Exciting SEO Updates from Google, Bing, and Reddit - Learn More!

Exciting SEO Updates from Google, Bing, and Reddit - Learn More!

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Welcome to the first episode of SEO Last Month in 2024! In this episode, we will cover the latest SEO news, views, and updates for the month of December. From Reddit's carousel ads to Google's Gemini AI model, there are several exciting developments to discuss. So, let's dive into the details and explore the world of SEO!

Reddit's Carousel Ads

🚀 Shocking Update in Reddit Advertising

On 1st December, Reddit introduced a refreshing change to its carousel ads. Now, these ads will be categorized under conversion placement, allowing advertisers to use up to 6 images or GIFs in a single ad. According to Reddit's data, this redesigned look has led to a 44% increase in click-through rate (CTR) compared to the previous format. Read on to discover how this update can benefit your advertising strategy.

Google's Schema Data for Vacation Rental Properties

💼 Unlocking Potential: Google's Vacation Rental Schema Data

Exciting news for vacation rental property owners! On 4th December, Google launched Schema Data specifically tailored for vacation rental properties, similar to platforms like Airbnb. By implementing this Schema Data, you can enhance your property's visibility and gain access to a Vacation Rental report in Google Search Console. However, keep in mind that this report will only be visible to websites utilizing the designated Schema Data. Discover the benefits and implications of this update for your rental business.

Video Indexing Update

📹 Google Implements Stricter Video Indexing Rules

Attention video creators! Starting from 4th December, Google has become more stringent in enforcing the requirements for Video Rich Results. If your video page lacks substantial main content, Google will not display it in the Rich Results. To address this issue, check out our dedicated video on how to optimize your video content for better indexing and visibility. Unlock the full potential of your videos and ensure they receive the attention they deserve.

Google's Shutdown of Mobile Usability Report

📱 Bid Farewell to Mobile Usability Report

Breaking news from Google! As of 4th December, Google has officially shut down the Mobile Usability Report, Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool, and Mobile-Friendly Testing API. Although these tools provided valuable insights and assistance in optimizing mobile user experience, Google decided to discontinue them. Discover alternative methods to gauge your website's mobile-friendliness and stay ahead in the mobile-centric era.

Twitter's AI Chatbot Grok

🤖 Introducing Grok: Twitter's AI Chatbot

Twitter has unveiled its latest chatbot, Grok. Unlike other chatbots, Grok operates on a paid subscription model known as XTwitter Premium Plus. By subscribing to this service, users gain access to unique features and capabilities offered by Grok. Whether you choose to adopt this AI chatbot or not, discover the potential benefits and drawbacks associated with its usage. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on Grok!

Microsoft Bing's Deep Search

🔍 Dive Deeper with Microsoft Bing's Deep Search

Exciting developments from Microsoft Bing! Introducing Deep Search, a cutting-edge feature currently being tested with a selected group of Bing users. By merging the power of Microsoft Bing with the intelligence of GPT-4, Deep Search revolutionizes search results. Explore a topic, press the Deep Search button, and witness Bing's enhanced search experience for 30 seconds. If you have access to this feature, share your experience with us and be a part of the search revolution.

Google Analytics Audience Management in Google Ads

📊 Streamlining Audience Management: Google Analytics and Google Ads Integration

On 5th December, Google Analytics announced a major change in audience management. Going forward, creating and utilizing Google Analytics audiences will only be available within Google Ads. This integration transfers audience management responsibility to Google Ads' audience manager, eliminating the need to navigate separate platforms. Discover the advantages and limitations of this integration and learn how to optimize your audience targeting efforts.

Google's Gemini AI Model

💡 Unveiling Google's Gemini AI Model

Google has introduced its latest AI model called Gemini. Operating in three versions – Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano – this AI model offers various capabilities for different tasks and devices. However, Google's Gemini benchmark falls short compared to OpenAI's GPT-4. Understand the scope and implications of Google's Gemini AI model in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Google's Changes to Product Results and Merchant Listings

🛍️ Revamping Product Results and Merchant Listings

Google has undergone significant changes and updates in relation to product results and merchant listings. From schema data-based reporting to displaying products without schema data, Google is striving to simplify and streamline this important aspect of e-commerce. Stay up to date with the latest developments and explore how these changes can impact your online business.

Google Analytics Data Retention

📊 Google Analytics Data Retention: Optimize Storage Costs

Google Analytics has introduced a data retention policy that defaults to a retention period of 2 months. However, website owners have the option to extend the retention period up to 14 months. For properties with high data volume, Google will automatically adjust the retention period to 2 months to optimize storage costs. Gain insights into this policy change and explore alternative strategies for storing and analyzing your valuable analytics data.

