traffic and client acquisition, you can propel your online results to new heights. To explore these strategies in more detail, I invite you to watch the second video mentioned in this article.


Q1: Are these tools suitable for beginners in SEO optimization? A1: Yes, both tools are beginner-friendly and provide valuable insights for improving SEO optimization.

Q2: Can the reports generated by the first tool be customized with branding elements? A2: Yes, you can customize the reports with your branding elements before selling them on freelancing platforms.

Q3: Do the strategies mentioned in the second video require any monetary investment? A3: No, the strategies shared in the second video require zero monetary investment.

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