Boost Your Wedding Business with SEO & Google Ads

Boost Your Wedding Business with SEO & Google Ads

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Aesthetics and Credibility
  3. Technical Optimization
    • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
    • H1 Tags
    • Broken Links
    • Website Builder and Performance
  4. SEO and Keyword Opportunities
    • Targeting Specific Keywords
    • Search Volume and Competition Analysis
    • Organic and Paid Approaches
  5. Improving Website Conversions
    • Effective Landing Pages
    • Campaign Results
    • Dividing Ad Spend
  6. Conclusion


Hey everyone, Matt Sullivan here from Toro media! In this article, I'll be breaking down a website and providing marketing insights. Recently, my friend Barry asked for some feedback on his website, While the website looks great aesthetically, there are several technical aspects that need attention. In this article, we'll explore these issues and discuss ways to optimize the website for better search engine visibility and conversions.

Aesthetics and Credibility

First impressions matter, and the aesthetics of a website play a crucial role in establishing credibility. certainly excels in this aspect. The website communicates professionalism and trustworthiness, which are key factors for gaining the confidence of visitors. However, there is more to a successful website than just aesthetics. Let's dive deeper into technical optimization aspects that need improvement.

Technical Optimization

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are essential elements for optimizing a website's visibility on search engines. Currently, the title tag of is simply labeled as "home." While Google may rewrite this title tag, it is crucial to have a well-crafted, keyword-rich title tag that accurately represents the content of the page. Additionally, meta descriptions should be thoughtfully written to entice users to click on the website's link in search engine results.

H1 Tags

Headers are crucial for structuring the content and signaling its relevance to search engines. However, has three H1 tags on the homepage, which goes against best practices. Each page should have only one H1 tag, followed by H2, H3, and other subheadings. These heading tags help search engines understand the content hierarchy and give more weight to the main topic of the page. It is important to optimize these headings with relevant keywords to improve search engine rankings.

Broken Links

One critical issue discovered during the website analysis is a broken link, resulting in a 404 error. Broken links can harm user experience and negatively impact search engine rankings. It is important to identify and fix any broken links promptly. Implementing proper redirects will ensure a seamless user experience and help search engines navigate the website efficiently.

Website Builder and Performance is built on the Duda platform, a website builder similar to Wix and Squarespace. While these website builders offer convenience, it is worth noting that the performance of websites built on such platforms can be subpar. In this case, the website's mobile page speed score is 51, indicating room for improvement. Enhancing the performance of the website, both on desktop and mobile devices, is crucial for user satisfaction and improved search engine rankings.

SEO and Keyword Opportunities

Targeting Specific Keywords

To improve search engine visibility, it is essential to target relevant keywords. could benefit from optimizing its content around specific keywords related to its services. For example, targeting keywords such as "wedding booth rentals," "corporate event DJ," and "wedding DJ" can attract a significant amount of quality traffic. These keywords have substantial monthly search volumes, indicating a great opportunity to reach potential customers.

Search Volume and Competition Analysis

When assessing keyword opportunities, it is vital to consider search volumes and competition. While these keywords have decent search volumes, the competition is relatively low, making it easier to rank higher on search engine result pages. Furthermore, analyzing the cost per click for paid advertising and the SEO difficulty scores provides insights into the feasibility and potential ROI of targeting these keywords.

Organic and Paid Approaches

A comprehensive search engine marketing strategy involves a combination of organic SEO and paid advertising. While improving organic search visibility through SEO efforts is desirable, it may take time to achieve significant results. In the meantime, running a well-optimized Google Ads campaign can provide immediate visibility and conversions. By strategically allocating ad spend and targeting the most profitable keywords, a business can maximize its online presence and generate qualified traffic.

Improving Website Conversions

Effective Landing Pages

To capitalize on the traffic generated through organic and paid channels, it is crucial to have effective landing pages. By creating well-designed pages that align with specific keywords and customer needs, the chances of conversions increase significantly. Developing landing pages with compelling content, clear calls-to-action, and an intuitive user experience will drive more conversions and improve the overall success of the website.

Campaign Results

Implementing a well-executed marketing campaign can yield remarkable results. For instance, a similar campaign in the entertainment industry generated 24 conversions in just one month, with a significant decrease in ad spend. By understanding the target audience, optimizing landing pages, and utilizing the right keywords, the website's performance and conversions can see a substantial boost.

Dividing Ad Spend

To make the most of advertising budgets, it is essential to evaluate the conversion share across different services or products. By identifying the most profitable areas, businesses can allocate their ad spend accordingly. For, the majority of conversions came from booth rentals, followed by wedding services and event services. By analyzing conversion data and adjusting the ad spend, businesses can optimize their campaigns for maximum returns.


In conclusion, improving the technical optimization of and implementing targeted SEO and advertising strategies can significantly enhance its online presence and conversions. Prioritizing the optimization of title tags, H1 tags, and fixing broken links will improve the website's visibility on search engines. By targeting specific keywords with low competition and high search volumes, the website can attract qualified traffic. Additionally, effectively utilizing landing pages and allocating ad spend strategically will enhance conversions. By implementing these recommendations, can position itself as an authoritative figure in the industry and experience substantial growth.


  • Aesthetics of a website play a key role in credibility.
  • Technical optimization includes title tags, H1 tags, and broken links.
  • Duda platform offers convenience but can affect website performance.
  • Targeting specific keywords with low competition provides an opportunity for growth.
  • Utilizing both organic SEO and paid advertising strategies is recommended.
  • Effective landing pages drive conversions and improve campaign success.
  • Analyzing conversion share helps allocate ad spend for maximum returns.

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