Is Chase Bank Still Worth It in 2022? Explore Now!

Is Chase Bank Still Worth It in 2022? Explore Now!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Checking Accounts 2.1 Everyday Checking Accounts 2.2 Premium Checking Accounts 2.3 Youth Checking Accounts
  3. Savings Accounts 3.1 Standard Savings Account 3.2 Premium Savings Account
  4. CD Options 4.1 CD Rates and Options 4.2 Comparison with Other Banks
  5. The Chase Mobile App
  6. Pros and Cons of Chase Bank
  7. Alternatives to Chase Bank
  8. Conclusion


🧨 Is Chase Bank Still Worth It in 2022? Exploring Alternatives

In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Chase Bank and explore whether it is still a worthwhile option in 2022. As the highest valued bank on the planet, Chase Bank has earned its reputation. However, with the ever-evolving financial landscape, it is important to assess if there are better alternatives out there. Let's dig into the features, pros, and cons of Chase Bank, and ultimately help you make an informed decision.

Checking Accounts

🧨 Everyday Checking Accounts

Chase Bank offers a wide range of checking account options, but for the majority of consumers, the everyday checking accounts are the most relevant. With choices like Chase Total Checking, Chase Secure Banking, and Chase Premium Plus Checking, it may seem overwhelming, but the differences are minimal. The Chase Total Checking account, in particular, stands out as the best option for most consumers. It provides access to a vast network of free ATMs and physical branches, making it convenient for everyday banking needs. However, a red flag arises with the monthly service fee of $12, which can be waived under certain conditions. We'll explore the perks and drawbacks of these accounts in detail.

🧨 Premium Checking Accounts

For those seeking premium benefits, Chase offers two options: Chase Sapphire Banking and Chase Private Client Checking. These accounts come with higher transfer limits, dedicated customer service, and other exclusive features. While they do require a monthly fee of $25 or $35, depending on the account, it is possible to have the fee waived by meeting certain criteria. We'll examine if the additional perks of these accounts justify the cost.

🧨 Youth Checking Accounts

Chase Bank also caters to specific age groups with its First Banking, High School, and College checking accounts. These accounts not only provide basic banking features but also come with tools for parents, such as recurring allowances and chore assignments. We'll discuss the benefits of these youth accounts and how they differ from the regular everyday checking accounts.

Savings Accounts

🧨 Standard Savings Account

Similar to the checking accounts, Chase Bank offers both standard and premium versions of their savings accounts. The standard Chase Savings account provides basic features, while the premium Chase Premium Savings account promises better customer service and supposedly higher interest rates. However, one critical red flag looms over the entire Chase Banking platform: the abysmally low interest rates. Chase offers a meager 0.01% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on their savings accounts, and even the premium accounts only offer 0.02% APY. We'll assess the impact of these interest rates and explore other options on the market.

CD Options

🧨 CD Rates and Options

Chase Bank boasts a variety of Certificate of Deposit (CD) options, but their rates leave much to be desired. Even with a 10-year CD at "relationship rates," Chase only offers a paltry 0.05% APY. In comparison, other banks like Charles Schwab offer significantly higher rates, such as 3.2% APY for a one-year CD. We'll delve into the details of Chase's CD options and discuss how they stack up against competitors.

🧨 Comparison with Other Banks

To give a comprehensive overview, we'll compare Chase Bank's CD rates and offerings with its competitors. This analysis will highlight the shortcomings and potential missed opportunities of choosing Chase for CD investments.

The Chase Mobile App

🧨 Convenient Banking on the Go

Chase Bank's mobile app is often praised for its functionality. While it may lack in terms of design, it compensates by providing access not only to banking tools but also investment accounts and credit cards under a single platform. We'll explore the features and usability of the app and evaluate its convenience for customers.

Pros and Cons of Chase Bank

🧨 Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

Before making a decision, it is crucial to consider the pros and cons of banking with Chase. We'll discuss the advantages, such as a wide network of physical branches and the availability of specialized youth accounts. On the flip side, we'll shed light on the disadvantages, including low interest rates, fees, and missed opportunities to embrace modern banking trends.

Alternatives to Chase Bank

🧨 Considering Other Options

If Chase Bank doesn't meet your expectations or you simply want to explore different banking alternatives, there are numerous options available. We'll present some top contenders that embrace the no-fee, high-yield banking model and offer innovative features tailored to modern consumers.


🧨 Time to Break Up with Chase?

After a thorough analysis of Chase Bank's features, pros, and cons, it is evident that some red flags indicate the need for change. While Chase Bank remains a formidable player in the banking industry, its refusal to adapt to the modern no-fee, high-yield banking model might cost them in the long run. With better options on the market, it might be time to consider parting ways with Chase. Remember, the choice ultimately depends on your personal banking preferences and priorities.


  • Chase Bank offers a variety of checking accounts, with the Chase Total Checking account being the most suitable for most consumers.
  • Premium checking accounts like Chase Sapphire Banking and Chase Private Client Checking provide additional perks but come with monthly fees.
  • Chase Bank offers specialized youth checking accounts, such as First Banking and High School checking, with unique features for parents and young users.
  • The interest rates on Chase Bank's savings accounts are significantly lower compared to other banks, ranging from 0.01% to 0.02% APY.
  • Chase Bank's CD options have unimpressive rates, making them less attractive for those seeking higher returns on their investments.
  • The Chase Mobile App allows access to multiple financial tools, making it convenient for managing various accounts in one place.
  • Pros of banking with Chase Bank include a vast network of physical branches and excellent youth account options.
  • Cons include low interest rates, fees, and a failure to embrace the modern banking trends of no-fee, high-yield options.
  • Alternative banks that focus on no-fee, high-yield models, such as Capital One, offer compelling options for those seeking a change.
  • It may be time to break up with Chase Bank and explore other alternatives that align with your banking priorities.


Q: Can I waive the monthly service fee for Chase Total Checking? A: Yes, the monthly fee can be waived by meeting certain criteria, such as having direct deposits of $500 or more per month, maintaining a daily balance of $1,500 or more, or a combined average daily balance of $5,000 across all linked Chase accounts.

Q: Are Chase's savings account interest rates competitive? A: Unfortunately, Chase Bank's savings account interest rates are quite low, with the standard account offering 0.01% APY and the premium account offering 0.02% APY.

Q: How does Chase Bank's CD rates compare to other banks? A: Chase Bank's CD rates are generally lower compared to other banks. While they offer a variety of CD options, their rates are significantly less favorable, making it worth exploring other banks for better returns.

Q: Does Chase Bank have a mobile app? A: Yes, Chase Bank has a mobile app that allows users to conveniently manage their banking, investment, and credit card accounts in one place.

Q: What are the alternatives to Chase Bank? A: Some alternatives to Chase Bank include Capital One, Sofi, Ally Bank, and Charles Schwab, among others. These banks offer competitive rates, innovative features, and a customer-centric approach.


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