Achieving 621% Traffic Growth: Steve Toth's Expert SEO Strategies

Achieving 621% Traffic Growth: Steve Toth's Expert SEO Strategies

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  • Understanding the importance of organic website traffic
  • Introducing Steve Toth, founder of SEO Notebook

2. The Role of Content Depth in SEO

  • Why content depth is crucial for ranking
  • Mistakes made by site owners in pursuing high volume keywords
  • The pitfalls of relying too heavily on SEO tools
  • Using Google as a primary keyword research tool
  • The value of Google Autosuggest and related searches

3. The Power of Unique and Comprehensive Content

  • The concept of topical authority in SEO
  • The importance of having depth of content
  • How to provide additional value and differentiation in content
  • Leveraging YouTube for research and unique perspectives
  • Why videos can be more effective in conveying complex information

4. The Challenges of Structured Content and Search Intent

  • The rise of structured content in search engine results
  • The potential drawbacks of uniform content structures
  • Balancing optimization tools like Surfer and Frase with unique content
  • Incorporating personal commentary and external perspectives
  • Unveiling the value of comments on YouTube videos and forums

5. Being an In-House SEO and Overcoming Challenges

  • Exploring the unique experiences of an in-house SEO
  • The pressures and challenges of demonstrating tangible success
  • Building relationships to shield against internal politics and distractions
  • Capitalizing on the resources and expertise within a company
  • The transition from in-house SEO to successful SEO consultant

6. Tactics for Driving Organic Traffic Growth

  • Building a comprehensive content strategy for organic growth
  • The success story of FreshBooks' invoice templates pages
  • Leveraging Latin and reverse engineering successful pages
  • The significance of automation in SEO productivity
  • Tools and techniques for efficient content planning and execution

7. The Future of SEO and Automation

  • The evolving landscape of SEO and content creation
  • The role of automation in streamlining SEO tasks
  • How to effectively implement automation in SEO strategies
  • The importance of project management and execution
  • Balancing innovation with tried-and-tested SEO techniques

8. SEO in the Crypto Space

  • Exploring the SEO landscape in the cryptocurrency industry
  • Learning from successful SEO strategies in the crypto space
  • Leveraging auto-suggest and specific keywords for content creation
  • Building topical authority in emerging and evergreen crypto topics
  • Tactics for link building and establishing credibility in the crypto niche

9. Learning from Influential SEO Practitioners

  • Discovering the impact of influential SEO practitioners
  • Highlighting notable figures in the SEO industry
  • Recognizing the value of continuous learning and knowledge sharing
  • The significance of practical application and self-directed learning
  • Encouraging collaboration and exploration within the SEO community

10. Conclusion

  • Summary of key insights and takeaways
  • Embracing ongoing learning and development in SEO
  • The future of SEO and the importance of constant adaptation and innovation


🚀 Growing a Website to 1.8 Million Organic Visitors: Insights from SEO Expert Steve Toth


To achieve significant organic website traffic, it takes a deep understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and implementation. In this article, we will delve into the expertise of Steve Toth, the founder of SEO Notebook and former in-house SEO at FreshBooks. Steve brings 12 years of SEO experience to the table and has successfully grown websites to 1.8 million organic visitors per month. Join us as we explore advanced SEO tactics, such as content depth, multiple link building strategies, future Google algorithm updates, and the automation of SEO processes.

The Role of Content Depth in SEO

In the vast world of SEO, content depth plays a crucial role in ranking for targeted keywords. However, site owners often make the mistake of obsessing over high-volume keywords without considering the authority and depth of their content. It is vital to understand that merely using popular SEO tools is not enough. Steve recommends starting with Google as the primary keyword research tool, as it provides valuable insights without the limitations of generic tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. By utilizing Google Autosuggest and related searches, you can uncover untapped opportunities for keyword targeting, ensuring your content addresses user search intent effectively.

