Actress's Remarkable Comeback: Passion, Revenge, and Tango!

Actress's Remarkable Comeback: Passion, Revenge, and Tango!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Return of the Actress
  3. The Highly Anticipated Drama
  4. A Tale of Passion and Revenge
  5. A Special Nod to the Rioplatense Audience
    1. Tango References in the Drama
    2. The Sensuality and Passion of Tango
  6. An Interview with the Tango Dancer
  7. The Impact on Media and Korean Netizens
  8. The Intense and Captivating Performance
  9. Controversies and Setbacks
    1. The Scandals and Controversies
    2. Public Reaction and Divided Opinions
  10. An Exciting Journey Ahead
  11. Conclusion

The Return of the Actress

The actress makes a remarkable comeback to the screen with a highly anticipated drama that evokes passion and revenge. The announcement of this drama has generated immense excitement, both because of the actress's long absence from the public eye and the potential reaction it may generate due to various scandals she has been linked to. The drama also pays homage to the Rioplatense audience with its references to tango. In this article, we will delve into the details of this drama, its impact on media and netizens in Korea, and the controversies and setbacks the actress has faced in recent years.

The Highly Anticipated Drama

The drama, consisting of 16 episodes, premiered on TVN and airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 PM. It tells a gripping story of love and revenge within a wealthy Korean family. The actress portrays a beautiful yet calculating woman who has been planning a family vendetta for 13 years. While we won't spoil the story, the drama promises intense performances, as evidenced by its first two episodes that garnered significant attention. Korean media outlets have hailed the actress's return to the screen in a captivating role, which even includes a steamy scene that surprised many viewers. The drama achieved an average rating of 3.6 and peaked at 4.4, making it one of the most-watched cable dramas of the year.

A Special Nod to the Rioplatense Audience

One of the notable aspects of this drama is its alluring portrayal of tango. With its sensual and passionate nature, tango plays a significant role in the storyline. The actress showcases her elegance and dancing skills by performing a tango piece alongside a professional tango dancer. The storyline hints at her character and her fictional husband having lived in Argentina for work, which serves as a nod to the Argentine audience. The tango dancer in question is Gustavo Álvarez, a renowned Argentine tango master, professional dancer, choreographer, and coach. The actress and Gustavo worked together extensively, even spending 45 days preparing for their scenes. If you're curious to learn more about their collaboration, stay tuned for an Instagram live session with Gustavo, where he will share behind-the-scenes details.

The Impact on Media and Korean Netizens

The actress's role as the lead in this drama has garnered considerable attention from both Korean media outlets and netizens. While her return was highly anticipated, there have been mixed reactions to her comeback. Some argue that the drama's promotion focused more on her return as an actress rather than the actual storyline. The cancellation of the drama's press conference also raised eyebrows and led to speculation about its connection to the scandals she had previously been involved in. Additionally, her absence from TV programs promoting the drama, unlike her co-stars, further fueled discussions. These observations from Korean media and netizens shed light on the varied reactions to her return and the reasons behind her professional hiatus.

The Intense and Captivating Performance

Despite the controversies surrounding the actress, the drama itself has garnered praise for its gripping storyline and powerful performances. Many netizens express their anticipation for the drama, emphasizing that the actor's personal life should not overshadow her professional abilities. Furthermore, the actress's recent collaboration with a lens brand indicates a positive turn in brand partnerships, signifying a resurgence of support from the industry.

Controversies and Setbacks

To understand the reactions to the actress's return and the controversies surrounding her, it is essential to revisit the events of the past. In April of the previous year, she became embroiled in several controversies, including the leaking of private KakaoTalk chats between her and her then-boyfriend, actor Kim Jong. These leaked conversations depicted her requesting him to be less affectionate towards his co-star on set. These controversies had a detrimental impact on her career, resulting in brand sponsorships being withdrawn and some productions being canceled. Consequently, she went on a professional hiatus, commonly referred to as being "in the submarine," to reflect and rebuild her public image.

Fast forward to February of this year, the actress released a statement apologizing for her past actions. She acknowledged that she had reflected on her behavior during her hiatus, considering the criticisms and feedback from the public. She expressed remorse for her immaturity and recognized the importance of maintaining a good reputation as an artist. While the public sentiment towards her may have been more divided a year ago, recent reactions indicate a more balanced perspective.

An Exciting Journey Ahead

As the drama unfolds, it is expected to encounter a tumultuous journey filled with intense emotions and captivating plot developments. We will stay tuned to see how the actress's comeback progresses and how she navigates the challenges and successes that come her way. Stay updated for more behind-the-scenes curiosities and join in an Instagram live session with Gustavo Álvarez, the tango dancer who shares his experiences of working with the actress.


The actress's return to the screen in this highly anticipated drama marks a significant milestone in her career. While controversies and setbacks have marred her path, the drama's compelling storyline and profound performances have garnered attention and support. It remains to be seen how this comeback will shape her future and the impact it will have on the industry. With a mix of passion, talent, and determination, the actress is poised to embark on an exciting and transformative journey.


  • The actress makes a remarkable comeback in a highly anticipated drama filled with passion and revenge.
  • The drama pays homage to the Rioplatense audience with its sensual portrayal of tango.
  • Despite controversies, the drama is praised for its gripping storyline and intense performances.


Q: What is the drama about? A: The drama revolves around a wealthy Korean family and follows the story of a woman seeking revenge after meticulously planning for 13 years.

Q: Why is there so much anticipation for the actress's return? A: The actress's previous scandals and controversies, combined with her long absence from the public eye, have created immense anticipation for her comeback.

Q: What role does tango play in the drama? A: Tango serves as a significant element in the storyline, representing sensuality and passion. The actress performs a tango piece alongside a professional tango dancer.

Q: How has the media and Korean netizens reacted to the actress's return? A: The reactions have been mixed, with some focusing on her past controversies and others expressing support for her professional abilities.

Q: What challenges has the actress faced in recent years? A: The actress has faced controversies and setbacks, including leaked private chats and sponsors withdrawing their support. These led to a professional hiatus and introspection on her part.

Q: What can we expect from the drama going forward? A: The drama promises an intense and captivating journey, filled with plot twists and emotional performances. The actress's comeback will be closely followed to see how she navigates the challenges ahead.

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