Exciting Updates to Cub Scout Handbooks and Leader Resources

Exciting Updates to Cub Scout Handbooks and Leader Resources

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Cub Scout Handbooks
  3. Release Date and Changes
  4. The New Format and Design of Handbooks
  5. Handbook for Lions
  6. Handbook for Tigers
  7. Handbook for Wolves
  8. Handbook for Bears
  9. Handbook for Webelos
  10. Handbook for Arrow of Light
  11. Den Meeting Resources
  12. Online Access and Gamified Requirements
  13. Other Resources for Den Leaders
  14. Conclusion


Welcome to Cub Chat Live! This is a weekly show designed for Cub Scout families, new Cub Scout leaders, and anyone interested in enhancing the youth serving programs in the Boy Scouts of America. Whether you're listening to the audio version or watching live with us today, we're excited to have you here. In this episode, we're diving into the all-new Cub Scout handbooks and leader resources, focusing on the program updates and what to expect. So, let's jump right in and explore the exciting changes coming to the Cub Scout program!

Overview of Cub Scout Handbooks

The Cub Scout handbooks serve as valuable resources for Cub Scouts and their leaders. These handbooks are designed to be age-appropriate and engaging, providing step-by-step guidance for scouts as they progress through the ranks. The handbooks cover a wide range of topics, including character development, leadership skills, outdoor activities, and community service. They contain information on requirements, electives, and other important aspects of the Cub Scout program. In this article, we will take a closer look at the upcoming changes in the handbooks and how they will enhance the scouting experience for both scouts and leaders.

Release Date and Changes

One of the most frequently asked questions is when the new Cub Scout handbooks will be available. According to the official schedule, the handbooks are expected to be released in the spring, with a target date between March and April. However, the release date depends on the printing and shipping processes, so it is subject to change. The handbooks are currently in the final stages of production and will be shipped to scout shops as soon as they are ready.

The new handbooks come with several changes and updates. While some content may appear similar to previous editions, all requirements have been revised and updated. The focus is on making the program more fun, simple, and concise. The handbooks have been designed in consultation with universities and experts to ensure their age appropriateness and effectiveness. This means a more streamlined and engaging scouting experience for both scouts and leaders.

The New Format and Design of Handbooks

The new handbooks feature a fresh format and design aimed at capturing the attention of young scouts. Each handbook corresponds to a specific grade level, making it easier for scouts to identify their appropriate handbook. The front cover also includes the names of the scouts, which helps prevent confusion when searching for handbooks. The handbooks have been specifically tailored to address the needs and interests of each age group, ensuring a rewarding scouting journey.

The pages of the handbooks are filled with colorful illustrations, engaging activities, and clear instructions. The content is presented in an age-appropriate manner, making it easier for scouts to understand and follow along. The handbooks also include guidance on character development, leadership skills, and outdoor adventures. With the new design and layout, scouts will find it easier to navigate and comprehend the tasks and requirements.

Handbook for Lions

The Lion handbook is designed for kindergarteners and serves as an introduction to the Cub Scout program. It features familiar characters from Scouting magazine, providing a comforting and inclusive environment for young scouts. The Lion handbook focuses on building character and introduces basic scouting skills. It includes activities related to healthy eating habits, colorful foods, and character leadership. The handbook also encourages parent involvement by providing an adult partner guide that offers detailed instructions and resources.

Handbook for Tigers

The Tiger handbook is intended for first-graders and aims to develop foundational scouting skills. The design of the Tiger handbook strikes a balance between a more realistic representation of tigers and a fun, stylized approach. It introduces scouts to the concept of rank advancement and provides activities related to outdoor adventures, teamwork, and character building. The handbook includes requirements for earning the Tiger badge and offers a range of elective adventures to enhance the scouting experience.

Handbook for Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and Arrow of Light

The handbooks for Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and Arrow of Light continue the trend of age-appropriate content and engaging activities. Each handbook builds upon the previous one, introducing new skills and challenges for the scouts. The content covers a wide range of topics, including citizenship, physical fitness, technology, outdoor skills, and personal growth. The handbooks guide scouts through the requirements for earning rank advancements and offer a variety of elective adventures to explore.

Den Meeting Resources

In addition to the revamped handbooks, there are also online resources available for den leaders. These resources, known as den meeting resources, provide detailed plans and guidance for den meetings. Den leaders can access these resources through the official website or by scanning the QR codes found in the handbooks. The den meeting resources offer step-by-step instructions, supply lists, safety guidelines, and additional activity ideas. Den leaders can easily plan and facilitate den meetings using these resources, ensuring an engaging and well-structured program for their scouts.

Online Access and Gamified Requirements

All the den meeting resources and additional materials will be available online, eliminating the need for printed leader handbooks. This digital format allows for easier updates, additional resources, and a more interactive experience. The requirements for each rank have been gamified, presenting options and choices for completing activities. This gamified approach gives scouts and leaders more flexibility while ensuring they meet the core requirements. The resources will be accessible to all registered adults, not just den leaders, allowing for greater flexibility in leadership roles and shared responsibilities.

Other Resources for Den Leaders

In addition to the den meeting resources, den leaders can access a variety of other materials to enhance their scouting programs. These resources include leader-specific training, how-to guides, planning sheets, and more. The aim is to provide den leaders with the necessary tools and support to deliver a high-quality scouting experience. These resources are available both online and through scouting organizations, ensuring den leaders have easy access to the information they need.


The upcoming changes to the Cub Scout handbooks and leader resources promise an exciting and enriching scouting experience for both scouts and leaders. The new format and design of the handbooks, along with the den meeting resources, offer a more streamlined and engaging program. Scouts will find the requirements more accessible and enjoyable, while leaders will appreciate the comprehensive planning and guidance. With the release of the new handbooks and resources, the Cub Scout program is set to become an even greater adventure for all participants.


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