Epic Showdown: Griffin vs. SEORABEOL Gaming in LCK Summer Promotion

Epic Showdown: Griffin vs. SEORABEOL Gaming in LCK Summer Promotion

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Incredible Performance of Wudid
  3. Griffin's Comfortable Victory in Game One
  4. Cerebral Gaming's Strong Draft
  5. The Impact of Cacao's Olaf
  6. The Scaling Power of Griffin's Composition
  7. The Nail in the Coffin: Mountain Drake
  8. Dan Chung's Struggle in Mid Lane
  9. The Surprising Effectiveness of Lissandra
  10. Sirabo Gaming Turns the Tide in Teamfights
  11. Sword's Heroic Attempts to Carry
  12. The Game-Changing Mountain Soul
  13. Griffin's Failed Baron Play
  14. Cerebral Gaming's Dominance in Teamfights
  15. Looking Ahead: Winner's Bracket Final
  16. Conclusion

🌟 Highlights:

  • Wudid's exceptional performance on Taric
  • Griffin's victory in Game One
  • Cerebral Gaming's strong drafting and teamfighting
  • The scaling power of Griffin's composition
  • The surprising effectiveness of Lissandra
  • Sirabo Gaming's comeback with the Mountain Soul


In the 2020 summer promotion tournament, the match between Griffin and Sirabo Gaming showcased an incredible performance from Wudid, catching everyone's attention. Griffin comfortably won Game One with a well-executed draft. However, Cerebral Gaming was quick to bounce back, taking advantage of their strong composition and outplaying Griffin in teamfights. Let's dive into the details of this thrilling matchup.

The Incredible Performance of Wudid:

Wudid, playing as Taric, showcased exceptional skills and strategic gameplay throughout the series. His presence in the bot lane was unmatched, as he single-handedly controlled the game. His use of emotes and expert baiting of opponents displayed his confidence and mastery of the champion. With his Nautilus performance in Game One and now his Taric gameplay, Wudid has proven to be an unstoppable force on the support role.

Griffin's Comfortable Victory in Game One:

Game One saw Griffin secure a comfortable victory, both in draft and gameplay. They capitalized on their strong draft and were able to lock down objectives effectively. Tarzan's Olaf performed exceptionally well, despite some missteps with dragon control. With the support of Viper's Kalista, Griffin secured the Mountain Drake, signaling the beginning of their dominance in the game.

Cerebral Gaming's Strong Draft:

In response to Griffin's win, Cerebral Gaming went back to the drawing board and came back with a stronger draft. They banned out key picks and focused on denying Griffin's favored champions. Their drafting strategy paid off, as they were able to build a solid team composition that excelled in teamfighting and mid-game power spikes.

The Impact of Cacao's Olaf:

Cacao's performance on Olaf set the pace for Cerebral Gaming. He took advantage of his champion's early game strength and secured a significant lead over Tarzan. Cacao's ability to control the map and apply pressure allowed Cerebral Gaming to dictate the flow of the game. Despite being behind in terms of scaling, his impact in teamfights cannot be overlooked.

The Scaling Power of Griffin's Composition:

While Cerebral Gaming had the upper hand in teamfights, Griffin's composition offered better scaling opportunities. With Viper on Kalista and Youcal on LeBlanc, they had the potential to turn the tides in their favor as the game progressed. The addition of Mordekaiser, played by Sword, added another layer of threat to their team, making them a formidable force in the late game.

The Nail in the Coffin: Mountain Drake:

Griffin's victory seemed assured in Game Two, but a critical mistake allowed Cerebral Gaming to secure the Mountain Drake. This gave them the Mountain Soul, a game-changing advantage that greatly enhanced their teamfighting capabilities. With the Mountain Soul in hand, Cerebral Gaming became an unstoppable force, leading them to a convincing victory.

Dan Chung's Struggle in Mid Lane:

Throughout the series, Dan Chung, playing as Lissandra, struggled in the mid lane against Youcal's LeBlanc. Despite being a priority pick, Lissandra failed to exert enough influence in the early game. This put Cerebral Gaming at a disadvantage and required them to rely on the exceptional teamfighting skills of their other members to compensate.

The Surprising Effectiveness of Lissandra:

Despite Dan Chung's difficulties in the mid lane, Lissandra proved to be a powerful pick for Cerebral Gaming. Her teamfighting potential and crowd control allowed her to contribute significantly to the overall success of her team. While Lissandra's presence was not as dominant as LeBlanc's, her impact in crucial teamfights turned the tide in Cerebral Gaming's favor.

Sirabo Gaming Turns the Tide in Teamfights:

Cerebral Gaming showcased their superior teamfighting skills, effectively nullifying Griffin's composition. With coordinated engages and well-timed abilities, they systematically dismantled Griffin's members, one by one. The exceptional performance by Dan Chung and the rest of the team led to Cerebral Gaming's victory in the teamfighting aspect of the game.

Looking Ahead: Winner's Bracket Final:

With their victory over Griffin, Cerebral Gaming secures a spot in the winner's bracket final against Team Dynamics. This match will determine which team moves closer to promotion into the LCK. It will be a highly anticipated showdown between two talented teams, each bringing their unique strategies and playstyles to the table.


The series between Griffin and Cerebral Gaming was filled with intense teamfights, strategic drafting, and exceptional individual performances. While Griffin showcased their early-game dominance and scaling potential, Cerebral Gaming's superior teamfighting abilities proved to be the difference-maker. With the Mountain Soul in hand, Cerebral Gaming secured a convincing victory and will move forward in the tournament with their sights set on promotion into the LCK.


  • Griffin
  • Cerebral Gaming
  • Team Dynamics
  • LCK

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