Hilarious Tales from Prison Life in #Penthouse3!

Hilarious Tales from Prison Life in #Penthouse3!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Massage Techniques for Stiff Throat
  3. The Society's Nicknames: Club and Brick
  4. Breaking the Brick on My Shoulder
  5. Removing Blood Dots for Proper Massage
  6. Dealing with Back Pain
  7. A Good Doctor in Prison
  8. Adapting Well to Prison Life
  9. Living in Prison vs. Living Outside
  10. Regret and Wasted Life
  11. Cheon Seo-jin's Whereabouts
  12. Regular and Special Visits in Prison
  13. The Pecking Order in Hera Palace
  14. The Cheongah Foundation Scandal
  15. The Purchase of Cheongah Foundation
  16. Banned Visitations and Complaints
  17. The Appeal and Insufficient Evidence
  18. Prison Life and Meeting Lawyers
  19. Logan's Death and Suspicion
  20. The Mental State of Chun Seo-jin
  21. Yoonhee's Influence and Power
  22. Yoonhee's Request for Favor
  23. Eunbyeol's Self-Harm and Mental Health
  24. Chun Seo-jin's Trial
  25. Conclusion


Prison life can be challenging, especially when faced with physical discomfort. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of life in prison, including massage techniques for a stiff throat, the society's nicknames, and adapting to the prison environment. We will also explore the Cheongah Foundation scandal, visits from lawyers, and the recent events surrounding Logan's death. Join us as we delve into the complexities of prison life and the personal struggles of its inhabitants.

Massage Techniques for Stiff Throat

One common discomfort experienced in prison is a stiff throat. In such cases, the use of massage techniques can provide much-needed relief. By targeting specific pressure points, massaging the throat area can help alleviate tension and promote relaxation. This simple yet effective method has gained popularity among inmates, providing them with a temporary respite from the harsh realities of prison life.

The Society's Nicknames: Club and Brick

Within the prison community, individuals often acquire nicknames that reflect their personalities or actions. In the case of the narrator, they were referred to as Club and Brick. These names might seem peculiar to outsiders, but within the prison's social dynamics, they hold significance. Club represents the narrator's strength and resilience, while Brick symbolizes their durability and unyielding nature. These nicknames serve as a reminder of the inmates' shared experiences and the unique bonds created in their confined world.

Breaking the Brick on My Shoulder

A persistent challenge faced by inmates is breaking the metaphorical brick on their shoulder. This brick represents the burdens and hardships they carry, both physically and emotionally. It is a symbol of the weight they bear within the prison system. Breaking this brick requires immense strength, determination, and resilience. Overcoming the challenges of prison life and finding a sense of freedom within oneself is the ultimate goal for those incarcerated.

Removing Blood Dots for Proper Massage

For a massage to be effective, it is crucial to remove blood dots that may hinder proper circulation. Massaging requires skilled techniques that encourage the flow of blood and relieve tension. By applying appropriate pressure and manipulating specific areas, massage therapists can ensure optimal results. In the context of prison, where access to professional massage therapists is limited, inmates have developed their own techniques to remove blood dots and enhance the effectiveness of self-massage.

Dealing with Back Pain

Back pain is a common ailment among inmates, attributable to various factors such as poor posture, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, and physical labor. The limited options for medical treatment make it challenging to address this issue adequately. Inmates must rely on innovative methods, such as self-massage, stretching exercises, and improvised remedies, to alleviate back pain. Despite the inherent difficulties, ingenuity and resilience prevail as inmates find ways to manage and minimize discomfort.

A Good Doctor in Prison

In an unexpected turn of events, the narrator meets a competent doctor during their time in prison. This encounter brings hope and relief, as the doctor displays a genuine understanding of their struggles and offers valuable medical advice and treatment. The experience highlights the power and importance of compassionate healthcare professionals within the prison system, whose presence can make a significant difference in the lives of inmates.

Adapting Well to Prison Life

One surprising aspect of prison life is the narrator's remarkable ability to adapt. Despite the challenges and restrictions, they find solace and peace within the confines of their cell. This adaptability showcases their resilience and determination to make the best of their circumstances. By embracing the routine, establishing connections with fellow inmates, and focusing on personal growth, the narrator demonstrates the potential for personal transformation, even in the most challenging environments.

Living in Prison vs. Living Outside

The stark contrast between living in prison and living outside becomes evident through the narrator's reflection. They dwell on the notion that prison might offer a different kind of peace, one that eluded them in the outside world. The complex emotions surrounding this realization give rise to introspection and a deeper understanding of the paradoxical nature of freedom and imprisonment. This comparison serves as a compelling exploration of the human psyche and the varied experiences of those living within and outside the prison walls.

Regret and Wasted Life

As the narrator contemplates their life in prison, a sense of regret emerges. They express remorse over choices made, experiences missed, and the perceived waste of their life. This raw expression of emotion strikes a chord with readers, evoking empathy and reflection on the fleeting nature of time and the importance of making meaningful choices. The weight of regret serves as a powerful reminder of the need to appreciate the present and seize opportunities for growth and redemption.

Cheon Seo-jin's Whereabouts

The whereabouts of Cheon Seo-jin, an individual of interest, become a topic of conversation within the prison community. Speculations and rumors circulate, expanding the narrative beyond the prison walls. Cheon Seo-jin's actions and associations stir intrigue, leaving inmates curious about her presence in their confined space. This newfound interest injects additional tension and uncertainty into an already complex prison environment.

Regular and Special Visits in Prison

Prison visitations play a significant role in maintaining connections with the outside world. Regular visits from loved ones provide a vital lifeline for inmates, offering emotional support and a sense of belonging. Special visits, particularly those involving lawyers, hold a different dynamic, allowing inmates to address legal matters and strategize their defense. The scheduling and management of these visits can be challenging, as individual circumstances and external factors influence their frequency and duration.