The Power of Unique and Comprehensive Content

In our quest to rank higher in search engine results, we must recognize the importance of unique and comprehensive content. Topical authority has always been a critical element in SEO, implying that search engines favor websites with in-depth and relevant content. Steve shares his past experience working on a criminal law firm's website, where comprehensive content on related topics led to ranking for a wide range of criminal defense keywords. While tools like Surfer and Frase can assist in optimizing content, they should not be the sole basis for your strategy. Instead, focus on incorporating your own commentary, research, and unique perspectives to provide additional value to readers.

The Challenges of Structured Content and Search Intent

The rise of structured content poses challenges for SEO practitioners. Websites now commonly structure their content in a uniform manner, covering the same points and following the same length guidelines. Although tools like Surfer and Frase have their merits, Steve emphasizes the importance of avoiding redundancy in content creation. To stand out, go beyond template-driven approaches and delve deeper into the subject matter. Differentiate your content by adding personal insights, exploring niche studies, or incorporating information from unconventional sources like YouTube videos.

Being an In-House SEO and Overcoming Challenges

Working as an in-house SEO professional offers unique opportunities and challenges. Steve shares his experience as an in-house SEO at FreshBooks, where he successfully drove organic traffic to 1.8 million visitors per month. Being an in-house SEO means dealing with the pressure of quantifiable success, including the responsibility of reporting to stakeholders on conversions and key performance indicators. Additionally, in-house SEO practitioners must navigate internal politics and align resources for optimal SEO implementation. Steve highlights the importance of supportive leadership and shielding the SEO team from potential distractions to ensure focused and successful strategies.

Tactics for Driving Organic Traffic Growth

Steve describes the tactics that led to FreshBooks' phenomenal organic growth. One of their strategies involved creating over 110 pages dedicated to invoice templates, targeting various professions and file types. Additionally, having a robust link-building strategy played a crucial role in their success. Steve recommends using multiple link-building vendors and continuously assessing their effectiveness. By fostering relationships with different vendors, you can obtain diverse link inventories and strategies, ensuring sustained growth.

The Future of SEO and Automation

As SEO continues to evolve, automation emerges as a powerful tool in streamlining tasks and driving productivity. Steve shares his journey with automation, highlighting its significant time-saving advantages. He emphasizes that automation should be employed strategically, focusing on repeatable tasks that align with your content goals. By automating processes such as content planning and competitor research, SEO professionals can scale efforts and achieve more consistent results. However, Steve emphasizes the importance of project management, creativity, and execution to ensure the success of automated SEO strategies.

SEO in the Crypto Space

Delving into the unique realm of the cryptocurrency industry, Steve discusses his experience and successes in driving SEO growth for crypto-related sites. One notable strategy involved reverse engineering successful pages using tools like the reverse image link-building technique. By adapting successful strategies from other industries, SEO practitioners can apply innovative approaches and achieve exceptional results in the competitive crypto space. Steve also shares the importance of tailoring content to long-tail keywords and specific use cases in the crypto niche.

Learning from Influential SEO Practitioners

SEO practitioners can enhance their knowledge and skills by learning from influential figures in the field. Steve mentions respected SEO experts like Matt Diggity, Kyle Roof, Glenn Alsop, and Stephen King from SEO Signals Labs. Collaboration and knowledge sharing within the SEO community are key to staying updated with the latest trends and strategies. Steve emphasizes the value of practical application and self-directed learning, incorporating the observations and successes of industry leaders into your own SEO practices.


The dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of SEO requires continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability. Steve Toth's insights as an accomplished SEO professional shed light on the strategies and approaches necessary to drive significant organic traffic growth. By incorporating content depth, unique perspectives, effective automation, and understanding the opportunities in emerging industries like cryptocurrency, SEO practitioners can navigate the challenges and unlock new avenues for success.


  • Understanding the importance of comprehensive content in SEO
  • Leveraging Google as a primary keyword research tool
  • Incorporating personal perspectives to provide unique value
  • Overcoming challenges faced by in-house SEO professionals
  • The significance of diverse link-building strategies in driving organic growth
  • Embracing automation for enhanced productivity and scaling efforts
  • Applying SEO strategies in the cryptocurrency industry for growth
  • Learning from influential SEO practitioners to enhance skills and knowledge
  • The future of SEO and the importance of continuous learning and adaptation

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