Uncover the Hidden Gems of Chiang Mai SEO Conference - Must-See Presentations & Schedule

Uncover the Hidden Gems of Chiang Mai SEO Conference - Must-See Presentations & Schedule

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Workshop Talks
    • Kazra Dash on Website Recovery
    • Julie Adams on Website Content
  3. Workshop and Masterminds
  4. Conference Day 1 and 2
    • Keynote Speaker: Diggity
    • Kyle Roof on SEO Testing
    • Robert Nich on AI and the Future
    • Chi on Maximizing Affiliate Business
    • Sponsored Talk: Tim Solo
    • Kevin Indig on AI in Enterprise SEO
  5. Unique and Controversial Talks
    • Chris Holton's Black Hat SEO
    • Dom Wells on Investment Mindset in SEO
    • BB Raven's Link Building Strategies
    • Steve Toth's SEO Notebook
  6. Closing Presentation by Cyrus Shepard
    • The Life of a Quality Rater
  7. Community Events and Closing Party

📗 Introduction

The Changai SEO Conference is a highly renowned event in the industry, known for selling out over 1,000 tickets in just 23 hours. The conference took place in the middle of Southeast Asia in 2023 and attracted SEO professionals from around the world. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the conference, including the workshops, masterminds, keynote presentations, and community events.

Workshop Talks

The conference kicked off with workshop talks that provided attendees with valuable insights and knowledge. Two notable talks were by Kazra Dash and Julie Adams.

Kazra Dash on Website Recovery

Kazra Dash, a respected SEO expert, delivered a talk on website recovery strategies. He shared valuable techniques to retrieve websites from penalties and improve their search engine rankings. Attendees were impressed by his expertise and the actionable tips he provided.

Julie Adams on Website Content

Julie Adams, a renowned content strategist, focused her workshop talk on the importance of creating high-quality website content. She discussed content optimization techniques, keyword research strategies, and the significance of engaging and valuable content for SEO success.

Workshop and Masterminds

Following the workshop talks, attendees had the opportunity to participate in workshops and masterminds. Two standout sessions were the Mastermind led by Matt Diggity and the workshop hosted by Kyle Roof with guest speaker, Cory Turberg.

Conference Day 1 and 2

The main conference took place over two days, featuring enlightening presentations by industry experts. Let's dive into the highlights of each day and the key speakers.

Keynote Speaker: Diggity

The conference opened with a keynote presentation by Matt Diggity himself, the mastermind behind the event. Diggity shared the journey of the conference and its impact on the SEO industry, inspiring attendees with his success story. While his presentation was more focused on nostalgia and the conference's history, it set the stage for the following speakers.

Kyle Roof on SEO Testing

Kyle Roof, known as the "king of SEO testing," delivered a captivating talk on his latest experiments and findings. He showcased how his innovative strategies, including Laura Mapson ranking experiments, still yield impressive results even amidst Google's algorithm updates. Additionally, he debunked certain research papers and emphasized the importance of a scientific approach to SEO.

Robert Nich on AI and the Future

Robert Nich, a pioneer in AI adoption for SEO, discussed the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on the industry. He highlighted specific AI tools and advancements that SEO professionals should stay updated on, based on their relevance to their specific businesses. Nich also shared insights on embedding models and content creation using AI technology.

Chi on Maximizing Affiliate Business

Chi, an expert affiliate marketer, shared valuable insights on maximizing revenue and success in the affiliate business. She emphasized the importance of focusing on Evergreen niches, building relationships with affiliate programs, and conducting due diligence when promoting offers. Chi's talk provided attendees with valuable strategies to thrive in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.

Sponsored Talk: Tim Solo

Tim Solo delivered a sponsored talk filled with controversy and humor. While introducing his talk, he playfully mentioned that it would "cost credits" for attendees to listen. Despite the initial reactions, Solo's presentation touched on various new features and updates from the sponsor, sparking engaging discussions among the audience.

