[EN/JP] Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Jun's Epic Summer Adventure with V of BTS!

[EN/JP] Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Jun's Epic Summer Adventure with V of BTS!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome Seo Jun to the Vacation
    • The Excitement of Meeting Seo Jun
  2. The Arrival
    • Searching for Seo Jun
    • The Arrival of Seo Jun with Gifts
    • Introducing Ppoppi
    • Catching Up with Seo Jun
  3. Exploring the House
    • Touring the Field and Vegetable Garden
    • Discovering the Rooms
    • Sharing a Bed Dilemma
    • Unveiling Woo Shik's Secret Room
  4. The Playing Room
    • The Joys of the Playing Room
    • Games, Guitar, and Ping-Pong
    • Workout Kits and Tabata Workout
    • Spending Time in the Playing Room
  5. Relaxing and Enjoying Each Other's Company
    • The Relief of Seo Jun's Arrival
    • Skipping the Workout for a Day
    • Getting Ready for a Meal
    • Sharing Conversations and Coffee
  6. Capturing Memories
    • Posing for Pictures
    • Creating Polaroid Memories
    • Video Calling Taehyung
    • Singing and Playing Music Together
  7. Shopping and Home Mishaps
    • A Quick Trip to the Convenience Store
    • Fixing Broken Chairs and Cooking Mishaps
    • Enjoying Funny Videos and TikTok
    • Pumping Up the Tube and Doing Workouts
  8. Beach Fun and Swimming
    • Getting Ready for the Beach
    • Warming Up and Showing off Swimming Skills
    • Enjoying the Water and Beach Activities
  9. Dinner Preparation and Conclusion
    • Dinner Preparation and Soybean Soup
    • Farewell and Take a Nap

🏝️ Our Little Summer Vacation: Exploring Fun and Relaxation with Seo Jun


Welcome to our little summer vacation! In this article, we will take you on an exciting journey as we spend time with the talented ukulele player Seo Jun. Prepare to dive into a world full of fun, laughter, and priceless moments. Let's embark on this adventure together and create lasting memories!

The Arrival

As we eagerly awaited Seo Jun's arrival, we searched for him with anticipation. Finally, he made his grand entrance, bringing along a watermelon and an electric swatter. The excitement was palpable as we greeted him with joy and welcomed him into our little vacation home. Introductions were made, and we were introduced to Ppoppi, our new friend. It was heartwarming to see Seo Jun tanned from his previous filming, and we couldn't wait to catch up with him.

Exploring the House

Our vacation home was a cozy haven surrounded by a beautiful field and vegetable garden. We took Seo Jun on a tour, showing him the abundance of corn, plums, and other delightful treasures. Each room had its own unique charm, and we couldn't help but feel a sense of pride as we showed off Yumi's room, Seo Jun's room, and even the guest room. However, the idea of sharing a bed with Seo Jun brought mixed feelings. While Woo Shik loved the idea, Seo Jun seemed a bit hesitant.

The Playing Room

One of the highlights of our vacation home was the playing room. A paradise for gamers, it was equipped with an array of games, joysticks, a guitar, a ping-pong table, a butterfly net, and even workout kits. Seo Jun expressed his curiosity about workouts and showed interest in learning Tabata exercises. We spent hours playing games, strumming the guitar, and enjoying friendly competitions on the ping-pong table. The playing room became the hub of our entertainment.

Relaxing and Enjoying Each Other's Company

Having Seo Jun with us brought a sense of relief and comfort. Yumi had been worried about something before his arrival, and Seo Jun's presence seemed to put her at ease. We skipped our usual daily workout, feeling a bit lazy and taking the opportunity to relax. Conversations flowed freely as we bonded over coffee and shared moments of laughter. It was the perfect time to catch up and enjoy each other's company.

Capturing Memories

Throughout our vacation, we made sure to capture every precious moment. We posed for pictures, creating beautiful memories framed in time. The joy of having Seo Jun with us was palpable in every shot. Polaroid photos added a touch of nostalgia, and we couldn't resist calling Taehyung to share our happiness. We even had impromptu singing sessions and played music together, reveling in the magic of the moment.

Shopping and Home Mishaps

A trip to the convenience store turned into a fun adventure as we searched for nose hair scissors and ended up finding more than we bargained for. Back at the vacation home, Woo Shik faced some mishaps, breaking a chair and struggling with cooking. But even in those moments, laughter filled the air, and we found joy in the simplest of things, like watching funny videos and dancing along to TikTok.

Beach Fun and Swimming

A day at the beach was on our agenda, and we got ready with excitement. Warm-up exercises helped us prepare for a refreshing swim in the ocean. Seo Jun showcased his swimming skills, leaving us in awe. We indulged in water activities, building unforgettable memories with each splash and laughter-filled moment.

Dinner Preparation and Conclusion

As the day came to an end, we prepared a delicious dinner. Adding the watermelon to the soybean soup brought out its natural sweetness, creating a perfect blend of flavors. We savored the meal, cherishing the time spent together. With the night approaching, it was time to say goodbye to Seo Jun and conclude our little summer vacation. We bid farewell, hoping that our paths would cross again in the future.

Thank you for joining us on our little summer vacation with Seo Jun. We hope this article has brought a smile to your face and reminded you of the joy that comes from spending quality time with loved ones in a relaxing and fun-filled environment.


  • Welcoming Seo Jun to our little summer vacation
  • Exploring the vacation home and the beautiful field
  • Unveiling Woo Shik's secret playing room
  • Relaxing and enjoying each other's company
  • Capturing precious memories through pictures and polaroids
  • Shopping adventures and home mishaps
  • Fun-filled day at the beach and swimming
  • Dinner preparation and savoring the meal together
  • A heartfelt conclusion and farewell to Seo Jun's visit


Q: Who is Seo Jun? A: Seo Jun is a talented ukulele player who joined us on our little summer vacation.

Q: What activities did we do with Seo Jun? A: We explored the vacation home, played games, strummed the guitar, had friendly ping-pong competitions, and enjoyed water activities at the beach.

Q: What mishaps did Woo Shik face? A: Woo Shik broke a chair and experienced cooking mishaps, but we found joy in those moments and laughed it off.

Q: How did we capture memories? A: We posed for pictures, took polaroid photos, and even made a video call to Taehyung to share our happiness.

Q: How did we conclude the vacation? A: We prepared a delicious dinner, enjoyed the meal together, and bid farewell to Seo Jun with the hope of meeting again in the future.

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