The Pecking Order in Hera Palace

In prison, as in any society, a pecking order governs social interactions and establishes hierarchies. The Hera Palace, a metaphorical representation of the prison community, mirrors the power dynamics and class distinctions of the outside world. While inmates may wear the same clothes, their social standing within this microcosm of society differs significantly. This exploration of social hierarchies sheds light on the complexities of human interaction and the innate need for belonging and identity.

The Cheongah Foundation Scandal

The Cheongah Foundation scandal unfolds, revealing a web of corruption and intrigue. Seongbuk-dong's woman, who is linked to the scandal, allegedly disposed of the Cheongah Foundation, leading to a significant decline in stock prices and shareholder dissatisfaction. This revelation exposes the interconnectedness of the outside world with the prison community, as inmates grapple with the consequences of decisions made beyond their confined space.

The Purchase of Cheongah Foundation

News of the impending purchase of the Cheongah Foundation by Shim Soo-yeon raises eyebrows and fuels speculation within the prison community. The identity of the prospective buyer and the implications of this acquisition generate intrigue and uncertainty. In a world where control and power are highly valued, the potential change in ownership introduces a new player into the existing power dynamics, leaving inmates to ponder the ramifications of this development.

Banned Visitations and Complaints

The banning of lawyer visits and subsequent complaints by inmates add complexity to the already challenging prison environment. The denial of a statutory right to meet attorneys raises questions about the fairness and legitimacy of the prison system. Inmates' frustration grows as they encounter obstacles on their path to justice and legal representation. The interplay between personal freedoms, institutional regulations, and public opinion underscores the ongoing struggle within prison walls.

The Appeal and Insufficient Evidence

As inmates prepare for their appeals, the issue of insufficient evidence looms large. In their pursuit of justice, they must strategize and seek legal counsel to build a strong defense. The burden of proof becomes a critical consideration as inmates weigh their chances of securing a successful appeal. The limitations imposed by the prison environment create unique challenges, further complicating their quest for justice.

Prison Life and Meeting Lawyers

Prison life takes a toll on inmates, both mentally and emotionally. The stifling environment and limited freedoms exacerbate their sense of frustration and isolation. Meeting lawyers offers a glimmer of hope, a chance to be heard and understood. In these interactions, inmates attempt to convey the full extent of their experiences and navigate the complexities of the legal system. The delicate balance between trust, vulnerability, and realism shapes these encounters, with the potential to alter the trajectory of their lives.

Logan's Death and Suspicion

The mysterious death of Logan sends shockwaves through the prison community. Suspicion and speculation arise, as inmates grapple with the uncertainty surrounding his demise. The unknown perpetrator looms large, casting doubt and suspicion over individuals within the prison. As they attempt to unravel the truth, inmates must also confront their own fears and question their role in the unfolding events.

The Mental State of Chun Seo-jin

Chun Seo-jin's mental state becomes an area of concern as she exhibits increasingly erratic behavior. Her actions and words suggest a fragile psychological state, raising questions about her stability and mental well-being. The complexities of prison life and the weight of her past choices take a toll on Chun Seo-jin, highlighting the impact of the prison environment on inmates' mental health. This exploration invites readers to consider the delicate balance between sanity and the strains of confinement.

Yoonhee's Influence and Power

Yoonhee's influence and power emerge as she navigates the intricacies of prison life. Her connections and abilities to exert authority become points of intrigue and admiration. Yoonhee's actions reverberate within the prison community, raising questions about the source of her influence and its implications for the power dynamics within the prison. As her role becomes more prominent, inmates grapple with their reactions to her newfound status.

Yoonhee's Request for Favor

Yoonhee's request for a favor draws attention to the unequal power dynamics within the prison. In a world where resources and privileges are limited, inmates must navigate a complex network of favors and alliances. Yoonhee's request serves as a reminder of the intricate balances of power and the exchange of services within the prison community. The outcome of this favor holds potential consequences for those involved, highlighting the high stakes within the prison walls.

Eunbyeol's Self-Harm and Mental Health

Eunbyeol's self-harm and deteriorating mental health serve as a poignant reminder of the impact of the prison environment on vulnerable individuals. The struggles faced by young inmates highlight the need for mental health support and intervention within the prison system. Eunbyeol's story shines a light on the harrowing experiences that inmates endure, underscoring the importance of compassion and understanding in addressing the mental health needs of those confined.

Chun Seo-jin's Trial

Chun Seo-jin's trial takes center stage, as the verdict determines her fate and the course of her life beyond the prison walls. The intricate web of evidence, testimonies, and legal maneuvering highlights the complexities of the justice system and the pursuit of truth. As the trial unfolds, many questions remain unanswered, leaving readers captivated by the suspense and eager to discover the ultimate outcome.


Life in prison is a complex and multifaceted experience. From physical discomfort to power dynamics, scandals to mental health challenges, the human experience within these confines is rife with contradictions and struggles. As we explore the lives of these inmates, we gain a deeper understanding of their triumphs and tribulations. The stories that unfold within the prison walls invite us to reflect on our own notions of freedom, justice, and the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the obstacles they face, these individuals showcase the capacity for growth and transformation even within the most challenging circumstances.


  • Inmate adaptability and resilience within the prison environment
  • Massage techniques for relieving stiff throats and back pain
  • The power dynamics and pecking order within the prison community
  • The complex and scandalous world of the Cheongah Foundation
  • Challenges faced by inmates in meeting lawyers and pursuing justice
  • Mental health struggles and self-harm among prisoners
  • The mysterious death of Logan and its impact on the prison community


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