Kevin Indig on AI in Enterprise SEO

Kevin Indig, an expert in Enterprise SEO, stressed the importance of incorporating AI technologies in SEO strategies. He emphasized the need to invest time in developing prompts and testing different AI models to achieve optimal results. Indig shared practical tips and examples to showcase the potential of AI in the SEO industry.

Unique and Controversial Talks

The conference also featured talks that delved into unique and controversial SEO strategies. These presentations provided attendees with thought-provoking insights and alternative perspectives.

Chris Holton's Black Hat SEO

Chris Holton delivered a highly anticipated presentation on black hat SEO tactics. However, due to the sensitive nature of the content, detailed information about the presentation is not disclosed in this article.

Dom Wells on Investment Mindset in SEO

Dom Wells, CEO and founder of a leading investment company, shared his insights on the investment side of SEO. He advised against purchasing content sites and instead recommended investing in service-based agencies to generate consistent cash flow. Wells emphasized the importance of attracting investors and utilizing external capital for SEO ventures.

BB Raven's Link Building Strategies

BB Raven, an experienced link builder, shared her white hat methodologies for acquiring high-quality backlinks. She emphasized the importance of simplifying the tool stack and customizing outreach templates to establish personal connections with link prospects. Raven's presentation showcased effective strategies for link building through guest posting and link bait.

Steve Toth's SEO Notebook

Steve Toth, popularly known as "Mr. SEO Notebook," delivered an insightful presentation filled with specific tips, experiments, and tools. His talk covered a wide range of SEO topics, including his gscore summarization experiments, which garnered significant attention. Attendees found Toth's presentation informative and entertaining, appreciating his willingness to share his extensive knowledge.

Closing Presentation by Cyrus Shepard

In the closing presentation, Cyrus Shepard, former head of SEO for MZ, shared his experience as a quality rater and provided insights into Google's quality rating guidelines. He highlighted the meticulous process involved in evaluating website quality, emphasizing the importance of trustworthiness, helpfulness, and content relevance. Shepard's presentation shed light on the inner workings of Google's ranking algorithm.

Community Events and Closing Party

Apart from the main conference, attendees also enjoyed various community events and meetups throughout the week. These events included motorbike rides, a cannabis-themed gathering, muay Thai fights, and even a women in SEO meet. The closing party, hosted by AHFS, provided attendees with a chance to unwind and network in a lively atmosphere.

Overall, the Changai SEO Conference 2023 proved to be a highly informative and engaging event, offering attendees valuable insights and networking opportunities. Conference participants left with new strategies, actionable tips, and a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving SEO landscape.



Some of the conference's standout presentations included:

  • Kyle Roof's impressive SEO testing experiments and debunking of research papers.
  • Chi's insights on maximizing affiliate business through Evergreen niches and effective commission management.
  • Steve Toth's SEO Notebook, packed with specific tips, experiments, and tools.
  • BB Raven's effective link building strategies, focusing on simplifying the tool stack and personalized outreach.

Attendees also enjoyed the various community events and meetups, providing additional opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.


Q: Are the conference presentations available online? A: Unfortunately, detailed presentations and recordings are not available to the public. However, you can connect with the speakers and access their expertise through their respective online platforms.

Q: Will the conference be held annually? A: The Changai SEO Conference has gained significant popularity and success, making an annual occurrence highly likely. Stay updated on their official website and social media channels for future announcements.

Q: Can beginners benefit from attending the conference? A: Absolutely! The Changai SEO Conference welcomes professionals of all skill levels. Attending the conference can provide beginners with valuable insights, industry networking opportunities, and exposure to advanced SEO strategies.

Q: Were there any notable networking opportunities at the conference? A: Yes, the conference offered numerous community events, meetups, and a closing party. These events provided attendees with ample networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders, peers, and potential collaborators.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with future SEO events? A: To stay informed about upcoming SEO events, follow industry influencers on social media, subscribe to SEO-focused newsletters, and join relevant online communities. Additionally, keep an eye on event listing platforms that cater to the digital marketing and SEO industries.

Q: Are there any plans to expand the conference internationally? A: While there have been no official announcements regarding international expansion, the success and growing interest in the Changai SEO Conference may lead to future expansion plans.

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