New Formats in YouTube's Video Reach Campaigns

🎥 Expanding Video Reach: YouTube Introduces New Ad Formats

Exciting changes in YouTube's video reach campaigns! Now, your video reach campaigns can be featured in in-feed ads and even replace short ads. These new formats provide greater visibility and reach for your videos, making them ideal for branding, product launches, and promotional campaigns. Discover how these formats can enhance your video marketing strategy and maximize your audience engagement.

YouTube Creator Benefits

🎉 Benefiting YouTube Creators: Enhanced Membership Opportunities

YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows creators to offer up to 5 free memberships per month during live streams and premieres through the YouTube join button. This new functionality enhances the community-building aspect of YouTube memberships, encouraging creators to connect with their audience and offer exclusive perks. Share your thoughts on this feature and explore the benefits and challenges associated with YouTube creator memberships.

Google My Business's Ranking Signal: Openness

🏢 Crucial Ranking Signal in Google My Business: Openness

Google My Business incorporates a ranking signal called Openness, which impacts the visibility and ranking of listings based on their business hours. When a business is closed, its listing may experience a temporary decrease in ranking or even disappear from search results. Discover the significance of this ranking signal and learn how to optimize your Google My Business profile to maintain consistent online visibility.

Google AdSense Integration with GA4

💰 Unlocking Revenue Insights: Google AdSense Integration with GA4

Google has announced the integration of Google AdSense with GA4 (Google Analytics 4). By combining revenue data from AdSense and website visit data from Analytics, website owners can gain deeper insights into their website's traffic and revenue performance. Leverage the power of machine learning and explore the enhanced reporting capabilities within Google Analytics to optimize your revenue generation strategies.


That wraps up our roundup of the most significant SEO news, views, and updates from the month of December. From Reddit's revamped carousel ads to Google's integration of Google AdSense with GA4, there have been several exciting developments shaping the world of SEO. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we'll bring you the latest insights from the ever-evolving field of search engine optimization. Don't forget to share this video and spread the knowledge! Until next time, take care and keep optimizing!


  • Reddit introduces conversion placement for carousel ads, resulting in a 44% higher CTR.
  • Google launches Schema Data for vacation rental properties, enhancing visibility and providing a dedicated report.
  • Google strictly enforces Video Rich Result requirements, ensuring high-quality content.
  • Google shuts down Mobile Usability Report, Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool, and Mobile-Friendly Testing API.
  • Twitter unveils AI chatbot Grok, available on a paid model.
  • Microsoft Bing tests Deep Search, combining Bing's intelligence with GPT-4 for enhanced search results.
  • Google Analytics audience management now integrated with Google Ads, simplifying audience targeting.
  • Google introduces Gemini AI model, offering different versions for various tasks and devices.
  • Google announces changes to product results and merchant listings, aiming to streamline the e-commerce experience.
  • Google Analytics implements data retention policy defaulting to 2 months, optimizing storage costs.
  • YouTube introduces new formats for video reach campaigns, expanding visibility opportunities.
  • YouTube allows creators to offer up to 5 free memberships per month during live streams and premieres.
  • Google My Business ranking signal "Openness" impacts the visibility of listings based on business hours.
  • Google AdSense integrates with GA4, providing insights into revenue and website traffic analysis.


Q: What are the benefits of Reddit's new carousel ads? A: Reddit's conversion placement for carousel ads has shown a 44% increase in CTR compared to the old format. This redesign provides advertisers with the opportunity to include up to 6 images or GIFs in a single ad, maximizing engagement and conversions.

Q: How can Google's Schema Data for vacation rental properties benefit property owners? A: By implementing Google's vacation rental Schema Data, property owners can enhance their property's visibility and gain access to a dedicated Vacation Rental report in Google Search Console. However, it's important to note that only websites utilizing this specific Schema Data will have access to the report.

Q: What is Google's Gemini AI model? A: Google's Gemini AI model comes in three versions: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano. These AI models offer various capabilities for different tasks and devices. However, the benchmark for Gemini falls short compared to OpenAI's GPT-4.

Q: How does Google AdSense integration with GA4 provide revenue insights? A: The integration of Google AdSense with GA4 allows website owners to analyze revenue data alongside website visit data from Google Analytics. This integration provides valuable insights into traffic and revenue performance, enabling website owners to optimize their revenue generation strategies.

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