Rediscovering My Passion for Singing: Unboxing and Playing The Singing Machine

Rediscovering My Passion for Singing: Unboxing and Playing The Singing Machine

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. My Experience Singing in Nashville
  3. Giving Up on My Dream
  4. Rediscovering My Passion for Singing
  5. Singing for Fun on YouTube
  6. The Singing Machine Karaoke System 6.1 Unboxing the Singing Machine 6.2 Features and Components of the Karaoke System 6.3 Using the Singing Machine 6.4 Recording Songs with the Karaoke System
  7. Singing with my Kids and Niece
  8. The Singing Machine App
  9. Choosing Songs to Sing
  10. Conclusion
  11. Resources

Rediscovering My Passion for Singing

Have you ever given up on a dream and found yourself longing to revisit it? That's the situation I found myself in recently. In my last video, I mentioned that I used to sing in Nashville, Tennessee, and even had the opportunity to perform on the prestigious Grand Ole Opry stage. However, I never mentioned in that video that I eventually gave up on my dream of becoming a famous singer. The weight of the depression that followed that decision has lingered on me for quite some time. But something has shifted in me lately, and I can't help but feel the desire to start singing again, not for fame, but for the pure joy of it.

Singing in Nashville was both a dream come true and a bittersweet experience for me. While it was undeniably therapeutic to be in a city where music flows through every corner, it also brought back a flood of painful memories. Nashville was the place where I threw in the towel on my singing career, where my dreams felt shattered. But as I stood in front of my own apartment in the city, something changed within me. It was as if seeing how far I had come and realizing the blessings in my life now washed away the lingering sadness. I realized that I am no longer that person who gave up on her dreams. I have a loving husband, beautiful kids, and a roof over our heads. I am grateful for what I have and I no longer want to dwell in depression – it's time to embrace happiness.

With the support of those who watched my last video, I have found the courage to start singing again. The kind folks at the Singing Machine sent me their karaoke system, and I'm excited to share my journey of rediscovering my passion for singing with all of you. This is not about becoming the next Taylor Swift or chasing fame; it's about having fun and doing something that brings me joy.

Let's dive into the unboxing process of the Singing Machine karaoke system. The package includes a user manual, a limited warranty, and various components. It comes with one microphone, but additional microphones can be purchased separately. I'm planning on buying another microphone so that I can enjoy singing along with my kids and even invite my niece, who is also an aspiring singer, to join us.

The Singing Machine karaoke system also offers an app that provides access to over 10,000 full-length songs. The app subscription offers a wide range of songs, from today's popular artists to classics by legends like Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and Dolly Parton. You can easily find and sing songs by browsing through featured songs, charts, or by searching for specific titles, artists, or lyrics. Plus, if available, you can display karaoke videos from the mobile app on your TV via airplay using the Singing Machine's connectivity options.

Now that we've covered the basics of the Singing Machine karaoke system, it's time to delve into the various ways I plan to use it. Singing with my kids is at the top of the list. The joy on their faces when we sing together is priceless, and this karaoke system will add an extra element of fun to our family bonding time. I'm also excited to collaborate with my niece, who has recently started her own YouTube channel. Her passion for singing has been infectious, and I can't wait to share the joy of music with her.

The Singing Machine app offers countless song options, and I'm eager to explore its vast library. I'll be searching for songs that I can sing without worrying about copyright issues on YouTube. If you have any song suggestions that fit this criteria, I would love to hear them in the comments below. I want to make the most of this karaoke system and create wonderful memories through music.

In conclusion, rediscovering my passion for singing has been a transformative experience. I have realized that it's never too late to pursue what brings you joy, even if it's just for fun. The Singing Machine karaoke system will be my companion on this musical journey, enabling me to sing my heart out, create beautiful memories with my loved ones, and embrace the happiness that life has to offer.

So, if you're someone who's given up on a dream, I encourage you to revisit it. Find that spark within you and let it reignite your life. Sing, dance, and embrace the joy that comes from following your passion, even if it's just for fun.



  • Rediscovering my passion for singing after giving up on my dream
  • The therapeutic and bittersweet experience of singing in Nashville
  • The Singing Machine karaoke system as a catalyst for rekindling my love for singing
  • Singing for fun on YouTube, focusing on joy rather than fame
  • Unboxing and exploring the features of the Singing Machine karaoke system
  • Singing with my kids and niece, creating precious family memories
  • The Singing Machine app and its vast song library
  • Choosing songs to sing without copyright concerns on YouTube
  • Embracing happiness and the power of pursuing one's passion


Q: Can I connect multiple microphones to the Singing Machine karaoke system? A: Yes, the Singing Machine karaoke system allows you to connect multiple microphones, perfect for group performances or duets.

Q: Can I record my singing using the Singing Machine karaoke system? A: Absolutely! The karaoke system has a recording feature that allows you to record your performances and create lasting memories.

Q: How can I access songs on the Singing Machine app? A: The Singing Machine app offers more than 10,000 full-length songs. You can search for songs by browsing featured songs, charts, or by using song titles, artist names, or lyrics as search criteria.

Q: Are there any copyright restrictions when using the Singing Machine karaoke system on YouTube? A: While copyright restrictions may apply to certain songs, the Singing Machine app provides a wide selection of songs that are free from copyright concerns on YouTube. It's advisable to choose songs that are in the public domain or covered by appropriate licensing for online use.

Q: Can I display karaoke videos from the Singing Machine app on my TV? A: Yes, you can use the Singing Machine's connectivity options, such as airplay, to display karaoke videos from the app on your TV for a more immersive singing experience.

Q: Where can I purchase the Singing Machine karaoke system? A: The Singing Machine karaoke system is available for purchase on their official website and at various retailers, such as Best Buy.

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