Maximize SEO Potential with SEOptimer's White Label and Embedding Plan

Maximize SEO Potential with SEOptimer's White Label and Embedding Plan

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. SEOptimer's White Label and Embedding Plan
    • 2.1 Quick Audits
    • 2.2 White Label Reports
    • 2.3 Report Templates
    • 2.4 Customizing White Label Reports
    • 2.5 White Labeling the Domain
    • 2.6 Embedding Settings
    • 2.7 Email Settings
    • 2.8 Capturing Leads
    • 2.9 Website Crawls
    • 2.10 Keyword Tracking
    • 2.11 Tools Section
  3. Conclusion

SEOptimer's White Label Solution: A Comprehensive Guide

In the digital age, where online visibility is crucial for businesses to succeed, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role. SEO not only helps websites rank higher in search engine results but also enhances their overall online presence. SEOptimer, a leading SEO tool, offers a white label and embedding plan that allows digital agencies to provide exceptional SEO audits and generate new business leads. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the various sections of SEOptimer's white label solution, highlighting its features and benefits.

1. Introduction

Before diving into the details, let's understand the importance of white labeling and embedding in the context of SEO. White labeling refers to the process of removing SEOptimer's branding and customizing the reports with your agency's branding, thus making it appear as your own. Embedding, on the other hand, involves integrating SEOptimer's audit tool widget into your website or platform, allowing users to access key SEO features seamlessly. Now, let's explore each section of SEOptimer's white label solution.

2. SEOptimer's White Label and Embedding Plan

2.1 Quick Audits

The quick audit bar, located at the top of every page, enables you to run standard SEOptimer audits without any restrictions. With just a few clicks, you can obtain instant audit results, which can be downloaded as a PDF or shared via a report URL. This feature provides a quick overview of a website's SEO performance.

2.2 White Label Reports

The white label reports tab allows you to generate visually appealing and downloadable reports for your clients or prospects. By adding a website to the tracking table, you can easily monitor its progress. The white label reports can be viewed on the web or exported as a PDF, ensuring hassle-free sharing.

2.3 Report Templates

In the report templates section, you can customize your white label reports to align with your agency's branding. This includes uploading your agency logo, adding contact details, selecting the report language, and choosing the scoring type (grade scoring or numeric scoring). You can also customize the checks, fonts, and colors used in the report.

2.4 Customizing White Label Reports

SEOptimer offers extensive customization options for white label reports. You have the flexibility to personalize the report templates according to your agency's preferences. By previewing the changes, you can ensure the reports reflect your brand image. This customization adds a professional touch and helps impress clients and prospects.

2.5 White Labeling the Domain

To further enhance the branding experience, SEOptimer allows you to white label the domain used for running white label reports. You can choose between setting a custom subdomain (e.g., or completely white labeling the domain (e.g., Note that using your own domain requires adding a CName record.

2.6 Embedding Settings

SEOptimer's embedding settings page empowers you to customize the audit tool widget according to your requirements. From form behavior and layout to form fields and element colors, you can personalize every aspect of the embed form. By generating HTML code, you can easily integrate the form into your website or platform and give users a seamless experience.

2.7 Email Settings

With SEOptimer, you can customize the email settings for both new lead alerts and customer emails. The new lead alert can be sent to your inbox to notify you of potential leads. The customer email, which is automatically triggered upon form submission, can be personalized with your agency's logo, colors, and content. Additionally, you have the option to configure spam filters and integrate leads into your CRM system using webhooks.

2.8 Capturing Leads

SEOptimer's embedded audit tool allows you to capture leads effortlessly. The leads page displays all the leads captured, along with their details and audit reports. You can easily view, open, or export the lead records. This feature streamlines your lead generation process, leading to increased business opportunities.

2.9 Website Crawls

For a more in-depth review of websites, SEOptimer offers website crawls. This feature analyzes a website's pages and presents a comprehensive crawl report, highlighting any issues found. By sorting the pages based on the number of issues, you can efficiently prioritize your SEO efforts.

2.10 Keyword Tracking

SEOptimer's white label solution includes keyword tracking, which enables you to monitor the position and movement of your target keywords in search engine results pages. By entering your website's URL and specifying the Google location, you can track the performance of your keywords over time. This feature provides valuable insights to optimize your SEO strategies.

2.11 Tools Section

In addition to the core features, SEOptimer offers a diverse range of over 50 free SEO tools. These tools cater to various aspects of SEO and further enhance your website optimization efforts. From keyword research and competitor analysis to website speed testing and content analysis, SEOptimer's tools section equips you with everything you need to improve your website's performance.

3. Conclusion

SEOptimer's white label and embedding plan is a comprehensive solution for digital agencies looking to provide exceptional SEO audits and generate new business leads. By utilizing the various features and customizations available, agencies can create visually stunning white label reports, embed the audit tool seamlessly, capture leads effortlessly, and gain valuable insights to enhance their clients' online presence. With SEOptimer's solution, agencies can stand out in the competitive digital landscape and deliver tangible results for their clients.


  • SEOptimer offers a white label and embedding plan for digital agencies.
  • Quick audits provide instant results that can be downloaded or shared.
  • White label reports can be customized to match your agency's branding.
  • Customizations include logo upload, language selection, and scoring type.
  • The domain used for white label reports can be fully customized.
  • The embedding settings allow for seamless integration of the audit tool.
  • Email settings can be personalized with agency branding and logos.
  • Leads can be captured and managed efficiently within SEOptimer.
  • Website crawls provide in-depth analysis of a website's pages.
  • Keyword tracking enables monitoring of target keywords' performance in search results.
  • SEOptimer offers a wide range of free SEO tools to enhance website optimization efforts.



Q: Can I customize the white label reports with my agency's branding? A: Yes, SEOptimer allows extensive customization of white label reports, including adding your agency's logo and contact details.

Q: Can I embed the audit tool on my website or platform? A: Absolutely! SEOptimer's embedding settings enable easy integration of the audit tool widget into your website or platform.

Q: Can I track the performance of my target keywords with SEOptimer? A: Yes, SEOptimer's keyword tracking feature allows you to monitor the position and movement of your target keywords in search engine results pages.

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