Boost Your Local SEO Today: Actionable Tips for Business Owners

Boost Your Local SEO Today: Actionable Tips for Business Owners

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Local SEO?
  3. The Importance of Local Ranking
  4. Understanding Google Business Profiles
  5. Adding Additional Categories to Google Business Profiles
  6. The Impact of Additional Categories on Local Ranking
  7. Examples of Businesses Boosting Local SEO with Additional Categories
  8. Best Practices for Optimizing Google Business Profiles
  9. Other Factors Affecting Local SEO
  10. Conclusion

Boosting Your Local SEO with Additional Categories

Are you a business owner looking to boost your local SEO? Have you ever wondered why some businesses rank higher in local search results, while others remain invisible? In this article, we'll reveal a little-known strategy that can immediately improve your local SEO rankings. We'll discuss the power of adding additional categories to your Google Business profile and how it can skyrocket your online visibility.


Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become essential for businesses aiming to attract customers from their immediate vicinity. With the rise of mobile search and location-based services, ranking high in local search results can mean the difference between success and obscurity. While many business owners are aware of the general importance of local SEO, they often overlook a crucial aspect that can significantly impact their rankings – additional categories in Google Business profiles.

What is Local SEO?

Before we delve into the magic of additional categories, let's briefly understand what local SEO entails. Local SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that focuses on optimizing a business's online presence to improve visibility in local search results. It involves a range of techniques that help businesses rank higher when users search for local products or services. By leveraging local SEO strategies, businesses can connect with their target audience more effectively and increase foot traffic to their physical locations.

The Importance of Local Ranking

Why does local ranking matter so much? Research shows that a significant percentage of consumers turn to search engines when researching local businesses. Whether someone is looking for a hardware store, a restaurant, or a service provider, being visible in local search results puts businesses at the forefront of customers' minds. Higher rankings inspire trust and credibility, leading to increased website traffic, phone calls, and ultimately, more customers through the door.

Understanding Google Business Profiles

A pivotal aspect of local SEO is Google Business profiles. Google Business is a free tool that enables businesses to create and manage their online presence on Google, including their appearance on Google Search and Google Maps. It allows businesses to provide essential information such as their name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and a brief description. However, many business owners overlook the importance of maximizing their Google Business profile by utilizing additional categories.

Adding Additional Categories to Google Business Profiles

Adding additional business categories to your Google Business profile is a game-changer for improving local SEO. While most business owners only select their primary category, they fail to realize that Google allows for multiple categories. These additional categories represent the various aspects of your business, such as the products you sell, the services you offer, or the types of items on your menu (for restaurants). By adding these categories, you provide Google with a clearer understanding of your business, increasing the chances of being indexed and ranked for those specific categories.

The Impact of Additional Categories on Local Ranking

Now, you might be wondering, how much of a difference can additional categories make? Well, let's take a look at a real example. Consider Sylvan Hardware and Garden, a local hardware store located in Indianapolis. While they rank number one for "hardware store near me," they struggle to rank for other core aspects of their business, such as "paint store" or "grill store." This lack of visibility is due to their failure to add these additional categories to their Google Business profile.

Examples of Businesses Boosting Local SEO with Additional Categories

To further illustrate the power of additional categories, let's examine the case of Lowe's, a leading big-box hardware store chain. Unlike Sylvan Hardware and Garden, Lowe's takes full advantage of adding every possible category relevant to their business. They list themselves not only as a "hardware store" but also as a "rug store," "grill store," "furniture store," and more. This comprehensive approach allows Lowe's to rank prominently for each of these categories, capturing a wider audience and increasing their overall local SEO performance.

Best Practices for Optimizing Google Business Profiles

Adding additional categories to your Google Business profile is just one aspect of optimizing your online presence. To fully leverage the power of your profile, there are several best practices to follow. These include optimizing your business description, uploading high-quality photos, regularly updating business information, encouraging customer reviews, and acquiring backlinks from reputable sources. By implementing these strategies alongside adding additional categories, you can supercharge your local SEO efforts.

Other Factors Affecting Local SEO

While additional categories in your Google Business profile are crucial, they are not the sole determinants of your local SEO success. Various other factors come into play, such as the quality and relevance of your website content, the number of positive reviews, the accuracy of your business citations across the web, and the strength of your website's backlink profile. It is crucial to develop a comprehensive local SEO strategy that encompasses all these elements to achieve the best possible results.


In conclusion, adding additional categories to your Google Business profile is a powerful tactic for boosting your local SEO rankings. By providing Google with a clear understanding of all the aspects of your business, you increase your chances of showing up in relevant search results and attracting more customers. However, remember that additional categories are just one piece of the puzzle. To achieve long-term success in local SEO, you must also focus on other critical factors and consistently optimize your online presence. So, take action today, update your Google Business profile, and watch your local SEO soar to new heights!


  • Boost your local SEO with additional categories on Google Business profiles.
  • Improve your visibility in local search results and attract more customers.
  • Utilize Google Business to provide essential information about your business.
  • Add multiple categories to maximize your chances of being ranked in different areas.
  • Learn from the success of businesses like Lowe's that optimize their profiles extensively.
  • Follow best practices in optimizing your Google Business profile for maximum impact.
  • Remember that additional categories are only one aspect of a comprehensive local SEO strategy.
  • Consistently update and improve your online presence to achieve long-term local SEO success.


Q: How many additional categories can I add to my Google Business profile? A: Google allows businesses to add multiple categories to their profile. However, it is essential to select categories that are relevant to your business and accurately represent the products or services you offer.

Q: Will adding additional categories guarantee higher rankings in local search results? A: While adding additional categories is beneficial, it is not a guaranteed solution for higher rankings. Factors such as the quality of your website, reviews, and other SEO strategies also play a significant role in local SEO success.

Q: Can I change my additional categories anytime? A: Yes, you can edit or add additional categories to your Google Business profile at any time. It is recommended to review and update your categories periodically to reflect any changes in your business offerings.

Q: How can I optimize my Google Business profile besides adding additional categories? A: Optimizing your Google Business profile involves various tasks, including writing a compelling business description, uploading high-quality images, managing customer reviews, updating business information regularly, and earning backlinks from authoritative sources. A holistic approach to optimization yields the best results.

Q: Are additional categories the only way to improve local SEO? A: No, additional categories are just one element of a comprehensive local SEO strategy. To achieve sustainable success, businesses should focus on various factors, such as website optimization, content creation, reputation management, and local citations.


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