Harness the Power of Magic Submitter to Drive Massive Traffic

Harness the Power of Magic Submitter to Drive Massive Traffic

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Traffic
  3. Leveraging Online Networks
  4. The Concept of Magic Submitter
  5. The Benefits of Magic Submitter
  6. Autopiloting Your Account Sign-up
  7. Automating Content Submission
  8. Tracking Your Submissions
  9. Adding Custom Sites
  10. Spinning Your Content
  11. Generating Backlinks
  12. Live Coaching and Training
  13. Conclusion


In today's digital landscape, the key to online success lies in gaining visibility and attracting traffic to your website. With the advent of various social media platforms, blogging, video sharing, and podcasting, the challenge becomes how to leverage the power of these networks to drive more traffic, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales. This is where Magic Submitter comes in - a revolutionary software that allows you to submit your articles, videos, photos, and other content to hundreds of heavily trafficked online networks, all on autopilot.

The Power of Traffic

The success of any online business depends on its ability to be found by the target market. With millions of people conducting searches online every day, it is crucial for your products and services to dominate the front page of search engines like Google. Additionally, having your content spread across multiple networks increases your chances of being discovered by potential customers. Magic Submitter gives you the power to achieve this by effortlessly submitting your content to countless sites with just a few keystrokes.

Leveraging Online Networks

The concept behind Magic Submitter is brilliantly simple yet highly effective. Imagine going fishing - would you rather have just one hook in the water or a hundred hooks? Magic Submitter allows you to cast a wide net by uploading your content to hundreds of sites simultaneously, maximizing your online presence. Whether it's blogs, photo sites, video sites, or article directories, this software gives you the unlimited ability to distribute your content across a vast network of platforms.

The Concept of Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter streamlines the process of content submission by automating various tasks. It takes care of the arduous account sign-up process by autopiloting all your account creations. Instead of spending hours signing up for multiple accounts, Magic Submitter automatically pulls down website data, logs in for you, sets up your accounts, types in captchas, and even verifies your email addresses. This makes it incredibly efficient and time-saving.

The Benefits of Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter offers a multitude of benefits that set it apart from other similar tools in the market. Here are a few highlighted features:

Autopiloting Your Account Sign-up

Gone are the days of manually creating accounts on different platforms. Magic Submitter takes care of this tedious task by automatically handling all your account sign-ups. Within minutes, you can have multiple accounts ready for submission, saving you valuable time and effort.

Automating Content Submission

Regardless of the type of content you have - be it articles, videos, audios, or any other format - Magic Submitter allows you to submit it to a vast array of sites. From blogs and RSS feeds to bookmarking sites and classified ad platforms, this software provides you with the capability to distribute your content to a wide audience, driving more traffic to your website.

Tracking Your Submissions

With Magic Submitter, you can effortlessly keep track of all your content submissions. The software provides a detailed log of your submissions, allowing you to monitor where and when your content has been published. This information is invaluable for analyzing your marketing efforts and optimizing your strategies.

Adding Custom Sites

While Magic Submitter comes preloaded with over a hundred sites, it also offers the flexibility to add any site of your choice. This easy-to-use feature allows you to include specialized platforms relevant to your niche or industry. Whether you're a realtor wanting to submit listings or a marketer targeting local classified ad sites, Magic Submitter caters to your specific needs.

Spinning Your Content

Unique and original content is highly valued by search engines like Google. Magic Submitter includes a built-in spinning feature that automatically generates unique variations of your content. This ensures that every submission is seen as fresh and distinct by search engines, enhancing your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Generating Backlinks

Backlinks play a crucial role in improving your website's ranking and driving organic traffic. Magic Submitter not only submits your content but also includes backlinks to your sales pages, websites, or lead capture sites. By obtaining high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites, you not only drive traffic directly but also boost your search engine ranking.

Live Coaching and Training

One standout feature of Magic Submitter is its comprehensive training and coaching resources. From utilizing the software to its full potential to SEO optimizing your videos and writing compelling articles, Magic Submitter provides step-by-step guidance. Additionally, monthly coaching calls cover various topics, including video shooting techniques, keyword research, and marketing strategies. This extensive educational support ensures you can create outstanding content, syndicate it effectively, and achieve maximum results.


If you aim to dominate your market and expand your online presence, Magic Submitter is a game-changing tool that can drive significant traffic to your website, generate leads, and increase sales. With its ability to autopilot account sign-ups, automate content submission, and provide valuable backlinks, this software offers unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. The live coaching and training resources further empower you with the knowledge and skills to create remarkable content and successfully market your products and services. Take control of your online marketing today by harnessing the power of Magic Submitter.


  • Magic Submitter automates account sign-ups and content submission.
  • Submit your content to hundreds of platforms on autopilot.
  • Track and monitor your submissions effortlessly.
  • Customize the software by adding your own sites.
  • Spinning feature ensures unique content for every submission.
  • Generate valuable backlinks from authoritative sites.
  • Benefit from live coaching and training resources.


Q: Is Magic Submitter suitable for all types of content? A: Yes, Magic Submitter allows you to submit articles, videos, audios, photos, RSS feeds, and more to a wide range of platforms.

Q: Can I track the success of my content submissions? A: Absolutely! Magic Submitter provides a detailed log of all your submissions, allowing you to track where and when your content has been published.

Q: Can I add my own sites to Magic Submitter? A: Yes, you can easily add custom sites of your choice using the software's user-friendly designer feature.

Q: Will Magic Submitter help improve my search engine ranking? A: Yes, Magic Submitter not only submits your content but also generates backlinks to your sales pages and websites, helping to improve your search engine ranking.

Q: Are there educational resources available for learning how to use Magic Submitter effectively? A: Yes, Magic Submitter offers comprehensive training and coaching resources, including monthly coaching calls, to help you maximize the software's potential and enhance your marketing strategies.

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