Boost Your Strategies with FREE Affiliate and SEO Calculators

Boost Your Strategies with FREE Affiliate and SEO Calculators

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. SEO Page View Calculators
  3. DA Calculator
  4. Keyword Traffic Calculator
  5. Total Page View Calculator
  6. Affiliate Income Calculator
  7. RPM Calculator
  8. Mobile Friendly and Free to Use
  9. Suggestions and Improvements
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to my SEO Page View Calculators! In this article, I will introduce you to a set of free calculators that can greatly help you enhance your SEO strategies. When I first started using these calculators, I had so much fun with them that I ended up creating five different ones. These calculators can be found on Shino's SEO website, under the "Everything" bar. They are the last items in the menu, or you can simply search for "page view" or "calculator" to locate them.

SEO Page View Calculators

Let's dive into each of the calculators and understand how they work. These calculators have been designed to provide precise numbers and insights to boost your confidence in keyword research and traffic estimations. They are based on scientific data and up-to-date SEO teachings. As the industry evolves, I will continue to update these calculators with the latest information.

DA Calculator

The first calculator we have is the Domain Authority (DA) calculator. To use this calculator, simply enter your DA score from Moz and click "Calculate." The calculator will then show you the range of DAs that you can compete with. It is important to note that even though you may have a DA score that allows you to compete with higher-ranking websites, it is crucial to stick with your niche. Jumping into unrelated niches can cause confusion for both search engines and your target audience.

Keyword Traffic Calculator

The next calculator is the Keyword Traffic calculator. This tool helps you estimate the click-through rates for different positions (1, 2, or 3) based on the monthly volume of traffic you input. You can obtain this data from reliable sources such as Keysearch, Ahrefs, or SEMrush. By using this calculator, you can determine if a particular keyword is worth pursuing. Remember, the presence of secondary keywords can positively impact your overall traffic.

Total Page View Calculator

The Total Page View calculator allows you to analyze the anticipated monthly volume or impressions of a keyword. Simply input the relevant data, including the monthly volume and the names of up to 50 keywords. By calculating the total page views, you can gain a more accurate understanding of your SEO strategy's potential impact. This calculator is particularly useful for those aiming to achieve specific goals, such as reaching 50,000 sessions for acceptance into Mediavine.

Affiliate Income Calculator

If you are looking to scale your income through affiliate marketing, the Affiliate Income calculator is a valuable tool. By inputting keywords, estimated page views, commission rates, and the cost of the product or service, this calculator provides an estimate of your potential earnings. It is important to note that the commission rate should be entered in percentage format, and the cost should reflect a single item's price.

RPM Calculator

The final calculator in this set is the Revenue per Mille (RPM) calculator. This tool allows you to analyze the revenue potential of your keywords and estimated monthly volume. By inputting the average RPMs provided by your ad network, you can determine the monetary value of your posts. Consider applying this calculation on a per-type or destination basis to maximize your earnings. Keep in mind that relying on an overall average might lead to missed opportunities.

Mobile Friendly and Free to Use

All the calculators in this set are mobile-friendly and completely free to use. However, they are optimized for desktop usage, especially when entering a large number of keywords or utilizing the CSV file function. Rest assured that none of the data you enter is collected or saved anywhere. It appears on the page for your reference only, and upon refreshing the page, it vanishes entirely.

Suggestions and Improvements

I am constantly striving to improve these calculators, and I value your feedback and suggestions. If you have ideas for new calculators or suggestions for enhancements, please feel free to share them with me. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as it allows me to refine and optimize these tools for better user experiences. In the long run, I plan to introduce a CSV option for the RPM and Affiliate Income calculators.


In conclusion, my SEO Page View Calculators provide valuable insights and data to boost your confidence in your SEO strategies. These calculators are user-friendly, scientifically backed, and free to use. Whether you are analyzing domain authority, estimating keyword traffic, calculating total page views, projecting affiliate income, or determining revenue per mille, these calculators will assist you in making data-driven decisions. Try them out and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Enhance your SEO game and take your online presence to new heights!


  • Introduction to SEO Page View Calculators
  • Analyze Domain Authority (DA)
  • Estimate Keyword Traffic
  • Calculate Total Page Views
  • Predict Affiliate Income
  • Determine Revenue per Mille (RPM)
  • Mobile-friendly and Free to Use
  • Open to Suggestions and Improvements


Q: Are these calculators suitable for mobile usage?

A: While the calculators are mobile-friendly, they are more optimized for desktop usage, especially when working with a large number of keywords or utilizing the CSV file function. However, you can still access and use them on your mobile devices.

Q: Do these calculators collect any personal data?

A: No, these calculators do not collect any personal data. All the data you enter is for your reference only and vanishes when you refresh the page. Your privacy and data security are a top priority.

Q: Can I suggest new calculators or improvements?

A: Absolutely! I value your feedback and suggestions. If you have ideas for new calculators or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to share them with me. I am always open to constructive criticism and eager to enhance these tools.

Q: Are there any costs associated with using these calculators?

A: No, all the calculators are completely free to use. They are designed to help you enhance your SEO strategies without any financial obligations. Enjoy the benefits of these calculators at no cost.

Q: Can I use these calculators for any niche or industry?

A: Yes, these calculators are versatile and can be used for any niche or industry. However, it is important to consider sticking with your specific niche to maintain relevancy and avoid confusing search engines and your target audience.

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