PV NY Speeding Tickets: Guide Complet et Astuces

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PV NY Speeding Tickets: Guide Complet et Astuces

Table of Contents

  1. 🚀 Introduction
  2. 🚦 Impact of Speeding Tickets
    1. 🚨 Points and Fines
    2. 💰 Cost and Financial Implications
    3. 📈 Effect on Auto Insurance Premiums
    4. 🌎 Out-of-State and International Consequences
  3. ⚖️ The Court System for Speeding Tickets in New York
    1. 🏙️ Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) in New York City
    2. 🏞️ Outside the Five Boroughs
  4. 💡 Navigating the Process of Fighting a Speeding Ticket
    1. 🤝 Plea Bargaining and Negotiating
    2. 🛂 Defending Your Case at Trial
    3. 🏢 Retaining an Attorney
  5. 📞 Conclusion

🚀 Introduction

Receiving a speeding ticket can be a stressful experience. In New York, it is crucial to understand the implications of these traffic violations, as they can have a significant impact on your driving record, finances, and even auto insurance premiums. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to speeding tickets in New York and how to navigate through the legal process.

🚦 Impact of Speeding Tickets

🚨 Points and Fines

When you receive a speeding ticket, one of your primary concerns is the number of points that will be added to your driving record. In New York, the number of points depends on the speed at which you were caught:

  • 1 to 10 mph over the speed limit: Three Points
  • 11 to 20 mph over the speed limit: Four Points
  • 21 to 30 mph over the speed limit: Six Points
  • 31 to 40 mph over the speed limit: Eight Points
  • 41 mph and over: Eleven Points

Accumulating eleven points within an 18-month period will result in an automatic license suspension. Additionally, each speeding ticket carries fines and mandatory New York State search charges. Speeding tickets under eight points carry a fine of $300, while tickets with eight or eleven points have a base fine of $600. The search charge varies between $88 and $93, depending on the court.

💰 Cost and Financial Implications

The cost of a speeding ticket goes beyond the initial fine. New York imposes a driver responsibility assessment fee for individuals who accumulate six or more points on their driving record within an 18-month period. The fee is $300 for the first six points, plus an additional $75 for each point beyond six. In practical terms, this means that a speeding ticket of 21 mph over the speed limit can result in a court fine of $393, along with an extra $300 in driver responsibility assessment fees. Therefore, the total cost can add up to nearly $700.

📈 Effect on Auto Insurance Premiums

The ramifications of a speeding ticket extend to your auto insurance premiums as well. Insurance companies view individuals with speeding violations as high-risk drivers, leading to potential premium increases of up to 30%. Even if you do not hold a New York driver's license, the conviction will be reported to your home state or province, which may impose its own set of points and penalties.

🌎 Out-of-State and International Consequences

It is important to note that speeding tickets in New York can have consequences beyond the state's borders. If you hold an out-of-state driver's license or a license from Ontario or Quebec, the demerit points from a New York speeding conviction can be applied to your record, potentially impacting your driving privileges in both New York and your home jurisdiction.

⚖️ The Court System for Speeding Tickets in New York

Speeding tickets in New York are handled by two different court systems, depending on where the violation occurred.

🏙️ Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) in New York City

If you received a speeding ticket in one of the five boroughs of New York City, your case will be processed through the Traffic Violations Bureau. It's important to note that plea bargaining or negotiating is not permitted in these administrative courts. Therefore, your best chance of getting the ticket dismissed is by going to trial and contesting the charges. During the trial, the police officer who issued the ticket will need to testify about the applicable speed limit and the method used to measure your speed accurately.

🏞️ Outside the Five Boroughs

For speeding tickets received outside the five boroughs, there is generally an opportunity to negotiate with the prosecutor to lower the points and fines associated with the ticket. This gives you a chance to reduce the impact on your driving record and finances. Navigating the process of fighting a speeding ticket can be challenging, which is why it is highly recommended to retain an attorney to handle your case.

💡 Navigating the Process of Fighting a Speeding Ticket

🤝 Plea Bargaining and Negotiating

In cases where negotiation is allowed, plea bargaining can be an effective strategy to lessen the penalties. By working with a skilled attorney, you may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction in the number of points or fines associated with your ticket. This can result in a more favorable outcome for your driving record and minimize the financial burden.

🛂 Defending Your Case at Trial

If negotiation is not an option, taking your case to trial becomes necessary. During the trial, your attorney will present a defense strategy aimed at getting the ticket dismissed. This may involve challenging the evidence presented by the police officer or raising procedural or legal issues that can weaken the prosecution's case against you. Going to trial requires a thorough understanding of courtroom procedures and the ability to present a persuasive argument.

🏢 Retaining an Attorney

Fighting a speeding ticket requires knowledge of the legal system, understanding of traffic laws, and expertise in negotiation and trial defense. Hiring an attorney who specializes in traffic violations can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome. With their experience and insights, they will guide you through the process, handle the necessary paperwork, and represent your interests in court.

📞 Conclusion

Receiving a speeding ticket in New York can have far-reaching consequences. Understanding the points, fines, and financial implications associated with these violations is crucial. Additionally, the impact on your auto insurance premiums and driving privileges should not be overlooked. Remember to consider the different court systems and the importance of legal representation when fighting a speeding ticket. By taking the right steps and seeking professional assistance, you can navigate through the process with confidence and increase your chances of achieving a favorable resolution.


  • Speeding tickets in New York can lead to points on your driving record, fines, increased insurance premiums, and consequences beyond state borders.
  • Different court systems handle speeding tickets in New York City and outside the five boroughs.
  • Negotiating or plea bargaining may be possible outside New York City, while trial defense is necessary within the city.
  • Retaining an attorney specializing in traffic violations is highly recommended to navigate the process effectively and increase the chances of a positive outcome.

FAQ: Q: Can I negotiate the points and fines associated with my speeding ticket? A: Negotiating the points and fines may be possible depending on where the ticket was received. Plea bargaining can reduce the impact of the ticket outside of New York City, while negotiation is not allowed within the city.

Q: How much can a speeding ticket affect my auto insurance premiums? A: Auto insurance premiums can increase by up to 30% for individuals with speeding tickets. Insurance companies consider speeding violations as an indicator of high-risk driving behavior.

Q: Do speeding tickets in New York impact out-of-state and international drivers? A: Yes, speeding convictions in New York can affect out-of-state drivers and individuals with licenses from Ontario or Quebec. Demerit points may be applied to their records, potentially affecting driving privileges in both New York and their home jurisdiction.

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